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GTA V will feature a checkpoint system

It has been revealed by early players of GTA V that a checkpoint system has been included into the game.

This no doubt follows the complaints that came after GTA IV was released, not including its expansions The Ballad Of Gay Tony and The Lost And Damned which included checkpoints, this is the first full Grand Theft Auto Game to include a checkpoint system. (Grand Theft Auto V, PS3, Xbox 360)

Lukas_Japonicus  +   330d ago
This game just keeps sounding better and better. Its like they have fixed every gripe people had with GTA4 and included everything from past games that made them so awesome, then added even MORE features and details.

Its sounding like the perfect GTA, and the way things are going i think it will be hard for them to top this in the future.
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TNTgamer  +   330d ago
That's what games should be about! try to do the best you can every time, don't try and string it out for as long as possible.

always remember

"It's better to burn out than fade away"
Trenta27  +   330d ago
I can't even imagine what their next open world game will be like after this.
josephayal  +   330d ago
Def GOTY 2013
3-4-5  +   330d ago
This will make people want to replay missions.

Past GTA games, some of those missions made me want to not continue the story at all. And for periods of time, I would just quit the story and just goof around because it was less frustrating.
benzopil  +   330d ago
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WTF? I'm from Russia.
TNTgamer  +   330d ago
whoopsie daisy, let me fix that for you!
TNTgamer  +   330d ago
ok try again, i'm so sorry about that!
benzopil  +   330d ago
It's working now :)
Bowzabub  +   330d ago
I am so amped up for this game. The only thing even comparable to me is that the PS4 is coming.
RE_L_MAYER  +   330d ago
I never complained about that-checkpoint feels like a cheap cheat sometimes, I think I passed three leaf clover mission first try
BroGamer  +   330d ago
So glad. GTA IV was a great game but such a minute issue such as no checkpoints really was a huge annoyance, for me anyway. Having to drive to the mission, get right near the end of it and die (taking about 30 minutes for a big mission) could be infuriating. Failing a mission and then having to do all that again actually made me turn off the console at times.

Now, none of that will be needed in GTA V, and rightly so.
steve30x  +   329d ago
Thjank god. It as such a pain to start a mission from the beginning in GTA games before.

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