Xbox One Release Date To Be Announced Today, UK Retailer GAME says

According to the U.K.'s biggest games retailer, the launch date of Xbox One will be announced later today.

This is to be taken seriously, because GAME is a company well in the know of its partners release plans.

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allformats1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

It's about time. Xbox One fans should be happy, and although I won't be getting the console, the competition is good - and because of Sony's proposition, Xbox One is now in a better place than it's ever been.

This is how we started:

Console needs internet connection to work - not anymore

Console can't work without Kinect - Not anymore

Console is region locked - not anymore

No Indie policy - not anymore

No used games - not anymore

Can't wait for November.

jackanderson19851538d ago

there was always used games on the console it just changed how the used games worked also MS never announced their indie policy for the xbox one so can't really chalk that up as a win for sony... the other 3 yeah sure but wouldn't say they're all down to sony especially the kinect one

Kayant1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

If they didn't announce it that means they were using their previous one from the X360 as nothing new was announced at the time until recently you can see this by the fact games like warframe and some other indies are launching first on PS4.

True it probably wasn't all Sony seeing as the whole industry was supporting indies expect from MS at the time.

jackanderson19851538d ago

@kayant i do believe they said that they were going to explain their indie policy at gamescom but someone leaked it first and they had to come out and give a half assed explanation which they further clarified at gamescom

Kayant1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

Yh they did am referring to when they introduced the XB1 platform at their reveal.

B-radical1538d ago

MS has done a good job considering its there 3rd console.....sadly seems like nintendo might be out of the non handheld consoles business after x1 and ps4 arrive imo

Kanzes1538d ago

both consoles are awesome, why should i miss it

falviousuk1538d ago

MS did have an indie policy, they just hadnt spoken about it until Gamescom

The console was always region free i believe.

You could sell on your used games, how that was achieved wasnt finalised.

This is one of the problems with sites like this, rumours get spread around as well as the wrong information, people pick up on that and start copy pasting, then suddenly it becomes 'fact'

Wish people would actually read properly and do fact finding before posting up false or misleading information

Kayant1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

XB1 was never region-free in was locked to the initial 21 countries it was launching before --->

Used games was finalised you could only do it at *participating retailers*. Game rentals where unavailable at launch --->

To be fair must of the misinformation was caused by MS because different people were saying different things at that time.

Sitdown1538d ago

Sure hope you are on Sony's payroll since you ate working so hard for them. Shouldn't assume that Xbox one is on a better place because of Sony, but because people for once were voting with their wallets, which caused them to return to policies of the past.... policies that have been in place way before Sony even had a consumer video game console.

cvflyboy1538d ago

I hope it comes out the same day as ps4. The more competition the better it is for gamers.

warewolfSS1538d ago

I don't know why people disagreed with you.

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richierich1538d ago

I really hope this is true (I don't see why not) but surely they should have given a release date by now its getting ridiculous at this stage.

falviousuk1538d ago

Why is it getting ridicuolous, the consoles is out in Novemeber, they just havent released when in Nov.

Will it make it launch any sooner knowing the exact date.

Ite thier decision when to release the date, and they ahve reasons for holding off until now. Business decisions and keeping things from the competition may be the reason behind this.

At the end of the day its coming in around 60 - 85 days time

OlgerO1538d ago

Im feeling a november 8 release date in the US. knowing microsoft they will want to launch before the PS4

IHassounah1538d ago

There is the leaked 5th of November on the Call of Duty site , it could be true , it could be not

jackanderson19851538d ago

rumors are pointing to a late november launch.. i'm guessing week after PS4 though i'd rather it the week before cuz i want the next gen as soon as possible and also i have that week off from work

theWB271538d ago

It's gonna launch either day and date with COD..or a week after the competition.

core_51538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

15th November 2013 xD

Sarobi1538d ago

I guess they didn't want to announce a release date until they were done tinkering with the CPU and GPU. Here is to hoping for something soon!

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