Next-Gen Podcast: #1 - Should we have to pay for DLC?

This is a new podcast and in episode 1 they tackle the subject of paying for DLC, an issue that has been brought to the forefront by Battlefield: Bad Company.

"Welcome to the first episode of the Next-Gen Podcast. On this show we cover all the latest news for the Xbox 360, the Playstation 3, and the Nintendo Wii. Followed by features, game reviews, tips & tricks, and something for the achievement junkie."

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eagle213897d ago

I say no. It should be free. It will make games sell about 20% more if they were all free. Hardcore gamers and mid core gamers buy plenty of games per year, and they should be rewarded! :)

secondhndsmoke3897d ago

I don't like paying for DLC, however, it's business! If all DLC was free then developers wouldn't even bother to make any DLC because they wouldn't be getting any extra dough.

LevDog3897d ago (Edited 3897d ago )

The Gaming world is only Behind the Adult Entertainment world and is creeping up on the Movie world.. DLC should be free.. They make enough to supply us with extra content.. Maybe they should do it by how many games they sold.. I mean COD4 its #1 everywhere.. You know they made a killing.. Why not throw in those what 4 maps for free? For games that arnt as popular dont make extra content.. I Looked around the PSN.. and strangle hold has DLC for 14 bucks!!!!!!!!!! Did that game even do that good?? Developers should reward gamers for their purchase.. If your game is top 30, throw in some free DLC.. If its not Count your loses and go back to the drawing board.. No sense is wasting money on DLC that no one would buy anyways.. One thing I think its freaking retarded is the songs for Guitar hero and Rock band.. My buddy has and has spent more than 100 bucks on extra songs and song packs.. FOR WHAT.. to play one or 2 times.. Pathetic..

When you make DLC free you make your game that much more attractive to gamers who havent bought it yet.. When you have to pay for Extra content.. New gamers are like "I just spend 60 bucks on this game, now I have to pay 10 bucks for more maps.. So i have to pay for more maps just to play with my friends?" thats retarded.. If COD4 makes you pay for the new maps I wont buy em.. No Point

BrotherNick3897d ago

They should make games free, then you pay for everything else, which in total should equal about 50-60 dollars if you want it all.