EB Games is Killing the Games Industry

EB Games is an evil place. This evil can be pinpointed: EB Games is a business, specifically a bricks and mortar retailer. And though all businesses are susceptible to many different kinds of evil, EB Games has a special kind of contempt for the other businesses it deals with before making so much as a sale to its customers. Specifically, the publishers and distributors that provide the games for them to sell.

EB Games has decided that instead of paying publishers the $50/60/70-odd (depending on the title, it's somewhere in that range) for a new release game and selling it for $100, it's cheaper to coax people to sell their games (read: trade in and save!) for $25, after which they're pushed onto anyone and everyone even remotely interested in a copy of the game for slightly less than the RRP of a new copy.

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efjio173844d ago

is that EB games has a monopoly of games business at many places in the US. EB games is the only place around my area solely focused on video games. Now, if I had a game crazy or something by my house, i would SURELY go there instead. I too hate EB games and how they just rip everyone off.

Exhaust3844d ago

Only time I use EB or Gamestop is when I preorder a special edition game. There is no other point to their stores in my opinion. They're annoying and rip you off for trade ins.

Amanosenpai3844d ago

Stop buying there...

EB Games will learn or disappear...

ScentlessApprentice73844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

I am actually currently thinking about trading in my PS3 copy of Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion GOTY if I can get at least $30 for it; I actually didn't decide that I didn't like it until after the gratuitous period ended. But I am not too sure about where to go.

Would I get about $30 for it at Gamestop, Game Crazy, or EB Games? At Gamestop they sell it for $54.99 used so even at $30 thats an automatic $25 mark-up, and all they do when they take it from you is slap a new price tag on it and put it on the shelf.

Has anyone here recently traded in Oblivion: GOTY?
Any friendly Advice?

Excalibur3844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

Ya know it kills me whenever I read crap like this.

First of all I don’t ever recall a Gamestop employee putting a gun to my head to either trade in my used games or to buy a used game.

If you want to be a Dumb A$$ and get a $20.00 credit for a once played $60.00 game then that’s your problem not GameStop’s.

Bottom line if you feel it’s a rip off (Which BTW I KNOW it is) then keep your games (like I do).

Share them with your friends,sell them on Ebay/your friends, save them for a rainy day or whatever but don’t blame Gamestop or any company for that matter for trying to earn a profit.

Honestly, I love it when one of you fools trades in a brand new game and I get it for a nice little discount.

Grown Folks Talk3844d ago

but that's too logical. You are forced to trade & buy used. It's not a choice. On top of that, when you trade in any other purchase you've made (cars, stereos, furniture, movies, TVs, ect), you get exactly what you paid for them. GameStop/EB is the only place that doesn't give you a reasonable value. I mean honestly, when I come in there with Madden 92, there's no reason I shouldn't get at least $45 for it. It was brand new when I bought it.

ScentlessApprentice73844d ago

You obviously haven't heard of that little thing we in the business/accounting field refer to as depreciation.

Skaterboy Tell Em3844d ago

Lol im not sure but i think he was being sarcastic.

iceman28853844d ago

People (including myself) complain all the time about trading games in, getting 30 bucks for it and watching gamestop immediately turn around and sale it for 55. But you are 100% correct, you don't need to trade your games in, you can keep them.

Ultimately, the EB Games trade in games is all about conveniance. Sure you could sale your game on eBay or to a friend to earn real cash; but that requires you to be active and go through the process of putting it up for sale and shipping it. With EB games, you can take the game you have, take it to the store, get the trade in credit of about 30 for newer PS3/360 games and immediately use it torwards the purchase of your next game. It all comes down to the conveniance, do you want to take the time to earn real money and the extra 15 dollars to sell the game on eBay or to a friend; or do you want the conveniance of EB games?

JD_Shadow3844d ago

I have one little issue in which you said that you never have a choice between getting the used game vs. the new copy there, because I never had that issue there (not sure if you were serious or not). If I wanted the new version, and they asked (like they should, it's suggestive selling and good business to try to sell you a cheaper version) if I wanted the used version, I'd just say no, and the issue is dead in the water. Now, sometimes when I go there and see it cheaper used, then I'll bite for it because not everyone makes a thousand dollars a pay. I usually like to buy controllers and wires new because I trust that stuff more if it's new than used. For games, if the only option is new/used, then I'll buy the available version.

But no, I never had an issue with doing things that way.

RecSpec3844d ago

They will ask if you want the used version, but they won't force it on you.

I personally like Gamestop/EB. The only reason people hate it is that they think they have to be righteous and save EVERYONE. Let people do what they want, if you don't want to be ripped off by them, don't. Let people learn on their own.

Grown Folks Talk3843d ago

I work at GameStop. These 8 posts a week with people b*tching like they are forced to shop there is getting annoying.

IntelligentAj3843d ago

I don't mind Gamestop trying to make a profit but I do have an issue with them taking money away from the developers of the games. If they resell a traded-in game they get all the profit and that hurts the money that the dev's bring in. I'm waiting for Gamefly's service to get off the ground so I can trade my games in there. Bottom Line: If you don't like the prices don't trade them in.

Grown Folks Talk3843d ago

A lot of people only buy new & they already made their money from the person trading it in. These stores have been around for years, yet the industry has been seeing record numbers. They aren't starving.

Suicyco 133843d ago

By this comment it sounds as if you are employed by

I got a good laugh at this ending comment!! It's pure classic. What most people don't know or understand is WHO they just sold their game to.

Excalibur. I'm sure you love it when someone trades in that new game thats only been out for a day or two!! It's nice to get that new game real cheap isn't it.

Excalibur3843d ago

No I don't work for Gamestop.
And yes I do love it.
They discount the game $5.00 and then I use my 10% off card so I get another $5.50 off.
So basically I'm getting $10.50 off a used once game, how can you not love that.

1. I don't have to own a game the second it comes out.
2. I don't have to beat a game faster than anyone else, so when some fool does and trades in their new game I win.

Suicyco 133843d ago

Some of the wording in your post led me to believe that you were a Gamestop employee. I am happy to see that you keep your games or find other alternatives.

It's good to see that you win when some fool trades in that new game and you get that once used game for $10.50 off. I'm glad you love that.

Once again my apologies.

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poopface13844d ago

I just dont like how developers dont get as much moey as they should. However most people dont go out and buy EBs 55$ used games cause it a rip off. If eb sold relativly recent used games for like 30 dollars then developers would be worried and alot of people(me to) would actually buy the used games that arnt old as crap.

DiabloRising3844d ago

I work at EB part time. I have to say, yes, it is an evil company, but not just for the reasons in the article.

1) No incentives. At all. Want to know what the highest GTA4 + guide attach rate store in the district gets? The MANAGER gets a gift card to EB. What do we get? Nothing. Tell me why I should care then?

2) Our "performance" is rated on stupid things like subscription sales and reservations. You think the district managers care that I just alphabetized the entire PS2 wall? Nope.

3) Stupid company policies. We are required to get certain counts and other jobs done during our day, WHILE ringing understaffed. Wasting time gutting games when far more intelligent anti-theft measures could leave more time to help customers and get actual work done is but one of them.

4) Take in every game you can as a trade, offer them crap for it, even if its scratched to hell. Then try to push it on someone else at a huge markup. $110 for your Xbox 360. Enjoy.

5) Our discount is a joke.

So yeah, easy job, but people looking to actually advance in that company? The one that is screwing over hard working developers? Good luck to them, for theirs is an insane lot.

Suicyco 133843d ago

1. Your incentive is to do what is required of you so that you can keep your employment!

2. Your "performance" is just part of the things you do to drive the business! All DM's I've encountered have always made a big deal about walls being alphabetized in every section!

3. Once again these things you mention are requirements of your job! If you are not happy with you employer go find another easy job!!

4. If You do not agree with the prices and policies of the store don't do them and enjoy!

5. Concerning discounts talk to Excalibur. Excalibur knows how to get a real good discount!!

Stop your crying!! Do your job!!

Good day!!!

Excalibur3843d ago

It's that way pretty much everywhere you work.

Silellak3844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

I'm even worse. I usually rent games on GameFly, and then buy them if I like them for the much smaller used cost. Though I guess GameFly had to buy the games at some point, so at least the game companies get that initial purchase.

Sorry, but as long as game companies keep releasing 8-12 hour games for 60 bucks, I'll keep buying used.

Games with enough bang for my buck, either through addictive multiplayer, replay value, a huge open world, or good old-fashioned length like CoD4 or GTA4 or Oblivion or Final Fantasy will continue to get my $60 for a shiny new copy. Games like Heavenly Sword or DMC4 will not.

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