Edge- Killzone: Mercenary Review

Edge:You expect firstparty developers to lean a little more heavily on their host platform’s featureset than those making multiplatform games, and this is no exception. Vita’s touch controls are used extensively in Killzone: Mercenary, but rarely feel crowbarred in. There is nothing as obviously forced as Uncharted: Golden Abyss’s brass rubbing, and the sole example of a touchscreen doing what a button does better is weapon switching, which is mapped to a small icon on the right of the screen.

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Bundi1809d ago

Kinda expected as much from EDGE. Aren't these guys tired of being the hipsters of the game review world?

On topic, just an opinion as are all the 10's as well. People should continue basing their purchase decisions based on whatever has worked for them in the past.

Me personally, after KZ 3, it would take a lot to convince me that this franchise is going anywhere in terms of story. Wish they'd work as hard on story as they do on graphics.

CaptainPunch1809d ago

Just wait for polygons review

Irishguy951809d ago

Yeah, them when it suits you. Last of Us review was wrong too right?

CaptainPunch1809d ago

Lol what? I meant wait for Polygon to give this game a low score because they're biased.

Bundi1809d ago

you got me all wrong pal.

Irishguy951809d ago

I wasn't commenting on your one Feud


Godlovesgamers1809d ago

I assume you didn't like the "WTH" Ending of KZ3 which is surrounded by conspiracies throughout gaming internet forums everywhere. I didn't like it either. I will say it was bold, but in the end, foolish and pretentious.

Was it a decoy Visari? Who is in the Pod at the end?

Most unsatisfying ending in gaming ever? Definitely in the top 10.

CocoWolfie1809d ago

they talk about the touchscreen controls as being one of the flaws. to me its just another button, i actually think the grenade, the porcupine missile launcher, all work quite well. as for talking about cod, i mean out of all the fps shooters they talk about cod.. i can see a similarity to the kill confirmed mode were the enemies and allies drop something when they die, but you can actually collect them and view them in a library. its based on your level, that each person is a ranked mercenary and its not just a dog tag that gives you points. so yeah with all the other reviews i think this one is a :/

darren_poolies1809d ago

I wonder if they complain about touch screen controls in every iOS game review.

dannylilley1809d ago

I can't find anything in that review that justifies a 6 as opposed to anything higher. They spend half the review just talking about the controls, no mention of graphics at all. I'm not saying it should be a '10 OUT OF 10 BEST GAME EVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' but I just can't see why they decided it's that low.

iamnsuperman1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

It is Killzone. Not many review sites and people like Killzone (quite niche in its appeal. I like it).

I played the beta and it was fantastic. Unless they completely messed up and decided to change the game to a tower defence open world table top game then I can't believe it is a 6.

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