Pachter Blames Mattrick for Kinect’s Inclusion with Xbox One, Talks About What Microsoft Should Do

During a long and very interesting interview industry analyst and crystal ball holder extraordinaire Michael Pachter expressed some very clear and rather interesting ideas on the inclusion of Kinect in every box of the Xbox One, and on what Microsoft should do to regain the ground they’re losing by pricing their console $100 more than their competition at Sony.

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majiebeast1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

I really doubt Mattrick was solely responsible for the inclusion of Kinect 2.0. We are talking about a 50+ million dollar decision, i think this comes straight from Ballmer and the NSA(joke).

Its easy now to blame every bad decision Microsoft has made with the Xbox One on Mattrick now that he is gone. Thats like saying that Ken Kutaragi is solely to blame for the price and bad launch of the PS3.

Abriael1747d ago

It really depends. A man by himself probably can't take the decision, but he can push for it until the rest of the peeps around him accept it.

UltimateMaster1747d ago

Very Interesting Article, you guys should read it.

EXVirtual1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

Yeah. Even if it was him, it was Ballmer who approved of it in the first place.
Not to mention that the Xbox division still seems to be determined to get people to accept Kinect even after Mattrick's departure. Like when Phil Spencer said they'll never have a Kinect-less SKU and they still believe in Kinect.

Eonjay1747d ago

"I’d rather have a console and a hundred bucks than a console. That’s how most people look at it"


SilentGuard1747d ago

So true. Along those lines someone should ask MS: "would you rather sell a console with Kinect or no console at all?"

hakeem09961747d ago

it's your opinion but plenty of people are preordering the console. In the long run people won't give a shit about the extra $100 once Titan Fall comes out

r1sh121747d ago

@Majiebeast - NO.
Who could you blame for all the bad PR MS got after the announcement of X1?
Mattrick did not have a clue, and every message was mixed.

Of course Ballmer has some blame, but Matrrick would have influenced any decision.

majiebeast1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

The entire PR division of Xbox was a mess.

They all contradicted each other and agent Phil was about as bad as Mattrick.

Mattrick was bad for Xbox its image, but Pachter is using him as a clear scapegoat here and blames a lot of the bad decisions solely on him.

Darrius Cole1747d ago

MS wasn't sending MIXED messages about the Xbone; they were sending BAD messages about the Xbone. And it wasn't bad PR; it was the horrible truth about the Xbone. Microsoft hasn't changed the XBO's PR, they have changed the underlying truth, it's not as bad as it was when they announced it.

But clearly Mattrick did not have a clue, otherwise he would have stopped the bad policies before they got as far as they did.

Godmars2901747d ago

Still think it had more to do with the NFL deal and the ability for Kinect to "shutdown" the XB1 if over "X" amount of people are watching an event.

As for Ken, he was certainly fired over it.

AngelicIceDiamond1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

@Beast Well Said

There was also apparently control issues in handling the message of the X1 as well, I remember reading in a game informer.

The "Xbox 720 project was bigger than what they imagined. A possible "all in one device" was ambitious indeed but several leaders in MS wanted control on how to present the console, how to announce it, the "vision" of the console. Its your game box, NFL sports box, App box, Kinect motion box, social box etc.

I can see leadership fallout happening in the head quarters

Don Mattrick is very experience in games but I think its clear his vision in the long run wasn't game oriented. I'm assuming Don Mattrick had the last word on how he looked at the Xbox and wanted to present it. Xbox leads were "budding heads" sort a speak

Phil Harrison is very experience in games and has expanded the PlayStation portfolio over several years. His vision still continues with X1 despite some pretty arrogant remarks made by him when he was at Sony and the PlayStation 3 launch.

Now that hes gone several Xbox leads can push games as well as Dons original plan, push none gaming content. If Julie is Smart, she would leave it to the Phil Harrison, Phil Spencer and especially Aaron Greenberg to innovate new Ip's and populate the Xbox platform with great existing and especially new Ip's.

God knows the Xbox needs new Ip's just saying.

Darrius Cole1747d ago

Pachter is wrong about gaming more than he is right, but his last quote from the source article is how Sony should frame the decision. Pachter said,...

"I’d rather have a console and a hundred bucks than a console. That’s how most people look at it"

Sony should put that in commercials.

3-4-51747d ago

That is why he is fired though.

The thing mattrick pushed for, was something that negatively effected the company in PR and in money.

Once they backed on a lot of stuff, including all of mattricks "wants", he was no longer needed.

He basically cost them $50 million dollars.

He was never going to make that money back for them, so they got rid of him.

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iamnsuperman1747d ago

Both companies should give a year (or at least 3 months). It makes sense as consumers are more likely to renew it (especially if they enjoy multiplayer). I feel Sony is missing a trick here. They have this awesome instant collection and one sure fire way to keep people subscribing is give them a lengthy (at least 3 months) free to see the benefits of it. I suspect a lot would renew after this free offer

tokugawa1747d ago

what games will i be able to download for free on psn on day one when i fire up my ps4?

i haven't seen the list

majiebeast1747d ago

Everyone gets 1 month of PS+ with the PS4 so depends on where you live but in Europe you get.

-Driveclub PS+ Edition

F2P games
-Blacklight retribution

iamnsuperman1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

I have no idea really all I know is

Drive Club PSN+ version (day one)

Rest I am not 100% sure of the dates I assume when released:

RESOGUN (release date game)
Don't Starve
Secret Ponchos

A couple of F2P games but that has got nothing to do with PSN+


tokugawa1747d ago

ok thanks for the heads up.. movember cant get here quick enough.

on topic, i think that mattrick was the main architect of what the xbo should do. hence his quick departure after e3 and the drm reversal.

still, microsoft seem to be getting their act together. plus, my gf wants kinect, so i would buy one if there was 2 different skus anyway.

kinect with xbo means that i dont have to buy a camera with the ps4... one camera is enough

slimeybrainboy1747d ago

Sony are giving a pretty insignificant 14 day trial.

3 months would be nice as hell, don't get why they dont. Good will.

mydyingparadiselost1747d ago

Your disagrees are ridiculous, giving away these services for a year with a new console purchase is gold. More people get accustomed to downloading digital thus growing that service plus when the year is up there's a collection of free games that most people will not want to lose. Also it always looks good to give something free and it's like packing in a multitude of games over the course of a year instead of one game or no game at all. Totally missed opportunity.

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IcicleTrepan1747d ago

if this guy is so smart and knows everything, he should start his own company and throw down. Put his money where his mouth is. But he won't, because he's just another dolt with a magic crystal ball.

ape0071747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

kinectless xbox one is a MUST to compete with sony

ps4 is the first console in history that is cheaper and not weaker

any small kid would understand that 100$ mandatory kinect is hurting them

6 months to a year down the road and they'll make it optional

Campy da Camper1747d ago

Kinectless SKW and I'll buy one.

1747d ago
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