IGN: Fight Night Round 4 Currently In Production

EA plans on returning to the ring with this fourth entry in the boxing franchise, now with a new developer in the corner to once again put Fight Night in championship contention.

NOTE: This game has been confirmed as a title in production but has not been announced for any specific system. Please check back for official info.

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crazy250003900d ago

They will probably charge one dollar for a set of new so not buying!

sonarus3900d ago

Actually fight night is one of the best EA games. It doesn't release yearly so the improvements are usually significant. I will be looking to try out the new don king game. Pity no ps3 version so i guess i'll have to get it for 360:(

timmyp533900d ago (Edited 3900d ago )

"This game has been confirmed as a title in production but has not been announced for any specific system. " Everyone can pretty much guess that its gonna hit just about every system.

ThaGeNeCySt3900d ago

He's talking about the Don King game not being announced for PS3.

mikeslemonade3900d ago

I hope a Wii version is in in development, but even if they are working on one it will be crap because it's a new developer and not even the best developers can get good 3rd party games on Wii.

IntelligentAj3900d ago

I can't wait for this to come out so I finish it and write another FAQ. I need to brush up on my skills.

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InMyOpinion3900d ago

I hope the boxers can throw punches that look like they hurt this time around.

shysun3900d ago

On the PS3 it was a great game and the punches looked brutal! I don't know what version you played. FNR3 was the last EA game that I bought that was on point.

PS360WII3900d ago

Fight Night games are awesome ^^ I thought they were going to do away with this franchise and just have Facebreaker. This is good to see that the 4th one is coming!

CNIVEK3900d ago

...because the Don King game was looking like a PS2 game. :o Of course, now that EA has dismantled the Chicago studio, and Kudo Tsunoda is now with MS, this game has a good chance of sucking as well. :(

heyheyhey3900d ago

i used to love Fight Night

but owning FNR3 and knowing how drastically EA change the subsequent installments in their sports franchises (end sarcasm), i think il go with Facebreaker (yes i know its also EA, but at least it'll be somewhat different and offer something new)

IntelligentAj3900d ago

If you play the Fight Night's in succession you will see they did a much better job of adding and tweaking gameplay than in the madden series.

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The story is too old to be commented.