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Submitted by NYC_Gamer 816d ago | interview

Metal Gear Solid V designer says Japanese industry has not gotten worse

GS:Jordan Amaro responds to Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune's comments about downtrodden state of development in island nation, believes "discretion, humility, and hard work" should be emphasized. (Culture, Jordan Amaro)

EXVirtual  +   816d ago
Exactly. Certain companies in the Japanese industry have gotten worse. As in Capcom.
I think that Square Enix is back on track with FFXV and KH3 and Namco Bandai has gotten my utmost respect lately, mainly with the Tales series.

Even if the Japanese industry has taken a hit, it can easily recover and it's looking pretty good to me so far.

I know that because of FFXIII people have their doubts about the Japanese industry, but just remember epic title like Xenoblade and the Last Story.
Godmars290  +   816d ago
When two of the biggest game companies in Japan are only making bad choices and doing nothing new, likewise if smaller companies aren't or can't make PS3/360 games, either retreated to handhelds and iOS or closed their doors, then there's a problem.
360ICE  +   816d ago
Agree. Given how huge the Japanese development scene was only seven - eight years ago, both in comparison to the western scene and to how it is now, I'd say SOMETHING in there is not as it should be.
dark-hollow  +   816d ago
Exactly what I thought, Japanese games and developers were the best of the best in nes all the way to ps2 era. You knew you are in for a treat when the likes of square or capcom release their next big game.

Like it or not, but capcom and square are the only third party Japanese companies who can afford huge budgets for their games, something other Japanese developers can't cope with, but alas, these budgets are wasted on lackluster sequels and unwanted reboots and useless ios games.

When they fail then the majority of what made the Japanese gaming industry what it is is also failing.

Sega have some decent titles but most of them are Japan only, atlus are facing financial issues and unsure about it future, konami basically have mgs, castlevania and pes to cash on with a lot of mediocre offerings.

Am NOT saying there aren't good Japanese games, but they aren't as frequent and contestant as they used to be.
Godmars290  +   816d ago

Atlus isn't in trouble, their parent/owning company is.

Also much of the reason JP devs failed to upgrade to the 360 and PS3, weren't ready HD gaming, was because they had become too set in their ways.
fsfsxii  +   816d ago
I regained my love to Bamco when i played Tales of Xillia. I used to hate them for not localizing Tales of games. But now with ToX and ToX2 incoming. I'm happy.

Oh, the only companies who lost their track are Capcom (They insist on doing what pisses off their fans) and SE.
Baka-akaB  +   816d ago
You forgot Sega . They are even worse with the exception of Yakuza and Miku
BlaqMagiq24  +   816d ago
Don't know why you're getting disagrees. You're spot on with eveything you said. I even played Xillia and loved it. I'm looking forward to Xillia 2 and Symphonia HD
Godlovesgamers  +   816d ago
"I know that because of FFXIII people have their doubts about the Japanese industry, but just remember epic title like Xenoblade and the Last Story."

And then remember how old those games are.
user7402931  +   816d ago
i agree, look at demons souls, dark souls
Godmars290  +   816d ago
Which are versions/updates of a title called King's Field. Which was also based on western first-person gaming.
Baka-akaB  +   816d ago
Still very japanese in nature when they made it their own circa over twenty years ago ...

To use another From software franchise as an example ... No one is claimed Armored Core isnt a japanese game , because somehow it was inspired by the likes of Mechwarriors .

The whole it's not a jrpg/jpanese schtick usually comes from people only associating stuff like Final fantasy or anime looking games , with jrpg .

There is a wide variety , even if some stuff is obviously more popular .

Hell we dont even see such variety with WRPG anymore , as they mostly settle with following success trends like Elder Scrolls or the the way Mass effect actionize those games .
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-Foxtrot  +   816d ago
I think it kind of has, theres a few games out there that do well but the problem is Capcom and Square Enix the two biggest publishers/companies in Japan.

I know what this guy is saying but the guy works on MGS, one of the biggest franchises that do well regardless of where it's released so of course he's not going to see the full picture because a game he's worked on over the years isn't being affected by the state of the Japanese market. While on the other hand Keiji Inafune is a man who has been f***** over by the Japanese industry, I mean the guy who created Mega Man has ended up resorting to a Kickstarter to fund a spiritual looking successor to Mega Man since he's lost it to Capcom.
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Kalebninja  +   816d ago
capcom and SE and namco are still goin strong i dnt know why ppl are complaining capcom makes good games but they suck the money outta ya and ppl are only complaining about se cuz they dnt like the 13 series most of which have only played the firt 13 game and didnt give the second a chance
-Foxtrot  +   816d ago
Capcom...makes good games

RE6 - Fail
dmc which they oversaw production with NT - fail
Lost Planet 3 - Fail
Bionic Commando - Fail
Dark Void - Fail
Remember Me - Fail

They've either ruined franchises, dumbed them down or ignore them (Mega Man)

As for Square's not just about FF13, it's about their attitude towards fans aswell. It stinks like Capcoms

They keep shoving Lightning down our throat
No FF7 remake
FF Type-0 is not localised
They don't listen to fans
First FF14 version was a mess
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Kalebninja  +   816d ago
dmc was cool and it was time for a change,lost planet changed but its still good it actually got a story,u forgot street fighter,asura's wrath,mvc,dead rising,monster hunter,pheonix wright all good as for SE they re-made 14 so they do listen to fans and thats invalid,type-0 was still good just cuz it wasnt localized doesnt make sense so thats invalid an ff7 isnt mandatory to be remade it doesnt make the original game not good so thats also invalid it costs money to make things and they have to continue making new games and obviously they will remake 7 they are working on other games like ff 15 which will have sequels and kh which will also continue and they had to re-do 14 to satisfy fans so thats all alot of work to focus on
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kalkano  +   816d ago

It's dangerous to go alone! Take this: "."
solidboss07  +   816d ago
Fox Engine is going to tip the balance back towards the East, a little.
Hicken  +   816d ago
The problem is making a blanket statement like that in the first place. Some companies have gotten worse, some haven't. Much of what's being called "worse" is staying the same, which isn't necessarily true. Likewise, some of what's considered "worse" is changing in ways people aren't happy with.

But it's not EVERY dev and publisher from Japan that's doing any or all of these things. People have simply jumped on the train to proclaim something most of them don't even really know anything about.
Soldierone  +   816d ago
I think it has. Sure there are people like him that are still doing well, but honestly Konami is on the verge of becoming Capcom. I mean Konami is the reason we have MGS after MGS from Kojima, instead of new titles.

I mean look at Capcom milking anything and everything and destroying titles.

NIS has a few good titles, Konami has a few good titles, and so on. However the entire market is being milked with trash more than it is here in the west. We might get COD once a year, a certain japanese dev would have 3 or 4 CODS within a year.
CocoWolfie  +   816d ago
makes me have high hopes for what he's doing, well good luck sir, please dont mess it up!
Mr-SellJack  +   816d ago
True but it's going tp be a bit better in the upcoming gen
-Gespenst-  +   816d ago
I think he's probably right. Most japanese games I just flat out prefer to western games. Although I do feel like there's a difference between Japanese games improving, and Japanese games merely pandering to the West. It's not like Western games are some sort of standard for all videogames. I'm totally on the same page as him when he said this: "There's no question we need a Japanese regain in the game market, especially in AAAs. I'm personally suffocating from the lack of creativity and subtlety exhibited during the last few years in Western AAAs," Amaro said.

"A lot of them have become recipes, where a spreadsheet game design is bluntly applied to the environment with little consideration to the actual experience, removing any sense of discovery and magic," he added. "But hey, they sell millions right, so who's to blame?"

Too many western gamers think all this AAA crap we get over here is the pinnacle, but it's really not. Most of it's dumb as all hell.

However, it's a little frustrating to hear this guy say this when it seems pretty clear to me that MGSV is pandering just a little bit to the West. It's probably the least MGS looking game ever. It has a few quirks alright but idk.
Iltapalanyymi  +   816d ago
of course not.
AbortMission  +   816d ago
Nothing but anime based clone games in Japan Lol. No wonder Japanese gaming is dying
Hicken  +   816d ago
Trolling is not your strong suit.
NukeDaHippies  +   815d ago
considering atlus made persona(smt in general) and arc system works made blazblue 2 frachices close to my heart, Japanese company's know where it's at. Personally i really wonder just how much of their games are never localised, seriously how much are we missing. plenty to say the least i'd imagine.

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