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Submitted by wmmn80 885d ago | opinion piece

Are We About to See an Evolution of Multiplayer?

"Multiplayer has always been a part of gaming; Pong had support for two players and most consoles released since then have had at least two inputs. The idea of playing together is something that has been around longer video games have. From Minecraft to Just Cause 2, mods to turn PC games from a singular experience into something more are forever being released. The march of technology drives more and more people to play together with MMOs hosting thousands of players on a single server. These multiplayer modes have always been separate from the single player experience and have always needed load screens or lobbies for you to enter. Over this generation, there was the growth of drop in/ drop out multiplayer, but this still involves an active decision to participate in this. However, other games begin to point at new way to approach multiplayer." (Battlefield 4, Dev, Minecraft, Next-Gen, PC, Pong, PS2, PS3, PS4, Retro, Watch Dogs, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Allsystemgamer  +   885d ago
Doubt it. Not while COD still influences the industry
GravelerMagnitude9  +   885d ago
the calladoody virus will be eradicated when these new games get released and people see how stale it is
matgrowcott  +   885d ago
People were saying that back before MW2 came out. It still hasn't happened yet.
Kleptic  +   884d ago
the 'virus' you guys are talking about is out of context...

call of duty's popularity stems from its ease of access...and almost nothing more...and, in this sense, it has very little competition...

It started with Halo...PC multiplayer gamers looked at halo like a bad joke in 2001...but it introduced an accessible and simple mechanical layout that attracted of duty ran with a few mechanics set in place by Halo, and added faster pacing, more 'realistic' military settings, etc...and thats that...

there still isn't any real alternative to call of duty...and that is why it remains popular...and by alternative, i'm saying a franchise that is extremely accessible to nearly any player skill set...

i'm not of duty has absolutely zero depth...but that isn't a criticism...that lack of depth is why 10 year olds with no experience whatsoever in competitive gaming can jump on and have fun...park the same kids in a certain competing franchise, and it'll take 50 plus hours before they even realize you can get in a tank...
dcj0524  +   885d ago
There is a typo. He accidentally misspelled Demon's as Dark.
wsoutlaw87  +   885d ago
demons souls was unknown, everyone thinks dark souls was the first. Demons souls mp was truly innovative and creative
dcj0524  +   885d ago
Reminds me of how Call of Duty 4 gets credit for a Unlock and Ranking system ( leveling up) and customizable load outs when Battlefield 2 did that in 2005.
nosferatuzodd  +   885d ago
oh they love to dream people are stupid they'll just play call of duty allday like they always do nothing to see here keep it moving sheep's lol
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asiatico  +   885d ago
Ubisoft I think is really gonna change up multiplayer games next gen. There are other great developers like rockstar that are also bringing multiplayer to another level
*in bane's voice*

Yes. The Multiplayer Rises...
redwin  +   884d ago
Steelbattalion for the original Xbox had some kind of multyplayer option like this. You always had to join others that where engaged on a mission online.
romancer  +   884d ago
Good to read a thought-provoking gaming article.

But there is an unintentionally funny sentence:
"Destiny is a persistent word that plans to be here for ten years"

I'm sure the word Destiny will still be around ten years from now...
but the intended phrase must be "persistent world"....

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