Steam Introduces "Trade Offers"

Expanding on the horrendously popular Trading Card mini-game that Steam introduced in time for this year's Summer Sale, the platform has now announced the ability the send a pre-packaged trade to a friend and are calling it "Trade Offers".

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chrispseuphoria967d ago (Edited 967d ago )

*looks at article*

It's just for the Steam trading cards...

GentlemenRUs967d ago

Not just for the cards, You can do Games, TF2 Items and everything else which is trade-able ;)

Think of TF2-Outpost but official from valve so no scamming!

cyguration967d ago

Uhh, how?

I just checked to see how this works and there's no options for games.

Are_The_MaDNess967d ago

you need to have the games in your inventory, i guess. atleast items and such works fine.

Xristo967d ago (Edited 967d ago )


I just tested it. ANYTHING that is tradeable works. Just FYI, you can NEVER trade games that have been unlocked on your account. You can only trade "gifted" games, as they will appear in your "Steam" portion of your inventory.

3-4-5967d ago

Wait till this happens:


People connect a virus to it that when you go to look at trade, the only option you can select is ACCEPT.

People then send out unfair trades to random people, basically stealing their items from them.

I'm hoping everything goes good though, new things / ideas like this are good to try out.

DoctorJones967d ago

That's not going to happen. It doesn't work like that, you trade what you have in your inventory but it isn't on your computer, you can't modify it.

dcj0524967d ago

Dissapointment level:Over 9000!!!!!

ExCest967d ago

The market is thriving, I see.

Holla holla, get dolla//

Kenshin_BATT0USAI967d ago

For the ones bashing this. You guys clearly don't understand how awesome the steam trading card system is. Lemme know where trophies and achievements give me discounts on games/dlc/etc.

DoctorJones967d ago

Yeah, I traded my cards and made a tenner out of it. Got myself a couple of cheap games with the proceeds. One of the best ideas they've had in quite a while.

Xristo967d ago

This is GREAT for a lot of us who hang out on sites like Proposing trades of games for TF2/DOTA2 keys (or vice versa)when the other party isn't on makes it so you don't have to play "message-tag".