Has Call of Duty 4 ruined the FPS genre for gamers?

The article asks whether readers think CoD4 has ruined the FPS genre for gamers, by setting the bar so high that newer titles like Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 and Army of Two pale by comparison.

From the article: " the development time continuum, we are still in the COD4/Halo 3 era. The games that are coming out now were all in the same graduating class, so to speak. In my opinion, the projects to watch are going to be the ones that are more recently commenced, so as to possibly learn from what worked and have time to steal... I mean... implement those ideas.

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Rick Astley3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

Call Of Duty 4 and Halo 3 are overrated.

Fishy Fingers3688d ago

you missed "in my opinion". As thats what it is, YOUR opinion.

Anego Montoya FTMFW3687d ago

Is this the most ridiculous question ever asked?

Think about.

COD4 will get trumped soon, ever game does at some point.

Tarasque3687d ago

Halo3 might be a little overrated but COD4 is not. And yes the have ruined it, So that means Devs have to step up there game. Any military shooter is going to be compared to it. So hopefully we will get better titles cause of it.

Scarfy3687d ago

I've still not played Call of Duty 4.

With all the hype about it though I think I should pick it up at some point.


c-redz3687d ago

cod4 is good but i mean come on... its not that amazing of a game that it cant be topped.... games are like girlfriends, they are fun at first untill a new and improved one comes around!!!!

Exhaust3687d ago

You know the saying about opinions right... Everyones got one just like...

Anyway back on topic. I think the word "ruined" is a little harsh. Halo 3 and COD 4 really set the bar higher. COD 4 introduced a unique leveling system that people really like with awesome graphics and gameplay. Its definitely set the bar much higher than the normal incremental increases... From that standpoint I agree with the article. Going to take something good to step over the new bar.

GutZ313687d ago

"1.2 - A better question would be.
Is this the most ridiculous question ever asked?

Think about.

COD4 will get trumped soon, ever game does at some point. "

Nothing has beaten Golden Eye on N64 yet!
Only thing that could own golden eye is golden eye online!!!

c-redz3687d ago

^^^^ agreed golden eye was great!!!!!

sovietsoldier3687d ago

golden eye was out done by perfect dark..thats just not my opinion!

solar3687d ago

i agree with Rick. CoD:4 is overrated. when you get rewarded for camping....epic fail.

bigman73873687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

I think your comment about games and girlfriends was the FIRST i have seen to get more than 5 agrees without one disagree.

Congratulations. *shakes hand*

and sorry if i jinx it

tony3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

they are over rated? cause you don't know how to play them?

yesah3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

uhm no...."this game is so good, newer games look bad." ..........if people are actually thinking this If a game is good competing companies will step up their game to compete, it is not "bad" to have a good game.

And WTF, Halo?

CrazyMystical3687d ago

i personally sold COD4 within the week i bought it because it was getting kind of boring for me & really quick at that, not because it doesn't have any appeal to me doesn't mean its a bad game just not my style thats what i think this article is saying but just went overboard.

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prunchess3688d ago

but it is ruined by its online problems. I've given up on Infinity Ward and Activision sorting them out! Negative XP, errors connecting to matches, weapons remain locked when they should have unlocked levels before that and the host ended game issue - god it is such a pain in the ass! Numerous glitches, just run a search for "COD4 Glitches" on youtube and watch the hits come back.

Q: Has Call of Duty 4 ruined the FPS genre for gamers?

A: No, not yet it hasn't. But it could have if IW had sorted out these problems.

crazy250003688d ago

This is why I sold my copy....I bought it again thinking it would be better, but it just got worse, so I sold the second copy too.

Apocwhen3687d ago

Agree with everything you said. A great game ruined by online problems that won't be fixed. The PS3 version didn't even get host migration in its patch and won't be getting it in the future either.

iceman28853687d ago

That's really strange...I have seriously never had any glitch problems with COD4 other than the first week I got it when it was frustrating to find games at times unless you sat at the screen for like 10 minutes and whenever hosts would quit a online game and the whole match ended. Other than that I have never had problems with unlocking weapons, negative experience and such.

fenderputty3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

The game itself is awesome. The online is fun and addictive. After a while of playing though, it all starts to wear off simply because the game is so plagued with problems. Especially on the PS3. I'm sick of the unable to connect to host crap. I'm tired of hosts ending games.

It lacks much that RFOM had and spoiled me with.

-Recently met friends
-Ability to invite those people into a PT.
-Ability to have friends other then the PSN list
-Lagless dedicated servers that don't boot you
-Zero connection issues.
-Better matchmaking
-Matchmaking for Private matches as well
-Better voice chat options with squad chat, team chat and everyone in the entire match chat.

Honestly ... the things I thought RFOM lacked look to be improved on in the second version. I honestly cannot wait for #2 simply because of this and the games reliability. What I don't understand is why COD4 wasn't on dedicated servers? Was this not an option for them? Did they choose to not use it? Was it Sony? ARGGGG a great game that could have been one of the best had they taken care of this crap.

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BeaArthur3688d ago

Army of Two pales in comparison because Call of Duty 4 is great and Army of Two is crappy. Call of Duty 4 has not ruined the genre it has just forced all other developers to step their games up.

Fishy Fingers3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

No, CoD4 has just shown the bad games for what they are, BAD games. FPS just seems to the favorite for developers at the moment, for every 1 great FPS (COD4) we get 20 crap FPS games (Take your pick).

InfinityWard have simply raised the bar, and told other developers, "if you want to make a great FPS, this is what your gonna have to beat!" Just as of now, no ones managed it, but they will.

mariusmal3687d ago

is it bad that a game is this good ? i say it isn't the industry needs a high bar so that future games reach it or topple it.