Rockstar has 'requested that no UK retailer dispatch GTA 5 before September 16'

Rockstar has requested that online retailers hold off from dispatching copies of Grand Theft Auto 5 until September 16 in an effort to ensure early copies don't reach customers in advance of the official September 17 release date.

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buddymagoo1808d ago

I don't really understand why it matters that much if someone gets it a day or two early??

Anthotis1808d ago Show
jackanderson19851808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

i'd assume it would be down to leaks and plot spoilers they wouldn't want getting out till after it launches (although some of that has been leaked before)

Scatpants1808d ago

I don't know why it matters so much to them. You know it's going to be leaked some time next week anyway.

minimur121808d ago


I got this email aswell, and here's a quote I think you should read:

'Your order is being despatched by Royal Mail First Class who have a 97.6% next day delivery rate. We will ensure
that your order is despatched via Royal Mail in time for release day.'

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3-4-51807d ago


Imagine if every time you went to start watching a movie, somebody told you all the twists and spoiled the plot for you.

and it was a movie you'd been waiting 5 years to watch.

It ruins the experience and you only get that True First experience one time.

Basically, they know certain people are useless douche's who love ruining things for people, so they are asking nicely for the UK to help prevent that.

You know the type of people that Bully & Troll online? They will be the ones spoiling all the secrets and telling the ending on day one to ruin it for anyone, just so they can stroke their ego and feel good about themselves.

Psychotica1807d ago

I think it's to ensure fair competition between all the stores that sell it. It wouldn't be fair if some store got it a few days earlier than other stores.

admiralvic1807d ago

@ 3-4-5

Possible, but that would happen regardless. Also this isn't a terribly uncommon practice either. Most of my Amazon packages ship on Monday before the game releases, so I don't see the big deal regardless.

@ Psychotica

Believe it or not... a lot of stores get these games in a bit ahead of time. My local Target had Killzone Mercs on display and that isn't set to release till next week in the US. A lot of times bigger games will come in a week in advance, where as smaller games have a "street date", which is when companies generally ship those games to stores.

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-Foxtrot1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

Damn right boo

I've ordered mine from the Rockstar Warehouse aswell....I want to play it on the day it comes out. I mean what the hell, so I'm going to have to wait untill it comes for it be sent off, that could take untill Friday untill I actually get it

Send it out earlier so we get it on the day, jesus, whats with them. I mean I payed extra for the collectors edition I should at least get it a day early

Scatpants1808d ago

You probably have a better chance of getting it day one ordering it from Amazon. They offer release date delivery and have distribution centers everywhere.

SnotyTheRocket1808d ago

Do you really feel THAT entitled? You'll get you're game, just wait a day or two.

-Foxtrot1808d ago


If I'm paying a lot more by supporting a developer like Rockstar...yeah I kind of do

JackStraw1808d ago

rockstar is just being stupid on this one. sorry. hate to say that one of my favorite game companies is actin' like a b*tch.

Heisenburger1807d ago

And how exactly are YOU acting right now.

*grins ear to ear*


JackStraw1807d ago

why are you trying to roleplay with me? go away.

llMurcielagoll1808d ago

Not only that, but you are also a victim of Royal Mail's "Free one day delivery" on you may get it late. This only happens when there is a game I REALLY want to play and it arrives late -.-

minimur121808d ago

I posted this above I'll post it again:

I also got the email, and this quotes that GAME are dispatching it first class;

Your order is being despatched by Royal Mail First Class who have a 97.6% next day delivery rate. We will ensure
that your order is despatched via Royal Mail in time for release day.

StoutBEER1807d ago

Yea i have alot, and I mean ALOT of friends that live in the UK and constantly and very easily get copies of games in advance. Getting a game early in the UK is easier than getting fat in the US.

Ehh? Ehh? Or did it fall flat?

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rajman1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

I want to hear what has got to say about this, Activision also said that Black Ops 2 was to be shipped only 1 day before release, Shopto were not happy with this as it meant that there was a high chance that many would not get the game on release date and so they decided not to sell it.
I'll respect their decision if they decided not to go ahead with selling GTA V

edit: Article states "The issue of online retailers dispatching copies well in advance of release date has led to one UK retailer - - choosing not to stock copies of one of this year's biggest games"

So they wont be selling GTA V? My pre-order has not been cancelled and its still up on their site

Adexus1808d ago

"The issue of online retailers dispatching copies well in advance of release date has led to one UK retailer - - choosing not to stock copies of one of this year's biggest games.

Back in May, ShopTo announced that it would not be stocking this November's Call of Duty: Ghosts due to "contractual reasons and [a] delivery policy agreement"."

Don't know how you missed that!

rajman1808d ago

I didnt, I misread it...I thought it was about COD Black Ops II again, since they did the same thing with that game last year.

Anyways thats irrelevant to what I asked, I asked if Shopto will no longer sell GTA V due to this request by Rockstar

fossilfern1808d ago

Though mines an Amazon pre order this is pretty crap. I live in Northern Ireland and sometimes i worry about not getting the game on time like the rest of the UK. I just hope the Royal Mail & Amazon don't let me down!

Adexus1808d ago

Got mine on Amazon too with first class delivery, I live in the UK Mainland and still don't have much hope in Royal Mail.

fossilfern1807d ago

Its not been the first time I have waited for a game from the Royal Mail. I won something on Ebay and it didn't show up for weeks and I was about to get my money back from the seller, who was very helpful, until i got the little red letter to go down to the sorting office for something completely different and found out the thing I won was laying there for about 3 weeks and no one told me.

Master-H1808d ago

when does the review embargo lift , guys ?

JakemanPS319941808d ago

I think Saturday the 8th but dont quote me on that :D

mike32UK1808d ago

I remember getting GTA IV from 3 days earlier than the release day. I'd never been so happy with pre-ordering a game before

AceBlazer131808d ago

These retailers make a promise to get the product to the consumer on release day so asking this of them is kinda....problematic.

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