Battlefield 4 might not be the last on current-gen

Battlefield 4 might not be the last game in the franchise to launch on current-gen systems, according to DICE executive producer Patrick Bach.

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Hellsvacancy1719d ago

"We want to support players that want to play Battlefield"

Then make Bad Company 3!!!!

FanboyKillerwitFacts1719d ago (Edited 1719d ago )

Honestly im sick of this modern warfare timeage. I want another good old WW2 or Vietnam shooter again.

GarrusVakarian1719d ago

The Vietnam add on for BC2 was brilliant.

HaMM4R1719d ago

2142! Full 2142 battlefield game. Maybe 2142 bad company game! Could you imagine it! Blowing up walls with laser rockets and shooting out the walls of titans to get away. I can see it now:

titletownrelo1718d ago


I'd rather see Battlefield go into World War 2 after DICE make Star Wars Battlefront

AJ Hartley1719d ago (Edited 1719d ago )

Yeh I must say the BC series performed the best on consoles I love both Bad company 1/2.

3-4-51719d ago

Battlefield WW2 would be amazing on next gen.

pierce1719d ago

There's definitely going to be a lot of players keeping hold of their PS3's and 360's so maybe it would be worth doing Battlefield 5 on current-gen. Or Bad Company 3!

GarrusVakarian1719d ago

Bad Company 3 please, and make sure to bring back the heavy clunky feel to the weapons.

DFray9191719d ago

I don't want to see another one on current gen! I want Dice to concentrate only on Next gen. That would work for me.

1719d ago
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