Can Call of Duty Remain Relevant?

As Titanfall continues to be the most talked about upcoming shooter, where does the hype train leave Call of Duty? Can this now-dominant franchise remain relevant in the transition to the next generation? Gamers Association editor Jay Curtis isn't so sure.

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tristanwerbe1720d ago

no matter what what everyone says they will still buy it

zeal0us1720d ago (Edited 1720d ago )

Everyone that likes CoD will still buy it, other people however not so much.

tristanwerbe1720d ago

of course but even people that don't cause they want to play with friends I have not purchased COD since WAW but people have brought it over or let me borrow

user74029311720d ago

it will not be nearly as big with battlefield having 64 players and 60fps on consoles.

NYC_Gamer1720d ago

Call of Duty will remain relevant long as its easy to pick up and play

GarrusVakarian1720d ago

Its not going anywhere soon.

But nothing lasts forever. Not even Call Of Duty.

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The story is too old to be commented.