GTA V ‘pirates’ greeted by trojan virus

Grand Theft Auto V has not even received an official release date on PC, let alone a stable build. However, this hasn’t deterred some would-be pirates, who have downloaded a popular torrent that claims to contain Rockstar’s highly anticipated game.

Many of these clueless pirates have instead found themselves with a copy of the installer file for Double Fine’s The Cave. This wouldn’t be such a bad thing, but the setup file also contains a nice surprise; something called Trojan.GenericKDV.1134859. A pretty generic trojan virus, it is capable of stealing user data and draft the host computer into a botnet.

If that wasn’t enough, anyone that tries to install Cave Theft Auto will need to fill out a survey and send off a text message in order to receive a working key (twist: you won’t receive it). After sending off the text, your phone will then be charged one euro every day.

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Neonridr1332d ago

Wow, you'd have to be pretty dim-witted to fill out a survey and send a text message from your phone when you are pirating a game anyways. Here I am officer, right over here!

Emilio_Estevez1332d ago

Even before that, downloading a version that doesn't even exist (yet?) should have set off some alarms.

SonyNGP1332d ago

Not necessarily the mythical PC version. People rip and upload 360/PS3 versions of games all the time.

Emilio_Estevez1332d ago

@SNGP - the story says it was PC version

UltimateMaster1332d ago (Edited 1332d ago )

Oh, a trojan virus.
I tough they were downloading GTA V, not Ryse; son of Rome.

;) jk

To people who didn't get the joke, Mythology of the Trojans receiving the Horse as a gift, only to let the enemy into the city. And Ryse being from that same era. "Technically Spartans VS Trojan, but you get the general idea."

Murad1332d ago

You'd be surprised how stupid some pirates are. Some will type in things, and download the worst rated torrent on the net, and be like, OMG THIS GAVE ME A VIRUS, and then restore their computer, and do this process all over again, thinking something has changed.


I see what you did there R*... AND I LIKE IT!

It's Game Dev Tycoon all over again.

admiralvic1332d ago

@ Bishop-br

Not at all. Game Dev Tycoon was at least witty and was done really well. This is not someone causing a bunch of people a problem / hassle.



Calm down it was just a joke, I don't actually think R* did that (more likely some mlicious hacker counting on pirates greed and GTA hype to make some money).

But even if they would do that and potentially cause finacial trouble to pirates, I would still LMFAO. Come on, show a little schadenfreud! Think of the amazing Darwin Award mentions if someone would kill itself after losing everything over pirating a game.

The_Con-Sept1331d ago

And I wonder how many downloads it has..... Probably half a million by now. Which would be more than half the pc gamers.

steve30x1331d ago (Edited 1331d ago )

The_Con-Sept : Multiply the ammount of PC gamers by at least another 1,000 (Maybe more) and you are on the ball. There is a whole lot more PC gamers than a half a million.

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SpideySpeakz1332d ago

Pirates being morons are usual. I really hope this trend die off soon.

StoutBEER1332d ago

Hahahaha this awesome! Fuck you bitches! Pay and wait like the rest!

Lone_Man1331d ago


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ExCest1332d ago

Arrrrr? 'dis booty be smelling... fishy.

Rivitur1332d ago

Said the Trojan condom.

(Sorry couldn't help myself)

Black-Helghast1332d ago

Booty smelling + Trojan Condom = Bad joke.

Reverent1332d ago (Edited 1332d ago )

Ohh, Black helped me get it. Ha, alright...

Sorry, I was strictly thinking "Pirates" after ExCest's comment. My bad.

laijka1332d ago

I almost feel bad for them but then I remember they tried to pirate a game and it's all good again.

Murad1332d ago

Not only that, but you really don't feel sorry for these sad bunch because of how little logic they used when stealing anything. For God's sakes, the game hasn't even come out, I personally won't be buying it because Rockstar seems to hate the PC, or something.

Psychotica1332d ago

hahahaha..good, they deserve every bit of it

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