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VideoGamer: "At this point in Vita's life, first-party names like Killzone are seen as the handheld's would-be saviors. Mercenary isn’t that game, but it has some great ideas that just miss the mark."

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Kingthrash3601840d ago

smh see this is just wrong.....ive seen some 10...a abundance of.9.....and trash like this....smh nit pick after nit pick....smh so to you this games a 6? rhymes with hits, this is why I dont respect thirsty reviewers....they just pull stuff out of their arses to get hits....

snitch_puck1840d ago

i thought videogamer was reliable once. This the exact reason why we should never trust any reviews on games/movies/books without even playing/watching/reading it ourselves.

sherimae24131840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

you wanna know the reason?

its because its a vita exclusive....

even the sixthaxis review of this game that they give it a solid 10/10
admits that the bad side of this game is that it is only playable on the vita! lol

look at rayman legends.. its multiplatform and also for vita but all the review scores you will see are 8-10

and look back at vita exlusives,
gravity rush, soul sacrifice, uncharted golden abyss, ragnarok odyssey
etc... all have mixed reviews starting from 5-10

we vita owners should get used to it, i expect tearaway will be treated like this too.... :(

nick3091840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

Its opinions.if you tried the beta you know its good

Blacktric1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

All the conspiracy theories... Is it seriously this hard to admit that the game may be just a typical, above average shooter?

Nope. It must be either a paid review or the site must be looking for hits.

Otoshigamisama1840d ago

Why are there so many vita haters?lol either they never held one or just retards that does not accept change Ps vita will open the door to future handheld gaming systems to come,going back I don't understand why it got 6? for me its A+ for a FPS ON A HANDHELD I tried the beta and it was good SMH reviewers this days (-_-)

sherimae24131840d ago

at blacktric

could you atleast name one mobile/handheld game that is not on the vita with visuals comparable to killzone mercenary

and name one handheld/mobile gaming device other than the vita that you can play an FPS game comfortably with out the so called "touchscreen gimmicks/ functions/ controls....

give credit to where it is due isnt it?

Blacktric1840d ago

"could you atleast name one mobile/handheld game that is not on the vita with visuals comparable to killzone mercenary"


Thanks for giving more proof regarding why no one should listen to you or your opinions.

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StoutBEER1840d ago

WTF is SMH and why do some people use it like this? Not too much offense but it's fucking annoying. Please stop.

DoctorJones1840d ago

It's the latest 'cool' thing to use in a sentence on the internet apparently. Some people go overboard with it though, as shown by Kingthrush.

DoctorJones1840d ago

Kingthrush, you need to stop shaking your head before it falls off.

Kingthrash3601840d ago

I couldn't stop shaking my head...its still thinking about how it was with reviews back when you gave a honest review. before websites needing hits, it was magazines needing customers. thats when more respectable reviews where out because they wanted you to subscribe and if it got out there you were a trash magazine people would you get paid just for having hits and when people use lies just to be different they do it for hits.....then you read the article and they say....well the graphics are poor or some bs that largely untrue just to justify to bs score.....that is the reason I shake my head so hard. its just shameful how far they go for hits......effing slander.

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H4all1840d ago

i think i read 2 or 3 review like this..
well... it's nothing to do with me..

i just wait the gamecard to arrive and..
judge it my self.. i know.. it's a great game..

b-dash1840d ago

The server of the multi-play has not yet worked.
It starts from tomorrow of the Japan time.
Therefore, some reviews are things reviewing only the campaign of Battlefield

chrissx1840d ago

If there's one thing I'm sure of,its that this game is definately more than a “6". This is def a hit seeker

arbitor3651840d ago

the amount of anti-vita bias in the reviewing community is really getting old

Bundi1840d ago

Official PlayStation Magazine gave it a 7...are they anti Vita too?
Persona 4 got a 94 overall, how is this possible if people are out to get the Vita?

sherimae24131840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )


multiplayer 5/10, and from what most people have experienced in the beta they are very positive about it and giving a 5.5 is like saying its unplayable and a bit harsh dont u think?

graphics 8/10,tell me what kind of graphics does the vita need to pull off to have a 9-10 score?

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