Lair Analog Patch Now Live

Great news for those who couldn't get to grips with Lair's motion controls: the patch for analog flight controls is now live, and also brings crosshairs as a menu option. The patch is 147MB, and is up now for European Lair owners.

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LightningPS33723d ago

I actually think Lair is cool. You just couldn't control the damn thing.

Now, I'll actually beat this game.

sonarus3723d ago

sigh. Lair could have been a great game. If they had let me get off that dragon for some hand to hand combat with some of those useless troops. The dragon combat is STUPID. Flying side to side and slamming yourself into the dragon. WTF is that. The dragon also appears to breathe fire like a machine gun. Lairs faults go beyond sixaxis use. It was a good effort from factor 5 but sorry didn't work out. Better luck next time

pharmd3723d ago

yeah i think i'll have to bust this game out again!!!

Chubear3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

I see you weren't even playing Lair properly and got fraustrated or have been mislead by some game-site vids.

You can't play Lair like it's a shooter cause it's not. Spamming fire balls aren't potent and don't do much at all. You have to tap the fire button at 1second intervals for proper potent fire balls.

You can obivusly see the difference in size and how you can take out a ship with just two balls but if you spamm your fireballs they do virtually nothing to alot of enemies and they'll pwn you.

Just play the game how its supposed to be played and you'll have a better experience.

Hatchetforce3723d ago

I picked up Lair on launch. I still have it and it never gathered dust. I learned early on the one thing you need to learn to do in order to play Lair -leave the damn sticks alone.

While I welcome a control scheme that makes it more friendly to a larger audience, the biggest issue from which this game suffered was intentional bad press generated by people out to sabotage one of the big early games on the PS3. It worked. And it wasn't the last game to suffer from a negativity campaign.

There is a reason a superior next gen game like Ratchet and Clank was never given due credit.

BobDog3723d ago

i never had a problem with the sixaxis, but i guess im a very active person and co ordinated, unlike many on this site lol

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nofilter3723d ago

How is this old? It JUST went live!

techie3723d ago

Ignore them. They don't read.

3723d ago
Bazookajoe_833723d ago

But i still liked the old control...

Hagaf223723d ago

looks like ill have to rent this again and see if its a buyer now...

EZCheez3723d ago

Too late.

I would actually play this game again now had I not already sold it.

MikeGdaGod3723d ago

me too, its long gone now

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The story is too old to be commented.