Kojima teases Quiet character model, posts picture, and talks about silent characters

Today, Kojima announced that the full CG character model of Quiet will be revealed this Friday. But that doesn't mean that he can't post a part of her model on his Twitter, right?

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cleft51690d ago

Yeah... he is going to get a lot of heat for this. I hope he is prepared to defend his choices.

BiggCMan1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

Yea because ass and cleavage has never been in Metal Gear...

Anyone who thinks is weird and bizarre clearly has not played the series, or has not payed much attention to what was going on.

crxss1690d ago

This has been in Metal Gear for as long as I can remember. Think about almost every female character in a game and you'll see cleavage. This shot reminds me of Fortune aka Lady Luck from MGS2

Eonjay1690d ago

You may have missed it, but MGS4 had this beat by miles. Everyone one of the big bosses outside of Ocelot was a female designed after a supermodel... and if you waited long enough without killing them, you would be transported into a white room full of sounds of moaning girls, and the boss chick would pose for pictures.

Anthotis1690d ago

So she has a nice butt to go with her mouth watering boobs.

Keep the hot game girls coming devs. Ignore the femnazis and self loathing beta males.

Gigaguy7771690d ago

Cause fuck advancing the medium and becoming respected!! We like being stupid cunts who objectify everything they see!!

donman11690d ago


What ass, all I see in that teaser pic is back meets legs. Not attractive at all. Need much more curves on that one.

Maddens Raiders1690d ago

I'm going to give him heat for making that ass too small. C'mon man... I like big butts and I can not lie.

ChrisW1690d ago

Meh... Typical Japanese marketing.

UnholyLight1690d ago


Not just Kojima, the article itself...HEAT INCOMING

Baka-akaB1689d ago (Edited 1689d ago )

"Cause fuck advancing the medium and becoming respected!!

Er yeah fuck that , let's remain entertained instead . Why do you care about getting an approval you'll never get either way , from older generations that arent into gaming ?

You could produce ten "citizen kane" every year , it wont stop gaming detractors . It makes no sense catering to their whims

And since when being anti cleavage and T&A , a sign of being evolved and mature ? Its prude childish antics

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FamilyGuy1690d ago

That Quiet character has some really nice guns too.

She really doesn't need to talk, not talking makes her more attractive, lol.

crxss1690d ago

^Lmao this comment is ridiculous. Watch out for the feminist gamer

NarooN1690d ago


How was his comment feminist?

Don't see why people throw around buzzwords that they don't even know the meaning of.

crxss1690d ago

^naroon feminist is a buzzword? Lol. I think you should reread that comment and maybe you'll see it.

Eonjay1690d ago

Cake, Cake, Cake, Cake

Salooh1690d ago

I like quite people that don't talk unless it's necessary , i'm one of those guys in real life xP.

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THamm1690d ago

Really Sniper Wolf's attire was perfect. It went as far as it needs to go, especially in a war setting. This is too much as this is just soft core and really doesn't make sense on someone who is fighting in war. I know this is MGS but in the past the women have always dressed with a purpose as well as looking good.

Nyxus1690d ago

Well Liquid walked around bare chested in Alaska. :P

Inception1690d ago

Isn't Sniper Wolf left her jacket unbutton and show her nice cleavage in the middle of Alaska?

You forgot Vulcan Raven. He also bare chested :D

Gabnet1690d ago

Well, this is 'art' meets whatever you're talking about.

LordDhampire1690d ago

he doesn't need to defend any choices, The only people who complain don't play the games he makes so he doesn't have to worry about people boycotting, I would just tell anyone who cares enough to ignore it and to go eat a bag of baby ****s

Thirty3Three1690d ago

Just watch...

the picture...

is not of a woman...


You, my friends, just stared at male ass.

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mafiahajeri1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

Is that Miley Cyrus? I can see the resemblance or rather CANNOT see ;)

KonsoruMasuta1690d ago

Boooooo! Get off the stage!

mafiahajeri1690d ago

Did you get what I meant?

D0ffy1690d ago

I think everyone in their right mind know what you meant, it was just not funny. Like.. at all.

mafiahajeri1690d ago

There's a song called we can't stop where she says she has a fat ass but she doesn't its flat, a lot of people make fun of that and that's why I made the comparison with that pic.

I'm pretty sure you didn't know that I meant so there's 2 possibilities here, your either not in your right mind or your a miley cyrus fanboy, I'm banking on the latter... ;)

D0ffy1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

I feel sorry for you, that you're so deluded that you can't even tell from your disagrees that I'm not the only one who didn't even chuckle from your tasteless mind-numbing joke.

No I'm not a Miley Cyrus fanboy, and people that keep joking around with her silly performance and shit music just give her attention she doesn't deserve. This is why sites like 9GAG have gone to shits lately, it's stupid shit like this they post instead of something remotely funny.

You're the one resurrecting her from her career grave, that's how it works. There's this little saying: "Bad press is better than no press."

Fishy Fingers1690d ago

That tac belt is going to chafe.

Convas1690d ago

Is that battle-safe attire? LOL

ExDexteraDomini1690d ago

Haha. Kojima essentially talks about how you can know a lot about a character by simply looking at them and their silhouettes and so on. So to demonstrate this he share's a render of a female character's butt.

I saw her butt. No need for her to speak. I know all I need to know about her.

Lord_Sloth1690d ago

In his defense it is a nice butt.

a_squirrel1690d ago

With that thumbnail I thought she was Motoko from Ghost in the Shell.

k2d1690d ago

A strong female character would never dress like that. There's a lot of skimpy dressed women in Mad max, but I wouldn't classify any of them as strong or independent..

rezzah1690d ago

What makes a person "strong"? Is it our own definition of "strong" being applied to someone?

Is it possible for one to dress sexually while being a "strong" person?

I think there are those who consider the revealing of the female skin is instant sexualization. And the word sexualzation to them is not accompanied with their sense of "strong".

StockpileTom1690d ago

It takes someone with a high level of confidence to dress like that... all the 'strong' people I know are strong because of that confidence. Who are you to judge someone who would dress like that as not being 'strong'?