1985FM - Xbox One's LocoCycle Off-Screen Gameplay

In honor of Xbox One's release announcement, 1985FM digs through their folders of videos and found this gem. A off-screen demo of LocoCycle, coming to Xbox One at launch

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XboxFun1564d ago

Love the humor of this game. Twisted Pixel really knows how to make hilarious games that are also truly fun.

Let's hope they make a Splosion Man sequel for the X1.

pedrof931564d ago

This game doesn't look anything exciting.

This is a Indie right ?

Ashunderfire861564d ago

First Xbox One game I played in the Xbox booth at E3. Nobody even acknowledge it lol!!! I was like wow the only game for Xbox One that doesn't have a line!

tigertom531564d ago

reminds me of the Road Rash Game...

Bigpappy1564d ago

Not quite Road Rash, but I share your desire for another on of those. The game looks to be an attempt to get people to laugh while playing. We shall see if it succeeds.