Average US developer salary: $73,600

Game Developer magazine has released the results of its seventh annual game developer salary survey, showing that the average US salary has risen slightly to USD 73,600.

"Our salary survey continues to provide canonical information on the state of game pay," said Game Developer Magazine publisher Simon Carless.

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Iamback3567d ago

thats a lot if you ask me

ThatArtGuy3567d ago

and not a "per hour" wage, I think that it sounds about right. Many devs spend 14 hour days towards the end of a dev cycle and don't receive overtime.

BrianC62343567d ago

I don't agree. That isn't a lot of money anymore. Not if you have to work long days and seven days a week at least. I wonder if they do? With how everything is now $70,000 doesn't get you much. Not here in southern California at least. Maybe the people who make the low end live in areas where it's a lot.

Shaka2K63567d ago

Instead they are stuck working at ebgames and gamestop convincing people not to buy Sony PS products making 5/hour, like that is gonna chance the fact they are miserable human beings hahahahahaaaaaaaaa.

Finalfantasykid3567d ago

Well that's just an average pay. If you stay with a company for a while, I imagine that your wage will increase dramatically.

That salary is more than many other jobs that you would get straight out of college/university.

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Captain Tuttle3567d ago

For an average. Although when you consider how many hours these guys work it's pretty lame imo.

PR0F3TA3567d ago

you're totally right... from what i read, they easily have 12 hour work days at times, and even more so when they need to beat the deadline. Not to metion pressure from the press, publishers and fans.

they should be breaking 100K, i mean, if a graphic design firm can... why can't these guys

rawd3567d ago

I'd say that's about right.

Skerj3567d ago

Lmao depends on what you're doing, don't think you'll be making 73k as a tester.

Fishy Fingers3567d ago

Dont p*ss on my dreams!! :P

ianp6223567d ago

Don't forget that most jobs are in the California area, where the cost of living is also higher.

Fishy Fingers, being a game tester is not as fun as it seems, and in this survey the average salary for testers is $40,000.

Fishy Fingers3567d ago

Just a joke bro, I'm more than happy with my current situation.

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The story is too old to be commented.