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Kojima teases Quiet character model, posts picture, and talks about silent characters

Today, Kojima announced that the full CG character model of Quiet will be revealed this Friday. But that doesn't mean that he can't post a part of her model on his Twitter, right? (Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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cleft5  +   812d ago
Yeah... he is going to get a lot of heat for this. I hope he is prepared to defend his choices.
BiggCMan  +   812d ago
Yea because ass and cleavage has never been in Metal Gear...

Anyone who thinks is weird and bizarre clearly has not played the series, or has not payed much attention to what was going on.
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crxss  +   812d ago
This has been in Metal Gear for as long as I can remember. Think about almost every female character in a game and you'll see cleavage. This shot reminds me of Fortune aka Lady Luck from MGS2
Eonjay  +   812d ago
You may have missed it, but MGS4 had this beat by miles. Everyone one of the big bosses outside of Ocelot was a female designed after a supermodel... and if you waited long enough without killing them, you would be transported into a white room full of sounds of moaning girls, and the boss chick would pose for pictures.
Anthotis  +   812d ago
So she has a nice butt to go with her mouth watering boobs.

Keep the hot game girls coming devs. Ignore the femnazis and self loathing beta males.
Gigaguy777  +   812d ago
Cause fuck advancing the medium and becoming respected!! We like being stupid cunts who objectify everything they see!!
donman1  +   812d ago

What ass, all I see in that teaser pic is back meets legs. Not attractive at all. Need much more curves on that one.
Maddens Raiders  +   812d ago
I'm going to give him heat for making that ass too small. C'mon man... I like big butts and I can not lie.
ChrisW  +   811d ago
Meh... Typical Japanese marketing.
UnholyLight  +   811d ago

Not just Kojima, the article itself...HEAT INCOMING
Baka-akaB  +   811d ago
"Cause fuck advancing the medium and becoming respected!!

Er yeah fuck that , let's remain entertained instead . Why do you care about getting an approval you'll never get either way , from older generations that arent into gaming ?

You could produce ten "citizen kane" every year , it wont stop gaming detractors . It makes no sense catering to their whims

And since when being anti cleavage and T&A , a sign of being evolved and mature ? Its prude childish antics
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FamilyGuy  +   812d ago
That Quiet character has some really nice guns too.

She really doesn't need to talk, not talking makes her more attractive, lol.
crxss  +   812d ago
^Lmao this comment is ridiculous. Watch out for the feminist gamer
NarooN  +   812d ago

How was his comment feminist?

Don't see why people throw around buzzwords that they don't even know the meaning of.
crxss  +   812d ago
^naroon feminist is a buzzword? Lol. I think you should reread that comment and maybe you'll see it.
Eonjay  +   811d ago
Cake, Cake, Cake, Cake
Salooh  +   811d ago
I like quite people that don't talk unless it's necessary , i'm one of those guys in real life xP.
THamm  +   812d ago
Really Sniper Wolf's attire was perfect. It went as far as it needs to go, especially in a war setting. This is too much as this is just soft core and really doesn't make sense on someone who is fighting in war. I know this is MGS but in the past the women have always dressed with a purpose as well as looking good.
Nyxus  +   812d ago
Well Liquid walked around bare chested in Alaska. :P
Inception  +   812d ago
Isn't Sniper Wolf left her jacket unbutton and show her nice cleavage in the middle of Alaska?

You forgot Vulcan Raven. He also bare chested :D
Gabnet  +   812d ago
Well, this is 'art' meets whatever you're talking about.
LordDhampire  +   812d ago
he doesn't need to defend any choices, The only people who complain don't play the games he makes so he doesn't have to worry about people boycotting, I would just tell anyone who cares enough to ignore it and to go eat a bag of baby ****s
Thirty3Three  +   811d ago
Just watch...

the picture...

is not of a woman...


You, my friends, just stared at male ass.
mafiahajeri  +   812d ago
Is that Miley Cyrus? I can see the resemblance or rather CANNOT see ;)
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KonsoruMasuta  +   812d ago
Boooooo! Get off the stage!
mafiahajeri  +   812d ago
Did you get what I meant?
D0ffy  +   811d ago
I think everyone in their right mind know what you meant, it was just not funny. Like.. at all.
mafiahajeri  +   811d ago
There's a song called we can't stop where she says she has a fat ass but she doesn't its flat, a lot of people make fun of that and that's why I made the comparison with that pic.

I'm pretty sure you didn't know that I meant so there's 2 possibilities here, your either not in your right mind or your a miley cyrus fanboy, I'm banking on the latter... ;)
D0ffy  +   811d ago
I feel sorry for you, that you're so deluded that you can't even tell from your disagrees that I'm not the only one who didn't even chuckle from your tasteless mind-numbing joke.

No I'm not a Miley Cyrus fanboy, and people that keep joking around with her silly performance and shit music just give her attention she doesn't deserve. This is why sites like 9GAG have gone to shits lately, it's stupid shit like this they post instead of something remotely funny.

You're the one resurrecting her from her career grave, that's how it works. There's this little saying: "Bad press is better than no press."
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Fishy Fingers  +   812d ago
That tac belt is going to chafe.
Convas  +   812d ago
Is that battle-safe attire? LOL
ExDexteraDomini  +   812d ago
Haha. Kojima essentially talks about how you can know a lot about a character by simply looking at them and their silhouettes and so on. So to demonstrate this he share's a render of a female character's butt.

I saw her butt. No need for her to speak. I know all I need to know about her.
Lord_Sloth  +   812d ago
In his defense it is a nice butt.
a_squirrel  +   811d ago
With that thumbnail I thought she was Motoko from Ghost in the Shell.
k2d  +   812d ago
A strong female character would never dress like that. There's a lot of skimpy dressed women in Mad max, but I wouldn't classify any of them as strong or independent..
rezzah  +   812d ago
What makes a person "strong"? Is it our own definition of "strong" being applied to someone?

Is it possible for one to dress sexually while being a "strong" person?

I think there are those who consider the revealing of the female skin is instant sexualization. And the word sexualzation to them is not accompanied with their sense of "strong".
StockpileTom  +   812d ago
It takes someone with a high level of confidence to dress like that... all the 'strong' people I know are strong because of that confidence. Who are you to judge someone who would dress like that as not being 'strong'?
Chaos_Raiden  +   812d ago
Thanks for the share.
GamingAngelGabriel  +   812d ago
Ugh. He's just asking for controversy, and I say this as someone really looking forward to MGS V.
CrossingEden  +   812d ago
Well there goes some of my excitement for this game telling a serious a mature plot, character design has to be consistent with the serious nature of the plot. Stop objectifying women Kojima. If you dress Snake/big boss as serious military figures you should do exactly the same for serious military women.
dcj0524  +   812d ago
Liquid is bare chested in alaska. Very sexual.
Reverent  +   812d ago
Not to mention the way Snake slow crawls in MGS4. I realize that's a realistic way to crawl silently, but still, it can look inappropriate to some. I applaud Kojima. He just doesn't care.
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NarooN  +   812d ago
Liquid apparently had a disease besides (SPOILERS: FOXDIE) that made him deathly allergic to shirts. He's in freezing Alaska without a shirt and it doesn't bother him at all, lol.

Didn't Ocelot do it too at one point or another? Same with Vulcan Raven, no shirt at all.
MoveTheGlow  +   812d ago
I get it, but I'm really sick of the "immature" or "mature" tags. If we mean "intended for an older audience" by mature, I think we're overestimating our average adult.

I don't expect Kojima to stop sexualizing only women in his games while idealizing men - at best, he'll stylize the game enough that her character design fits into the overall world, some deliberate movie callback or something.

You know what movie has an amazing, non-objectifying plot? Upstream Color. No one saw that. You know what movie was intended for grown men, and was also a movie that actual grown men went out to see this summer? Grown-Ups 2. "Mature" is no designation for a particular type of plot. If anything, it's the kind of word developers took to mean "Able to pander to a target demographic using violence and partial nudity," which is what Kojima's doing here, basically. And depending on how those are used, maybe that's not such a bad thing; we'll see.
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You are overreacting in my opinion.
FanboyKillerwitFacts   812d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
DVAcme  +   812d ago

First of all, to the comments Kojima made before that he wants to make the character more erotic to raise popularity for cosplay and figures, Metal Gear Solid is one of the most popular gaming franchises on the planet already, you don't need to make it "more erotic" to promote cosplay, it'll happen. Second of all, this is a series about WAR. War does not get fought practically naked and in torn pantyhose. Third, this does nothing but encourage the "Japan is full of nothing but pervs" camp, which has been going on full-blast this last decade with some truly reprehensible games. Putting Metal Gear Solid in the company of those POS games is a crime.

Seriously, this just reeks of Kojima as a dirty old man. It's reprehensible. I may like fanservice once in a while, but not at the expense of ruining the feel of a series. This seriously puts a bad taste in my mouth.
CrossingEden  +   812d ago
THANK YOU for being the only smart person. Bubble for you.
raiden-49  +   812d ago
This just mgs way and I am a bit glad to see it sure Kojima was talking about a more serious route but every time I heard this I kept thinking that we would lose all those quirks we see in mgs game but see these posts make me happy that he is not being too serious. =D
Godlovesgamers  +   812d ago
"Seriously, this just reeks of Kojima as a dirty old man. It's reprehensible."

This is EXACTLY what I've been saying about Dragon's Crown and Killer is Dead, just exchange "Kojima" with "Suda 51" or "Kamitani", but apparently anytime you make a stand against anything that's in bad taste or just straight perverted, you get torn apart here on N4G.

Guess we know who the majority of N4G users are.
THamm  +   812d ago
I wanna say I understand if it's an event in the story and the character is subjected to this then fine(RAiden after torture scene in MGS2). But if it's just for kids to get jollies and no women would really dress that way, then it's not necessary. I still love MGS 100% and because of the over the top fantasy aspect of it instead of 100% realism.
NarooN  +   812d ago
I agree with you, really. People here on N4G are usually over-the-top fanboys (whether it be of a console or a person), and will usually enter fanatic mode any time someone voices an unpopular opinion. The comments system is pretty silly with the whole "agree/disagree" thing.

I'm not sure where Kojima got the cosplay thing from, because some cosplayers will over-sexify any character from any medium, especially the ones who have the curvier bodies and know that tons of horny weeaboos will give them lots of pageviews as a result. Cosplayers will even routinely do the gender-bent cosplays as well, they don't need the character to be originally sexified to raise cosplay awareness.

Anyway, the only defense people have against this type of crap is the fact that Kojima has been doing it for quite a while in MGS. MGS1 had Sniper Wolf with cleavage, Meryl naked in the bathroom as a semi-easter egg, and that was it (as well as spying on Meryl through the ventilation duct.)

MGS2 had Fortune, who despite having a stupid getup overall, at least she had that overcoat on and didn't have her tits hanging out and such. She was about the only sexualized design in that game. MGS3 had Eva with her cleavage, and that's all I remember.

4 is really when he went truly crazy with it, even though it was kinda funny. The Beauty/Beast unit were all based on supermodels, and if you tranq'd them and waited long enough, Snake would get transported to a white abyss with moaning sounds with lots of reverb, and the "beauties" would pose for pictures. But even then, they still had on full-body suits at least.

So really, no other main MGS game (MPO and PW included) had designs *this* sleazy. I'm not some "feminazi" or anything, but it kinda breaks the immersion -- at least for me -- to see a character dressed this stupidly in a pure combat situation.

Either way, I'm gonna buy the shit out of the game when it comes, but I guess I'll just have to deal with this design. Her character probably won't have a lot of screen-time anyway.

edit: Just remembered about Eva's bikini in MGS3 and I'm pretty sure Paz was in a bikini for a pseudo-easter egg in PW... as well as Kaz being in a bikini with Big Boss on the beach (will not comment further on this, going to get bleach for my eyes)
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THamm  +   812d ago
Very good, well said, funny as we get older with the series, some old tricks don't carry over. This is the only game series, I totally immerse into, it means that much to me.
DVAcme  +   811d ago
I'm getting the game too, of curse. I'm a DIEHARD MGS fan. That's why this bothers me so much, because MGS doesn't NEED to cater to the fans in such a lowbrow way, we ALREADY love the series with all our heart.

Like I said, I like my fanservice when it's appropriate, and sometimes I even indulge in the guilty pleasure oversexualization. I personally liked the female characters in Dragon's Crown for example, but that game is, by its nature, pretty out there in theme and style, it's not to be taken too seriously. MGS, however, is a series that's always aspired to be more, and it's disappointing to see it resort to this kind of blatant fanservice. The cosplay and statuette comments also show that there's both catering to wider audiences for profit and an element of self-indulgence to the character. And don't even get me STARTED on the fact that the most sexualized character in the franchise's history also turns out to be MUTE, Sigmund Freud would have a FIELD DAY with that shit.
_QQ_  +   811d ago
IF you don't like it don't play it, thats all there is to it.
Knushwood Butt  +   811d ago
Clearly you've never played Peace Walker.

It's a bit late to be getting on your soap box now..
Mr-SellJack  +   812d ago
Yh YH woot woot!!Kojima FTW!!
Inception  +   812d ago
Lol, i'm expecting tons of sexism article from the feminazis, only because a single picture of nice booty and torn stocking.

Btw, can't wait to see the background story of this woman and what her ability in MGS V. And i don't mind if Kojima bring Eva back for MGS V. She and this new character can have a sexy fight >:D
raiden-49  +   812d ago
Yea mgs3 Eva(in her bikini) is more revealing then Quite xD
Inception  +   812d ago
Yup. We're all remember the scene when she seducing Snake in that cave or when she and snake had a sex in the end of MGS3 XD
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cyguration  +   811d ago
Plot twist: The booty in the photo belongs to a dude.
Inception  +   811d ago
I knew it! And i think that booty belong to Raikov after his plastic surgery XD
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Majin-vegeta  +   812d ago
Prepare for the onslaught of feminazi crybabies and white knights roll in.

Related image(s)
Godlovesgamers  +   812d ago
"Prepare for the onslaught of feminazi crybabies and white knights roll in. "

LOL! Is that what you call anybody with just a little bit of class, who doesn't want his or her gaming with a side of softcore porn, Majin?
Hicken  +   812d ago
If you call that softcore porn, I can't imagine what you think of actual sex.

Do you know how babies are made?
Godlovesgamers  +   812d ago

Actual sex is pretty sweet, but I don't show it off everywhere, least of all in a video game. Sex has it's place, it just doesn't happen to be exploited and for sale to the public eye.

The softcore comment wasn't necessarily about the MGS V thing, but more about some of the seedier games in general. Sad to see Kojima selling to the lowest common denominator, his games have never needed this treatment and in my opinion, have always stood on the strength of the action, gameplay and story than sex. Must be his inner perv coming out.

Do I know how babies are made? LOL!! Do you even have children Hicken, let alone a wife or a woman that you live with?
Hicken  +   812d ago
"Sex," as you call it, apparently refers to anything that can be considered "sexy," or attractive to one gender or another. This isn't showing off any sex at all, but a woman in attire than can be considered sexy.

That's actually the farthest extent in most games. Few of them- God of War comes to mind- actually have anything close to a sex scene in them.

The stuff in these games is readily visible on TV, and walking down the street in everyday life. You can wear far more revealing attire than Quiet is displaying here(and you can't even see the whole outfit) without it being immoral or illegal. Well, it's probably immoral to you, since you'd apparently rather a woman wrap up in a blanket when she goes out of the house.

You obviously don't know the series as well as you think you do, as many comments prior to yours can attest to such "treatment" having existed for years in the series. Thing is: it's not a focus of the games. Never has been, and it isn't here, despite the attention you and other prudes would like to bring to it.

I have to ask if you really know about sex, because you seem to equate any showing of skin with being perverted, rather than being comfortable with the human body.

The funny thing: for somebody who apparently has a religious view on gaming, you seem to ignore that our original form- as per the Bible, anyway- would be sans clothing in the first place. Indeed, it's an man-made concept that the naked body is somehow indecent, rather than the beautiful, natural thing it is.

Gotta try harder. Your own faith can be used against you; your stance is hypocritical.
_QQ_  +   811d ago
Softcore porn=revealing clothes?
Godlovesgamers  +   811d ago

Thanks for that last reply, I got a really good laugh out of it!! I especially enjoyed the way you twisted my words, took what I had said completely out of context and then revealed just how unintelligent you are to everyone here when you totally misquoted the Bible.

To be honest, I was tempted to reply with something snarking and pseudo-insulting but your reply is so devoid of reasoning and intelligence that I think you've just successfully shown everyone here just how much you lack mentally with your own words.

My first reaction to reading your reply was that you were writing such idiotic things as a joke, like you were trying to come off as humorous in an ironic way, guess I gave you too much credit.

A pity though, it would've been comic GOLD!!

One piece of advice "Hicken"...

"Better to Remain Silent and Be Thought a Fool than to Speak and Remove All Doubt" - Abraham Lincoln

Good luck in life.
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dcj0524  +   812d ago

I hope he is prepared for this.

In his defense thats a nice butt.
dark-hollow  +   812d ago
That's miserable.
KrimsonKody  +   812d ago
I think everyone is looking at this wrong;
For 1; isn't the country the game takes place in a hot country?
No need for heavy exhausting gear weighing you down.
2; we DON'T know Quiet's story. Maybe she was thrown into war with just what she had on. Maybe it's not a situation of her actually being in a armory suiting up for war. We do know that she may be a rebel of sorts, & rebels tend to always have their own dress attire.
& 3; with the comment Kojima made about "cosplayers, a little something like this", I think he's simply, well, giving the cosplayers an idea of how the outfit should look. No problem with that. Images of her has been scarce, so Kojima is just giving a "peek" of how it should look.
Also, with ComicCon & other end-of-year events coming up, I see very little controversy to be had here.

On another note, I'm really beginning to like this Quiet character. I'm so eagered to learn of her personality. Like, is she Michelle Rodriguez tough, is she timid but gruesomely deadly, I wanna know!
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dredgewalker  +   812d ago
I'm not surprised, every mgs fan knows Kojima has a butt fetish. And seriously at least this isn't as tasteless as Voldo's (soul calibur ad) butt pic....and that was really, really disturbing for a guy to see.
-Gespenst-  +   812d ago
I don't think the Voldo ad was tasteless. It was subversive. If you think, as a guy, that it was disturbing, how do you think a lot of women feel? The ratio of Voldo-esque stuff to all sorts of exposed, male-gaze catering women is pretty one sided.
Shad0wRunner  +   812d ago
Eh, pixel fodder.

Im not playing this game for the CG ass or the cosplayers around the world. Im playing the game for the storyline.
-Gespenst-  +   812d ago
He said he designed her with action figures and sexy cosplay in mind.

Ugh... and this is the same game that's dealing with the subject of child soldiers?...

This, the MGS film, and the choice to replace David Hayter with Kiefer Sutherland, are all just pieces of the mounting evidence that Kojima has lost his soul. Such obvious pandering to regressive cultural things and the shallow mainstream.

Could Kojima just make ONE female character that isn't sexualised for once?? Naomi, Meryl (MGS1), Rose, Sniper Wolf, Eva, Paz, Mei Ling, the B&B corps. I'll give him the Boss and Olga, but they both only feature in a single game and both die.
fsfsxii  +   812d ago
I'm not sure whats he thinking. But MGS is already fucking popular.
Sure, he did it before, its kind of the "quirkiness" MGS does.
He did it in every MGS game, but the game didn't focus on them. (He went far with Peace Walker :P)
Anyway, this won't hinder my trust in Kojima.
Inception  +   812d ago
" Ugh... and this is the same game that's dealing with the subject of child soldiers?..."

This is not the 1st MGS that dealing with the subject of child soldiers. From MGS 1, Kojima always slide this subject in the appropriate time. And despite that sexy image, female characters in MGS still had strong characterization and good background story.

"This, the MGS film, and the choice to replace David Hayter with Kiefer Sutherland, are all just pieces of the mounting evidence that Kojima has lost his soul. Such obvious pandering to regressive cultural things and the shallow mainstream."

With your logic, than Kojima already lost his soul from MGS 1. Besides, we don't know how MGS movie turn out.

" Could Kojima just make ONE female character that isn't sexualised for once?? Naomi, Meryl (MGS1), Rose, Sniper Wolf, Eva, Paz, Mei Ling, the B&B corps. I'll give him the Boss and Olga, but they both only feature in a single game and both die."

Natasha Romanenko, Emma Emmerich, Paramedic / Dr Clark, Sunny. Geez, do you even play MGS?
And in which MGS Mei-Ling got sexualized? In MGS 1 & 4, she always had full clothes.
-Gespenst-  +   812d ago
Why on earth would they sexualise Sunny? She doesn't really count.

Mei-Ling? You can stare at her ass at several points in MGS4. That or you don't even have a choice. Deliberate and obvious camera-work.

Emma Emmerich still only functions as Otacon's love interest. She's not exactly a strong character on her own- she's a piece of Otacon's emotional life, she's almost defined by that role. As for Para Medic, well, I'll give you that, but wasn't she somehow involved with the Patriots and Les Enfants Terribles? Seems like a villain to me... Funny that they felt one of the only normal female characters had to become a villain. They could've written that so many other ways.

I'll give you Natasha Romanenko I suppose. Seems funny though that the only empowered, surviving, and non-villainous female character is also probably one of the most masculine women in the MGS universe thus far.

Kojima has never actually admitted that his female characters were made "erotic" for the sake of cosplay and action figures. In the past, in MGS1 (any game pre-MGS4), we might have been able to say he had some sort of artistic integrity- some sophisticated reason for making the female characters sexualised.
D0ffy  +   811d ago

Can I ask you one thing?

If you think MGS is depraving and insulting women that much, why have you taken your time to play all of them? You would think that at a certain point you would stop playing it, if it offends you that f***ing much.

I for one couldn't care less if the women portrayed in video games show cleavage and can be considered sexy (and that is entirely subjective as well). That is not why I play video games. I play MGS in particular for the amazing storyline and has that dropped in quality yet? HELL NO. So as long as Kojima keeps putting out quality games, why do you care?

Now don't get me wrong, I consider myself a humanist. Yes, everyone should have equal rights no matter gender, race, social status etc. and I get that even in the modern western world, that is not a reality. What I just can wrap my mind around is: why is it so god damn offensive to certain people to portray women (or men for that matter) in a sexual manner? Do you think it's inteded to directly harm you as a person? Does it cripple your everyday life, that a fictional character in a freaking video game shows clevage? TAKE A LOOK OUTSIDE IN THE REAL WORLD. That happens EVERYWHERE and not just in ads or Hollywood blockbusters. Everywhere. We have so many issues in the world today and THIS is what you focus on? THIS?! You're just like that self-loathing hypocrit Feminist Frequency and her mind-numbing rants about how women are ALWAYS portrayed as weak in video games, even though if you consider yourself a gamer, you would know that this is NOT true.

By your logic, I, as a man, should be offended when I see a fit man in his underwear on a billboard, advertising for Calvin Klein. By your logic, I should be offended when Ryan Gosling takes his shirt off in "Crazy. Stupid. Love." (good movie by the way) to have Emma Stone proclaim: "Are you photoshopped?!". WHY WOULD I GET OFFENDED?! It doesn't have any measurable impact on my life whatsoever and people have the free will (at least in the modern societies of the world) to choose whatever the **** they want to do, how they portray themselves and how they live their lives. Sure, I think tasteless things happen in the media as well, but does it bother me that much? No and why should it? I have what I consider to be a good life and some great hobbies like video gaming and playing music that give me the fulfillment I need as a human being. Does ranting about something so superficial give your life meaning, does it fulfill you in any manner? I might, but then I really feel sorry for you. Instead you should go rant about how terrible a game Ride To Hell is and stop people from doing simpleton cashins.

*big breath* Gooooooosfraba.

/end of outrage

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urwifeminder  +   812d ago
So original way to think outside the box.
andshesays  +   812d ago
im a girl.. but dat ass :3 - Quiet is cute
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Supermax  +   812d ago
She should have a gstring on as well as you.
Supermax  +   812d ago
If your cute that is.
pandehz  +   812d ago
Umm swear this reminds me of an EROTIC COSPLAY site ad I keep getting spammed with.
#24 (Edited 812d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
cyguration  +   811d ago
Ads are you usually based on your previous search preferences, soooo....
pandehz  +   811d ago
wishingW3L  +   812d ago
"You are able to read the character by observing his/her silhouette, look, and the way he/she walks"

And the way she dresses for combat....
thelaughingwiseman  +   812d ago
could be Kaz...
kendoggx  +   812d ago
"Id Buy That For A Dollar"
goldwyncq  +   812d ago
Dat ass...
Batzi  +   812d ago
Funny thing is. This article is getting more attention than Xbone's release date reveal! Fucking awesome! Kojima broke the fourth wall again!
fsfsxii  +   812d ago
The power of that ass. Or that N4G is controlled by the patriots.
cyguration  +   811d ago
I think it's the first one.
Supermax  +   812d ago
You wish
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