GTA IV Poll Results: Achievements, DLC Put 360 Ahead

Last week, Joystiq (with some help from PS3 Fanboy and Xbox 360 Fanboy) asked you which version of Grand Theft Auto IV you were planning to purchase. They got a great response from everyone, with over 38,400 votes coming in! Check out the results after the break, as well as a breakdown of the reasons.

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Anego Montoya FTMFW3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

I still say casuals who DONT frequent at gaming site, who already own PS2s will get a PS3 and get it for PS3.

Especially because of the bundles.

-First weeks 360, but closer than some would think
-After that ALL PS3, more than some would think

If Patchter`s right it`s already begun.


Silellak3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

I've never liked the assumption that all current PS2 owners are PS3 owners-waiting-to-happen. Many gamers aren't loyal to a particular console brand so much as they are a certain gaming series. When Final Fantasy switched over to Playstation, Nintendo lost a big chunk of people.

Many of the 120 million PS2 owners didn't jump on the PS2 wagon until the price was $199 or lower. I don't really see those same people getting a $400 system just for GTA4.

Keep in mind that I'm talking about people who just want a system for GTA4, not Killzone or MGS4 or a Blu-ray player or anything else. JUST GTA4.

For that reason, I think GTA4, more than anything else, will show if Microsoft's plan to release a cheaper "core" system for casual gamers was folly or brilliance. I lean towards "folly", but I also wouldn't be shocked if people who just want a system for GTA4 grab the Arcade SKU just because it's the cheapest way to do so.


When did I say anything about "royalty"?

"um, GTA is available on both consoles, so how will they lose royalty. Your final fantasy example clearly does not work here."

My point was that I think casual gamers follow the games, not loyalty to a particular brand of console. So having it available on both may mean they'll choose the cheaper one of the two.

$400 isn't that much for a console, but if you're a casual gamer who wants a system primarily to play GTA4, why pay $100 more than you have to?

I disagree with your "PS2 owners don't even know its on XBox." For one thing, you expressed it as fact rather than opinion, which is just silly.

My personal experience with PS2 owners has been that they either own a 360 or no current gen console at all. I've only met one person who owned a PS3 or had any interest in owning a PS3.

I'm not trying to be bias here. I plan to get a PS3 myself in the next year or two, most likely. But the fact is I've seen nothing that shows that PS2 owners are "PS3 owners in waiting."

If gaming history has shown anything, it's that every console generation is up for grabs and no console fanbase is guaranteed to carry over to the next version of that console. Otherwise, Nintendo would've never stopped being king of the pile. But they did.

I actually think the PS3 will win over the 360 eventually, I just don't think that every PS2 owners is also going to be a PS3 owner. I think a lot of the PS2 casuals will be split between the PS3 and the 360, with perhaps a MAJORITY of them going to the PS3 but not all of them.

And I don't think GTA4 is going to be some sort of magical rallying call for current PS2 owners like a lot of PS3 fanboys think it will.

chaosatom3333688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

um, GTA is available on both consoles, so how will they lose royalty. Your final fantasy example clearly does not work here.

Seriously, is $400 bucks that much for a console?
Iphone is $400, which is a god damn phone, with internet. Ipod was also $400, which was a good damn Mp3 player. People will buy a ps3 for GTA. The ps2 owners don't even know that GTA is for xbox.

Edit @above: what i am trying to say here is that lots of people aren't going to switch to xbox, well, because it's isn't climbing up but just maintaining it's image. I mean, could xbox top it's 2007 year again in 2008 or 2009 or 2010? I think it's next to impossible, seeing as where xbox stands right now.

Ps3 will top each year from 2008 to 2012. There is no question about it. Quality of games and hardware is going to put ps3 on top of xbox in the future.

edit: well, only sales will tells us that. We can wait a couple more weeks i guess.

Anego Montoya FTMFW3688d ago

I have NO CLUE why the 360 hasn`t sold more then.

Unless PS2 owners are waiting to get a PS3.

Don`t ya think?

power of Green 3688d ago

I agree with #1.1 most PS2 owners were simply casual trend bargon shoppers(Nintendo Wii is taking PS2's place) and will support whomever brings the goods at the best price.

Silellak3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

I think a majority of PS2 owners - the ones who waited years to get a PS2, and bought it when it was under $200 (I think many even waited til it was $149 and less) - are waiting for BOTH the PS3 and the 360 to come down in price, because honestly, both of them are probably too expensive for a true "casual" gamer.

Even the "cheapest" SKU of both systems is over $250. GTA4 will spur many PS2 owners to jump into the current generation of consoles. I just think assuming all the PS2 owners who do make that jump are going to buy a PS3 - the more expensive option of the two - is a bit much.

Tomdc3688d ago

I dont really care and I dont think it really matters. If I do get GTA4 (probably more likely I won't be geting it in fact) i'll be getting it for PS3. Why? Because I only have a PS3 end of.

chaosatom3333688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

All i can say is that times have changed. Anything could happen, but ps2 owners aren't going to decide between xbox and ps3 based on Live and DlC content. Price is a factor that Microsoft relies on heavily here and marketing.

edit: i just love disagreeing with POG.

Anego Montoya FTMFW3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

"I just think assuming all the PS2 owners who do make that jump are going to buy a PS3"

I didn`t say all, I meant more. Alot of people are going to trade-in their ps2s for this, If they like their games (like GTA:SA,VC,LCS,and 3, too name a few) Their probaly gonna opt for a PS3 first especially if they`ve made the move to HD. PS3 just has too many things going for it to overlook, why the 360 hasn`t sold more.

I just named a few.

B/C matters in situations like this. I think it`s inevitable for the PS3 to gain more from GTA than 360 at this point. Plus some people aren`t informed and don`t know it`s on the 360.

power of Green 3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

The 360 is way too expensive the value in Blu-ray is the reason PS3 is doing so great, useing the same logic the value of GTA4 will also help MSFT(have to buy the content and movies aswell).

This PS2 myth is silly when you think" if the masses of PS2 owners *were not* bargon trend consumers and they're all hardcore loyalist why isn't PS3 winning by default? should be 10's of millions more PS3 owners RIGHT NOW vs the 360 base useing that logic #1 is useing.

Below: Thats your opinion I always thought casuals were the first to leave a brand and the more harcore were the ones that followed brands.

That casual base has been back and forth between Sony and Nintendo lol. Casuals are not brand loyal at all seems like you got casuals confused with fanboys.
Sony won the casuals from Nintendo and now Nintendo is winning them back. They were nothing more than casual trend consumers once a powerful console hits around $200 or less you'll see all that supposed loyality vanish.

zypher3688d ago

imo, most PS2 owners are casual gamers, and most casual gamers follow brand name over anything else. despite the dibacle that was PS3 in '07, Playstation still retains a brand name presence (a brand name that, coincidentally, is often associated with GTA) that Microsoft has yet to significantly effect. so far the only definitive advantage the 360 version of GTA IV has over the PS3 version is DLC, DLC that most casual gamers will know nothing about. surely retailers won't be advertising 360's DLC to the masses, so its up to Microsoft, and that i've seen, Microsoft hasn't put forth much effort in advertising it.

me personally, i've reserved the PS3 version of GTA IV. DLC is appealing, but the reality of the situation is that GTA III is the only GTA i fully beat. the chances are high that GTA V will be announced and/or released before i ever beat GTA IV, let alone its DLC. my preference for Dualshock 3 and potential Home integration outweighed the 360 controller and achievements. just my opinion.

sonarus3688d ago

I agree with silelak. However at the end of the day, ps3 will still receive the higher hardware boost from GTA4. I just got back from gamestop and the mindshare towards ps3 has really changed. There were 3 ppl there who were pre ordering GTA4 for ps3 one of which had a 360. Since i still haven't decided on which version to get i asked him and he replied he doesn't know he just wants it for ps3. I know he had a 360 because he also traded in halo 3.
There were to other ppl there who said they were saving up money to buy a ps3 and they were looking at GT5 and GTA4 as their first purchase. The guy then goes and starts playing ace combat on the display and then he says this looks amazing is it on the ps3 the game stop guy says no and then says it will probably be ported over very soon. (I was shocked first time ever in my life i have seen a gamestop employee support ps3). The guy then comments how come the crappy console gets all the good games. Looks like RROD has started doing damage.

Like i said PS3 has the mindshare now and 360 is now looked upon as the weaker console. The difference between investing 400 dollars and 350 is too small for a former playstation gamer to choose 360 over ps3. With a 100 dollar difference it is more significant but most gamestop retailers always discourage purchasing the core unit. Then lets not forget about blu ray.

In the mind of the avg consumer, the ps3 simply has more value for your money. Microsoft needs to drop the price of the 360 if they want to have a shot.

CrazzyMan3688d ago


Sales of game don`t depend on what you write here and your opinions.
The both versions will sell, how much? You will know by the middle of May, for now it`s pointless no matter what you say, people will buy that version, which they decided to buy.

MikeGdaGod3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

the reason you ask? my 360 kept breaking.

so i after i got my 2nd replacement 360, i gave it to my little cousin (he's 15). now he tells me after 5 months, the 360 i gave him has broken. yes this is the third and he's crushed.

he's saved up $200 and he really wants GTA4 but doesn't have enough for a 360 or a PS3. he just asked me this weekend if i'd help him get a PS3 because he doesn't want another 360. and after checking with his mother about his grades i've decided to help him (he doesn't know yet).

i say all this because it got me thinking, how many sales will be lost because of the 360 hardware issues. yes the 360 has a really large install base so they'll still have the majority of the sales. but i think it will be alot closer than people think.

in my case, i've had three 360's off the shelf, but i won't be getting GTA4 for it. i still have my 360 under Best Buy warranty so i'll return it for store credit, and apply it towards the new PS3 and two versions of GTA4 for PS3. i'm gonna tell my cousin to save his $200.

cmrbe3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

I don't think anyone is saying that the PS2 fanbase = PS3 fanbase. To think so is stupid. What i do think though is that a good chunk of PS2 (1/2 at least) owners will migrate to the PS3 with a mix of new gamers and other gamers from other gaming brands just like last gen. For example I really doubt the whole 100 million PS1 fanbse migrated to the PS2, rather it was a mix of a big chunk of PS1 fanbase, new gamers and other gamers from other gaming brands.

It remains to be seen whether casuals from last gen which might not be too conscious of the price this gen would wait until either console is under 200 to buy. They might have been casuals last gen when they first got into gaming. It might be a different situation this time around. Considering inflation. $250 might be the new $199 for casual gamers. The fact that the x360 is still 6 million behind the xbox install after about 2 1/2 years on the market suggest to me that alot of PS2 owners are still waiting for the price to be affordable and the games to arrive. Halo is already out but GTA4,GT,MGS,FF has not been released yet. GTA4 and GT P before it is the start of the main PS2-PS3 similar to the PS1-PS2 migration last gen in the PS2 second year when the PS2 was more affordable and the heavy hitters arrive

moparful993688d ago

I cannot believe this debate is still raging.. Ok look the ps2 destroyed its competition. It was selling nearly 20m consoles a year on average. The wii is the only console that has come close to this target. Alot of the wii owners are true casuals. Kids and older adults. The wii is drawing in players that have never picked up a ps controller or xbox controller.. The odds of a chunk of these players stepping up to another console is high.. Not to mention the millions of ps2 owners that havent bought a next gen console... Microsoft made a mistake by making a console that does one thing but does that one thing very well.. Its a game console the end.. Thats all the 360 has become.. Where as the ps3 is a media hub and it has taken a long time for the high priced game console stigma to be washed away.. This explains the slow start for the ps3. Now that everyone is seeing it as a true multimedia hub the sales are climbing... This time next year the 360 will fall into a niche and will seal its own fate....

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Snoozer2823688d ago

Yea, and our of a expected 12million units being sold 38k isn't exactly a substantial figure interviewed.

I'll be getting it on 360 because that's the only console I have.

Fallen_Angel3688d ago

"Microsoft's favor (that's based on 17.7 million Xbox 360s worldwide vs. the 9.5 million end-of-March projection by Sony"

Those are the numbers given by MS and sony so where do you get 12 million from or is that a guess as to how many copies gta4 will sell ?

3688d ago
deeznuts3688d ago

I know a bit about polling. And because of that, I would love if they had country of origin for the poll participants as well. More validity if the participants were shown to be very diverse across the world, not just US. As I don't know what the demographics of each site is, I just don't know.

Fallen_Angel3688d ago

@deeznuts I agree that be nice to see the break down of it. I know that ign uk ran a poll not to long ago about what system they were buying gta4 for. I was a bit surprised that the 360 won I think it was like 63% for 360 and 37% for the ps3. The numbers might be off but not takin the time to look it up.

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Marceles3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

"As for those who picked the PlayStation 3, the reason commenters most often gave was hardware concern for the Xbox 360 (17), either the Red Ring of Death or the loud cooling fan, especially after 100 hours of gameplay."'s mostly the DVD drive that's annoying to me, even though the 360's fan is louder than the PS3's, but that's funny it's the most often used reason why people are getting the PS3 version. I'd say it's mostly because of wanting to continue playing it on a Playstation console, not caring about DLC, or not owning a 360 at all.

Mr_Kuwabara3688d ago

Probably because hardware wise, the PS3 is miles ahead on it's engineering...

The_Firestarter3688d ago

I kid you not: I didn't get a 360 because of known hardware instabilities. I honestly wouldn't mind getting a 360, but I REALLY don't want to deal with that RROD bull****.

I'm content with my PS3 as of now, and will continue to enjoy it later this year with all the PS3 1st party exclusives.

Maybe I'll get a 360 for GoW2 and the such, but not until I know MS rids the 360 of RROD or at least make it less of a threat.

DrWan3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

Ok, if i have both the X360 and the PS3, yes i will get the X360 version no doubt. No brainer, because it has future DLC if I decide to get it. and achievement...err mixed feeling, sure some ppl may like it.

Now, here is the trippy part.

If I dont have any of the two systems, I would actually go with PS3 because I know about the potential and being a PS2 user, I know what's in store. Also reliable and very nice BD player. Awesome games coming this year and -50 for that free internet.

So in terms of "system mover" i would actually think this game will move more PS3 than X360.

I would assume alot of you will agree with that logic, pretty simple but not many ppl see it that way.

Anego Montoya FTMFW3688d ago

There are more people out there with out next gen systems, than one`s with next gen systems. If you use the PS2 as the marker.

thePatriot3688d ago

who know how cool home integration will be. once home comes out that is.

DrWan3688d ago

right, i try not to speculate too much of something fuzzy, DLC is also sort of fuzzy (we dont know what it is, we dont know how much it will cost)so on and so forth. But i hope they do implement GTA into Home

fenderputty3688d ago

I think Sony really screwed the pooch with Home on this one. We know Achievements and ingame messaging are important to gamers. We know it's one of the reasons why a dual console owner would pick it up on the 360 as well. It would make sense to at least give us a solid Home release date and, give some information on how this game integrates with home. Especially when you consider how HUGE this game will be. We have no idea what trophies are going to be available or if there will be features that games like Warhawk will have(war room/scale map).

I think getting the bundle will help push consoles though. I feel like this game will push more consoles for the PS3 then the 360 but who knows really.

Either way ... a clearer picture of Home's release and functions should be out for a game of this magnitude.

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Condoleezza Rice3688d ago

DLC= Decisive for Hardcore gamers
Majority of the GTA fanbase= NOT hardcore gamers

You can disagree,but ask yourself:how many of those 12 million+ San Andreas gamers finished the game and collected every hidden item?I'm willing to bet no more than 3 million.

heyheyhey3688d ago


much less than that

id say about half a mil actually finished 100%, maybe even less

people mostly bought San Andreas because of the hype and the fun they had with previous installments

most were casual gamers who did not have the sufficient time to devote to completing San Andreas 100%

the same logic will apply to GTA4

djcosta3688d ago

have you seen what happened when the content came out for COD4 on 360??? the hole system overloaded from people getting points and downloading the maps!!! everyone buys content and so they will on GTA will see that xbox will win this bloody war with GTA as it does always (UNTIL NOW!!!)


jmare3688d ago

Are you fvcking serious? How can you compare COD4 with GTA? COD, an awesome FPS, has nowhere near the content of a GTA game. They were just maps okay. It's not like it added more missions to the single player side of it. A lot of people will download the DLC for GTA4, just not as many as some of these fanboys think.

The_Firestarter3688d ago

I love GTA games as much as the next guy, but I've never fully completed a single GTA game. I've never finish GTA3, GTA:VC, or GTA:SA

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