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Can Guerilla Cambridge finally give the Vita the blockbuster shooter it sorely deserves, or have they hired the wrong man for the job? Read these words and we'll tell you in our Killzone: Mercenary review.

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IcyEyes1725d ago

NowLamer strikes again.
This website is one of the worst in the web.

miyamoto1724d ago

PlayStation Exclusives reviews are always the perfect vehicle of opportunity for websires to get tjem clicks and hits.

Gotta get this game.

Eonjay1725d ago

Yeah what I tend to do is skip the lowest and highest scores and go for one in the middle. They tend to be most accurate.

morganfell1725d ago (Edited 1725d ago )

If you look at the averages of this game so far then it is quite easy to see how very far off the mark this so called reviewer at nowgamer happens to be. This article is surrounded by numerous others here that are 10, 9, 9.8, 9, 9.5 and so on.

Nowgamer...more like now give me a hit.

GribbleGrunger1725d ago (Edited 1725d ago )

8/10 for graphics? Just what does this reviewer expect the Vita to produce? This is the pinnacle of graphics on the Vita, regardless of what else you think of the game.

H4all1725d ago

haha... i watch this song on youtube..
lord of the ring troll 10 hour..

after the game arrive we judge it our self..
i know it's has much potential..
the beta is so good...

_FantasmA_1725d ago

Don't click the link! Don't give those fools your money or your time.

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chestnut11221725d ago (Edited 1725d ago )

WTF, WIth His Words and How He Described playing it, This Person Who Reviews it Doesn't know anything and Just likes to Have some Hits. Retard -_- .

Why Are they letting This Kind of People Do the Reviews?

mafiahajeri1725d ago

He probably sucks at the game and is raging.

DoomeDx1725d ago

Why Are You Talking Like This? Isnt It Annoying To Hold Shift AFter Every Word?

But yeah I agree.

knifefight1725d ago

I was wondering the exact same thing. It's almost like he knows that I have Comment Snob installed, and that I have a filter for excessive CAPSLOCK use, but he's tactfully avoiding it by just capping the first letter of almost every word.

On the review:
Eh. This is why you read a multitude of reviews, not just one. Not everyone will like every game. No matter what game, someone will love it and someone will hate it. Here, you've heard from someone that hates it. Now go read a review by someone who loves it. Then, go read a review by someone who thinks it's just OK.

Then judge for yourself which one(s), if any, sound like they're speaking to your interests. There ya go. :)

Kingthrash3601725d ago

lol ......talking...not

seriously tho why all the caps?

Kran1725d ago (Edited 1725d ago )

Wish people would stop saying that.

NOT EVERYONE wants to give a game a poor score and go "Yknow what. I'm sure we'll generate a lot of good attention from this game. It will in no way affect our relationship with our readers."

SOME DO. But not everyone.

Williamson1725d ago

I can't believe this clowns review is on metacritic! We finally get a good shooter on the vita but it really seems to me everyone wants to troll the vita for hits.

xHeavYx1725d ago

Like website?No
Story quality? WTF

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H4all1725d ago

that is they opinion.. i judge my self..
after the copy arrive..

mafiahajeri1725d ago

Much respect to you my friend. I laugh at people that cancel Pre orders when they read reviews no opinion no personality.

Kran1725d ago

Unless, you know, it's a game like Dead Space 3.

Sanquine901725d ago

Wow downvote this site. He obviously hate killzone

r211725d ago

Do not read, major spoilers in review. Im not entirely sure since I havent played the game, but sounds like the reviewer is just putting it out there, paying no mind to people who havent played the me :'L

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