Hooked Gamers: InFamous Preview

Sony spent 2007 as the Next-Gen underdog. When important figures like Valve's Gabe Newell say that the PS3 was a mistake altogether and surrender the PS3 version of their flagship title to another studio, it makes a pretty hard case. Hooked Gamers are willing to bet that that Sony will very interested in proving everybody wrong this year. And with upcoming titles such as Metal Gear Solid 4, Killzone 2 and Final Fantasy XIII, they don't see any reason why they shouldn't be able to.

Among the extensive '08 exclusive Playstation 3 library is InFamous, a game that might have gone under many people's radars. The game is under development by Sucker Punch, the company behind the genre blending Sly Cooper series. This time around, they are aiming for something entirely different, with a more mature and even serious tone.

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sonarus3897d ago

I am kinda so so about this game. I doubt it will release this yr and i hope it turns out good but sandbox genre really isn't my thing. But with super powers, i guess i could enjoy it

Anego Montoya FTMFW3897d ago

EGM is previewing it this month. Suckerpunch and Team Ico are the most underrated developers in the industry. Infamous is the SLEEPER HIT of the year.

Time Lord3897d ago

"After seeing the game in action, we are still pretty much in the dark with InFamous. There is reason to be excited about Sucker Punch’s take on this free roaming, superpower boosted and morally ambiguous world. It is a terrain where other games such as Crackdown failed and it won’t be easy for InFamous to leave its mark. Sucker Punch has a reputation for creating quality entertainment but despite that track record, we fear that the grittiness and seriousness of InFamous is a little too much of a change from their cartoonish, often humorous work. We hope we are wrong and are will be on the lookout for more information being disclosed."


I remember reading same thing about uncharted when the 1st previews came out, Am sure in time they'll get it right

Exhaust3897d ago

I'm a huge open world fan and the premise of this game sounds really interesting. Also looking forward to seeing what a PS3 exclusive open world game can do with the extra leg room Bluray provides.

sonarus3897d ago

personally i think the getaway will provide that more than infamous.

TheHater3897d ago

I personally cannot wait for this game. It a must have for me

smurfie43897d ago

I was expecting to hear something new. Hope EGM has something new on this game.

LarVanian3897d ago

Sucker Punch are great. I have all their games. Including their first game Rocket on N64.
InFamous as well as Resistance 2 and Killzone 2 are my 3 most anticipated games this Christmas.

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