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Submitted by Time Lord 2857d ago | article

Metal Gear Solid Entire Story Explained

The story of Metal Gear, in its entirety, begins with The Boss.
The Boss is a woman who, in her mid-20s, assembled a
cooperative special forces unit of american and soviet operatives in WWII that played a significant role in the allied victory (the "Cobra Unit".) Upon the start of the cold war, the Cobras were disbanded as her loyalties remained with the United States.

The Boss trained Naked Snake ("John," "Jack," "Big Boss".) for at
least a decade after WWII they were partners, and he was her last and
perhaps greatest apprentice. They were closer than allies, than friends
or family. In the late fifties they parted ways, Snake no longer her
fledgling but fully capable as an independent operative.

in 1964, in the height of the cold war, The Boss defected to the soviet
union, rejoining the Cobras under the ambitions of Colonel Volgin's
radicalist unit. There she gave her new hosts a pair of american-made
nuclear shells, along with the return of their asylum-seeking weapons
development scientist Dr Sokolov (the obligatory scientist-in-distress
of MGS3.) Unexpectedly, Volgin used one of these shells to eradicate a
soviet development site, removing evidence of his insurrections against
the soviet government and Premier Khruschev.

Naked Snake, her last disciple, was enlisted to find her and eliminate
her along with the growing soviet threat she has enabled. She never
expresses to him any purposes behind her defection, only that she is
'loyal to the end.'

Only in the end do we understand her purpose. only once snake's mission
is complete does he understand. The Boss's defection was, at first, an
order. She was to defect to the soviet union, specifically to Volgin's
command, as a ruse by the US government. (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, PS3)

Time Lord  +   2857d ago
Bow down to Mr.Kojima and his team
They better not screw up the movie!
kevoncox  +   2857d ago
This story is a mess. I love the first game and story but everything else has been down hill from that.
Tomdc  +   2857d ago
yes now i can understand the story when i play MGS4 thank you!!
meepmoopmeep  +   2857d ago
it's going to be hard to put the MGS saga to fit a 2 hour movie. there's just too much back story to not make it a trilogy
moparful99  +   2857d ago
And they say story telling and games dont work! Please, the god known as Hideo Kojima has been weaving the most intricate and amazing stories in video games for a decade now.... God I love metal gear....
squallsoft  +   2857d ago
Best Read EVER!
I love the backstory of this series. Metal Gear Solid 4 cannot come out soon enough!

Fishy Fingers  +   2857d ago
*Brain hurts*
Time Lord  +   2857d ago
it was easy read, and easy to follow the story
however it get bit complicated once you get to the last part (Sons of liberty) if you read it again,then you'll have better understanding
Mr_Kuwabara  +   2857d ago
MGS2 was all Genes Vs. MEME aspect and MEME prevailing on the end at least for what Solidus/Raiden believed in.
iNcRiMiNaTi  +   2857d ago
never really understood what kuwabara meant
till i looked it up and found

A chant said to protect yourself from being struck by lightning.
*in a rainstorm* "Kuwabara, Kuwabara...."

now it makes sense after seeing what volgin usually does
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Keowrath  +   2857d ago
Heh, I remember doing the same thing when MGS3 was released. I found it wierd tho that Volgin said it as he could pretty damn near manipulate the stuff.
pwnsause  +   2857d ago
and he somehow dies of that fear, since the rainstorm did actually turned on him
Keowrath  +   2857d ago
I thought Volgin died by several hundred (maybe exagerated) Live shell cases straped to his chest exploding?

... I need to play 3 again before 4 lands.
Mr_Kuwabara  +   2857d ago
Volgin died at the end because he mocked the rain: "Who's afraid of a little thunder". Because of mocking it, and not saying "Kuwabara Kuwabara", it turned against him killing him with a bolt of lightning. (And if that wasn't enough, the ammunition wrapped around his body would've done a nice overkill just to make sure of his death).

Tip: Press R1 (even if the R1 button doesn't show up on the top of the screen)while Eva shows up and Snake look at each other and you'll see The Sorrow near them both while Volgin fries to death... hmmm The Sorrow didn't seem to be a bad guy after all eh? =P
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Blackmoses  +   2857d ago
Man...just when I tought I knew...
This actually fills in some gaps and sets the chronological order of the games for me perfectly. I think due to the fact that they jumped around in the timeliness with the games it confuses everyone a bit. This definitely puts everything in it's correct order and really brings the story together. A must read for all Metal Gear Fans. Now I just need to get my hands on the first Metal Gear game.

heyheyhey  +   2857d ago
and what a sweet, engaging story it was

*hugs MGS3 manual*
jkhan  +   2857d ago
Thanks God, I was searching for this on the net. Good to see the whole story explained:P
The_Firestarter  +   2857d ago
How ironic!!! Just two days ago I was looking for a full explanation of the WHOLE STORY for Metal Gear Solid. I tip my hat off to you sir. I appreciate this explanation. *thumbs up*
pwnsause  +   2857d ago
well he has the ending of the twin snakes story all wrong. He probably played the wrong, bad ending. the real ending was snake leaving with Meryl, not Otacon. Otacon stayed behind.
DevilsJoker  +   2857d ago
I never got that ending, ive only ever seen meryl die, which will be odd for MGS4 to say the least.
SageFrancis  +   2857d ago
Damn whoever wrote that has far too much time on their hands.
crillyconlig  +   2857d ago
played them all, never understood the storey, but enjoyed the games imensly
PSWe60  +   2857d ago
pre-ordering MGS4 will get you the DVD explaining the whole story. It's got in-game footage from MGS all the way through MGS Portable Ops. Hell of a story.
DevilsJoker  +   2857d ago
Is it just for me or does it cut out mid sentance? He references 'The patriots' section but never gets around to it. DAMNIT I WANNA KNOW ABOUT THE PATRIOTS
Doctor Strange  +   2857d ago
The Patriots are still pretty much a mystery, MGS4 is going to have to clear that up for you.
DevilsJoker  +   2857d ago
No no, i mean he references there being a section on the patriots, but it never comes, instead it gets cut off halfway. Near the end he says:

"S3, the 'Solid Snake Simulation,' (or 'Selection for Societal Sanity,'
see 'THE PATRIOTS' section)"

But he never makes a section called that. Am i missing something, because he does end on a semi-colon i wonder if its only half the explination.
Razmossis  +   2856d ago
Il try help
I was waiting to hear his explanation too, but, I already know about them, so il try and fill you in :)

The Patriots are in control of America behind the curtain out of sight from the public, they choose who the Presidents are, and make it seem as if the President is in control of the country and make it seem as though there is a Democracy to keep the public happy.
Members of The Patriots may have included, Major Zero, Ocelot and Big Boss. As told at the end of Portable OPS.
Although it is said there are 12 members and they've been dead for 100 years, they still remain a mystery (MGS4 shall reveal all!)

S3 (Solid Snake Simulation) as you read about was set up by the Patriots and Monitored closely by Ocelot, but the real meaning behind S3 (unknown to Ocelot(the Patriots may have back stabbed him)) means 'Selection For Societal Sanity',
This you learn at the end of MGS2

You are told that this is an exercise in which you can turn a Raiden into a Solid Snake, but thats not as deep as it goes, the reason for doing so (Raiden to Snake) is to see whether human beings can be manipulated, more so it was to see if humans could be manipulated by AI, bare in mind Raiden was talking to a fake Colonel Campbell and a fake Rose(it was Arsenal Gears AI,thats why when Emma Emmerich uploaded the virus into Arsenal Gear the Colonel and Rose started being weird) the reason for this test of manipulation was to see if human beings are more capable of making decisions than AI.
You may recall from MGS2 the AI of Campbell and Rose going on about 'They're not trying to control content, but to create context' (the first part of that 'not controlling content' is a straight up lie from the Patriots,(the Patriots want to sypher the internet deleting any trace of themselves)
What they mean by 'create context' is basically to decide what information is significant enough to pass on in human history whilst deleting whatever information is not (especially info on themselves, you must understand that the last thing The Patriots want is for the public to know of their existence and realize that they are all just slaves living under The Patriots rule) and to test whether or not a human has the ability to make choices for themselves in order to decide what information is important enough to pass on.

Raiden failed this test when he killed Solidus, Raiden was informed of who Solidus was and what he was doing, Solidus infact was the good guy, the guy that was trying to save the country, and had actually raised Raiden as a child... but even with this knowledge Raiden was unable to make his own choice and was manipulated into killing Solidus by nothing more than AI

The test was not intented for Raiden or Solid or Solidus for anyone else, the test was a Beta test for the AI itself to see if it could actually pull off everything i've listed above (to see if it worked lol) and it did, (although we don't know if the virus Emma uploaded done much more damage)

The Patriots were to use this AI (this Arsenal Gear) to control the flow of digital information around the world, deleting or altering anything that might compromise themselves in order to shape the thoughts and feelings, the education and even culture of America, possibly even the World, so that they could be in total CONTROL!

The moto of The Patriots would be
'He who controls the present controls the past, he who controls the past controls the Future'
Basically, delete bad history, you'll have an easier time being in control of the future.

And Snakes (Kojimas) moto is
'Building the future and keeping the past alive are one in the same thing'
Basically, don't cover things up, remember them and learn from them, freedom of speech/freedom of choice, its all a part of human history even the bad things.

To conclude, All the Patriots want is to take over the country and the world, and everything listed above is means in which they try to achieve their domination!

I hope that explained it? I kinda went on alot longer than id thought it'd be lol
i_like_ff7  +   2857d ago
I played mgs1 and mgs3 but not mgs2. Kojima is a genius...
DivDee  +   2857d ago
Excellent Read
Too bad Portable Ops isn't there
i3CuBeD  +   2857d ago
Good Read...
makes the crazy and confusing story more understandable
Razmossis  +   2856d ago
BTW I think this is actually the best MGS history thing ive read so far, despite the lack of OPS and MG1/MG2:SS

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