Need for Speed developer talks Xbox One, PS4 and the future of gaming

Earlier this week, Marcus Nilsson, the Executive Producer of EA's upcoming "Need for Speed: Rivals" sat down and discussed the next generation of consoles, what it means for developers and the new options opened up to them due in part of the advancement in hardware.

With this in mind, social incorporation of players to EA's status with Nintendo and their Wii U console was also discussed, be sure to see below for the full interview!

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Pieman5231233d ago

No one cares about NFS. Just give us another Skate.

dcj05241233d ago

If by sucks you mean sucks out my free time because it is a awesome franchise then yes you are correct.

6DEAD6END61233d ago

I would love another Skate, just make it simple and fun like the first one.

Kamikaze81233d ago

Hey, Most Wanted was good, just no more The Run's please.

Kayant1233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

Agreed you're talking about the first one right? ;) After Most wanted or Carbon I guess NFS died.

Ripsta7th1233d ago

I dont get why they havent made NFS Underground 3 yet, it would get massive sales

ironfist921233d ago

I forgot this was even coming out.

Iceman_Nightmare1233d ago

All we need is a Underground 3!

RE_L_MAYER1232d ago

they are too damn stupid to make underground 3.......gamers has been pointing the company in good direction all this time but noo they want to do what they think is better-keep it up and there wont be any people to buy this need for speed crap you come up with next

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