Killzone: Mercenary review – stunning Vekta graphics can’t save Guerrilla’s missed opportunity OPM

OPM: It’s a technical marvel, you understand. Watching a game that looks at first glance indistinguishable from Killzone 3 run on the Vita’s pint-sized circuitry is one of few novelties that never really wears off throughout Aaron Danner’s handheld Higg-massacre.

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ArchangelMike1811d ago

Definitely still getting this for my Vita. I own every killzone game, I absolutely love the universe, and can't wait for KZ:Shadowfall.

thereapersson1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

I wouldn't worry too much about this, a 7 is still a good score. I am sure there some flaws but nothing that makes this game a "pass". It is a handheld title after all, and since most publications I have noticed are giving the game at least 8.5 - 9 out of 10 this game has cemented itself as a "must buy". Don't pass it up if you own a Vita; if you don't, this is one game that would make buying one worthwhile.

Irishguy951811d ago

Pff OPM are such Xbox fanboys. Just looking for hits.

TimeSkipLuffy1811d ago

a lot of reviews are driven by the comparison to a console shooter. But they should rather try to compare it to any shooter on a mobile device. Maybe that changes the view a bit. this Killzone is a game made for a mobile device and as such it is a great achievement! :3

thereapersson1811d ago

The fact that this can even be compared to the console versions shows how much stronger a gaming device the Vita is over other mobile devices (namely phone gaming). That, and the Vita will inherently be a stronger platform due to Sony's stable of good development talent.

Bundi1811d ago

5's 6's 7's 8's 9's or 10's it's all just opinions. There's no need to pull out the old anti Vita conspiracy every time an opinion that doesn't line up with yours pops up.

Some people forget that the same reviewers gave games like Persona 4 raving reviews on the same platform they are being accused of hating.

Sarobi1811d ago

I liked the beta so I'll pick this up despite what reviews it gets. I'm still amazed by the graphic quality though, truly one of the nicest Vita titles I've seen yet.

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