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thekiddfran1749d ago

Looks amazing! I can't wait for this game!!!

snipermk01749d ago

im very impressed! looking very good indeed. If I'm not mistaken, it seems to be the PS4 version

p0tat0stix1748d ago


I think you're right as the button cues show the famous PS symbols.

I sure hope this game looks as good on the XB1!

KazHiraiFTW1748d ago

I think it will probably look about the same on the xdone. Frame rate won't be as consistent though

MWong1748d ago

Man the thought of sneaking into other peoples games and hacking them is crazy. I am liking the concept behind this game everytime I see it.

starchild1748d ago

This looks so promising. I can't wait. The PC version is going to have some advanced graphical features above the console versions. Nvidia and Ubisoft have a partnership to improve their PC games.

I'm just excited to get it on the PC, but I'm sure it will be an outstanding game on any platform.

thisismyaccount1748d ago

Not sure, but the e3 2013 Gameplay at Sonys Press Conference looked better, kinda hard to tell since one has footage during night, the other during the day.

But the water seems diffrent, at least that´s my impression.

Comparison (if possible)

BallsEye1748d ago


Thanks mr Technician. Can you also provide the final specs and architecture and explain what exactly will bottleneck the framerate on X1? Thanks! :D

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christian hour1748d ago

I wish ubisoft would show a little more clarity and show us how this game looks on current gen, it's becoming common practice amongst devs and I'm not a fan of it because I know several people that take things at face value and assume this is what they'll be playing on 360.

These same people were surprised when they picked up BF3 and it didn't look like it did in all the vids they'd seen (Dice just showed PC version) and they're also the same people expecting GTA5 to look as good as what we've seen in trailers which I find very hard to believe we've been shown that game running on consoles. The shadows and AA in gta5 vids are too smooth and crisp to be running on anything other than a pc.

Another reason why I want developers to be more honest about this is because it would give consumers a greater idea of the leap in quality from current gen to next gen even on cross-gen games.

I can understand why they don't do this, obviously. They want everyone to see their game running and looking its best, but for people who don't know any better its misleading.

I dunno why i get so uptight over this, but it is misleading a lot of people. Not that it effects me, I'll be playing this on PC in a friends and picking it up for Nex Gen come november, but its not about me, there are still a lot of people out there expecting this game to look this good on current gen.

Plambey1749d ago

This game looks too good!

Campy da Camper1748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

Yes it does. I love the MP aspect a la Demon's Souls! I am going to be a hacking feind. Grab some explosives and a sniper rifle and hit the roofs. Oh I'm going to get so many rage messages lol

creatchee1749d ago

Somehow, this game has been under the radar recently. I can't wait to get my hands on it!

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The story is too old to be commented.