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IBTimes UK: "I love the Killzone series. I love all of its big, stupid war-drama rubbish. I love the guns. I love the environments.

But even I'm unsure about Mercenary. It's OK, I guess, but I don't know why I should tell you to play it. There are so, so many games like this. It's a carbon copy, every cliché in the first person shooter book with absolutely no distinguishing features whatsoever. Even that distinct gun metal Killzone aesthetic that I adore is starting to look used-up by this point.

There's nothing new to see here. Mercenary is a solid game, no doubt, but its hardly the kind of dazzling originality that might help shift a few more Vitas."

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H4all1752d ago

i wont arguing about the review..
that is they opinion.. they review..
i remember this quotes..
'' don't believe people on the thing that you not try it, give a try and feel about it''

then i will try it on my own..

i wait my copy to arrive..
so i can play it.. and judge it on my own..

UltimateMaster1752d ago

The beta was awesome, can't wait to play the full game.

Looks better than any other FPS on handhelds.

windblowsagain1752d ago

5/10 rofl.

It is the only FPS on any handheld in existence that is worth playing.

Kingthrash3601752d ago (Edited 1752d ago )

apparently dive kick is reviewers are dead to me.

Mounce1752d ago

Am sure most iPhone App games are better than it to them.

Blacktric1752d ago (Edited 1752d ago )

"It is the only FPS on any handheld in existence that is worth playing."

Metroid Prime Hunters say hi.

FunAndGun1752d ago

2 analog sticks say whats up.

Perjoss1752d ago

Unit 13 is also worth a play, ok its 3rd person shooter not fps but what's the difference really? that you can see your character model and the camera is slightly higher off the ground. I found it to be very, very good!

bjmartynhak1752d ago


Indeed, Unit13 has a very solid gameplay!

Blacktric1751d ago

"2 analog sticks say whats up."

That's really saying much regarding a game that was released in PSP/DS era, when none of the handhelds had a secondary stick. Calling Killzone: Mercenary "the only handheld FPS that's worth playing" is nothing more than overreaction.

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b-dash1752d ago

I'm disgusted with some reviewers being very awkward.
Is it hacking? It was very simple.

kwiksilver991752d ago

says it s a solid game,the gives it 5/10 saying it isnt original.
just because you were expecting it to be original in your own way doesnt mean the 'solid game' should pay the price.
a good game is enjoyable and not a 5/10 by any standard .
original or not.

kayoss1752d ago

"...It isnt original."
I totally agree with you. How can a spin off be original? I bet this is the same guy that gives every COD sequel a 10 and say it was different then it predecessor... This author is a joke.

joeorc1752d ago


"a good game is enjoyable and not a 5/10 by any standard original or not."

LMAO, i know he just told guerrilla games THAT KILLZONE:
Mercenary is = to a grade of.....wait for it

A Grade of [F]

IF THERE WAS A CURVE it would have been the very bottom D! and that would have been squeeking by with a 50%

for those that still think, but..but its not the same thing, yes it is. if a scale of 1 through 10 is your scale what is a 10? that would be 100% . a 1 would be 10% or less.

and reviewers are really saying this is a grade d, or even an F for this game?

what would it take for a freaking A?

the developer's 1st born? lol

Silly reviewer's

core_51752d ago

haha, who has the lowest score to become "famous" ?

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