Joystiq interview: Renegade Kid versus the Moon

Via Joystiq: "When independent developer Renegade Kid first announced its follow up title to last year's Dementium: the Ward, few details were offered as to what it was exactly that the studio was up to.

Titled simply Moon, the game was said to again be played from the first-person, but beyond the vantage and supposed setting, we were left wondering. It didn't take us long to tire of the guessing game however, so we arranged to speak with Renegade Kid's owner and creative director Jools Watsham to find out more about the company's latest offspring, how it differs from Dementium, and why the studio opted to go with a different publisher, in this case Mastiff, rather than Dementium publisher Gamecock. Read on to see what he had to say."

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PS360WII3896d ago

Cool beans looking forward to this game :) I wonder if it really is a hard thing to jump from publisher to publisher? Glad they are going to do another project with Gamecock later though