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Gary Swaby of The Koalition writes: The Playstation Vita is a fantastic piece of hardware that is screaming to be taken advantage of. I'm sure I'm not alone in feeling that the handheld lacks star power. Indie and retro games have become my go-to choice of Memory Card filler on the platform, but Ive been waiting for a more current IP to spark my interest with a Vita offering. So It's now my pleasure to crown Killzone: Mercenary as the best big budget IP to bless the device.

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MrKennedy1842d ago

This is a good review about a game on a handheld console.

UltimateMaster1842d ago (Edited 1842d ago )

Well, now that's a good decent shooter.
Not just some bias sh*t review aimed at hurting the PS Vita.

buckley1842d ago

What exactly would reviewers gain from writing a review "aimed at hurting the PS Vita?"

UltimateMaster1842d ago

I've just seen 2 other article giving this game 2.5/5 and 5/10.

The hell should I know why they would give it bad reviews when there far worst portable games out there getting better reviews.

At least this reviewer gave it a decent score.

Bundi1842d ago

OPM gave it a 7, your thoughts?

Projekt1842d ago

This is a good comment about a review of a game on a handheld console.

Perjoss1842d ago

This is a good reply to a comment about a review of a game on a handheld console.

G20WLY1842d ago (Edited 1842d ago )

And this is a (now tedious) reply to a good reply to a good comment about a review of a game on a handheld console.

Which I will be buying very soon! :)

rbailey1842d ago

Definitely planning on picking this up next week. Alot more first party Sony developers need to invest in the Vita so we can get great games like this one.

TheGrimReaper00111842d ago

Ive played the game for a couple of hours now
I am very pleased
Great control, multiplayer, graphics and sound

kwiksilver991842d ago

i'm guessing a lot of hits.

cell9891842d ago

I recommend buying a gamepad grip for your Vita for maximum control, when playing this game.