Kojima Wants Metal Gear Solid V’s Character to Be “More Erotic” to Encourage Cosplay and Figure Sale

Hideo Kojima is well known for not having any trouble in showcasing quite a lot of skin for some of his characters, both male and female. Today he made a quite surprising statement about one of the characters for the upcoming Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

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cleft51720d ago

Indeed, but as the creator of the game he certainly has the right to design the characters however he wants. So long as the characters have deep storylines and history it shouldn't matter if they are erotic in design. Erotic doesn't equal sexist, people who pretend it does lower the power and value of words like sexism and misogyny.

AntoineDcoolette1720d ago

The idea of some S&M with ocelot dressed as a cowboy prodding folk with electrorods sure seems erotic to me

Bimkoblerutso1720d ago (Edited 1720d ago )

Not a matter of being sexist. It pisses me off slightly that they are willfully designed that way "to make u want to do cosplay or its figurine to sell well."

In all honesty, screw the feminazis. It pisses me off because I am sick of developers compromising their vision to sell a few extra copies to the losers out there that think every woman they look at should give them a boner.

CalamityCB1720d ago

You have the perfect profile pic for that comment.

3-4-51720d ago

If he says " This one may not be cosplayable", then that is the one all the women will want to be.

You've just told them they can't have it, which will make them want it more.



Not necessarily, maybe it's just a naked lady, not cosplayable... at least not legally in public! LOL

Seriously now, I think Kojima is just trolling everyone again with that figurines and cosplay comments... Fact is he has been putting hot ladies in MGS forever now... I mean, 4 of MGS4 bosses all come out to literally be world class sexy super models when you defeated 'em. Call it sexist if you will, but whatever it is, it can't be more obvious than that.

Kojima simply can't help himself, don't matter if it's a magazine, a poster or actual characters. He need to see some nice booty in his games or his view si not fulfilled. And that's completelly fine by me.

SilentNegotiator1720d ago

Intentionally attractive characters?!


yeahokchief1720d ago

I want to see more Dragon's Crown cosplay

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coolasj1721d ago

I know merchandising is a huge cash cow but come on Japan! You've been doing this for years for anime, to the point where great shows have pointless scenes just to sell well made pieces of PVC. I'm just kind of sad to see it's influence actively seeping into work like Kojimas.

Blacktric1721d ago (Edited 1721d ago )

"I create the setting thoroughly, how he/she spent early life, name, style, favorite phrase, fashion, action to stand the character out."

What you need to care about is this. Not what she's wearing. And Kojima's games have always had major influences from all sorts of manga and anime. It's nothing new.


"Apparently Kojima is talking about a character that hasn’t been revealed yet"

coolasj1720d ago

Yes, I can read the article. That's why I wasn't more dramatic. It still doesn't change my opinion on the matter.

Doing something, "Because it sells well" is not attractive to me. And this is Kojima, he's relatively transparent and blunt about what he does. I don't know what the design ideas Shikawa-san had before or even if it matters and I know the designs will be good either way but, I think Merchandising is a bad modifier to apply to the way you design your content.

hkgamer1720d ago

Kojima has been known to try getting extra revenue streams.

I mean look at all the product placements in MGS4.

CocoWolfie1720d ago

like noodles? those actually dont bother me, i find them more entertaining rather than being a drag :')

coolasj1719d ago

If I recall the Integral MGS4 Podcast, the one in-game, said Kojima just thought it would be funny if Snake could use an actual iPod. So they brought up deals begging to use it in the game. It's more of a joke than product placement.

cleft51720d ago

"Come on Japan," let's be honest here this sort of stuff is in no way limited solely to Japan. Also, let's not pretend like all of Japanese culture is limited solely to games and anime. Yes, games and anime are an important market in Japan, but it is hardly everything that constitutes there culture. It's just that we here in the west resonate with those two particular things more than anything else in Japan.

In the West, we are constantly using sex to sell movies, cartoons, comics, tv series, reality shows, celebrities, etc. The use of sex and eroticism to sell content is something that happens all the time. Look at our tv shows and tell me how many popular female or male characters just happen to be ugly as dirt. Game of Thrones and Spartacus has tons of glorious sex scenes and full on nudity. Fashion and teen magazines constantly display bulimic women as being beautiful and the standard for all women. Do I even need to point the whole Miley Cirus incident.

The use of eroticism to sell content is in no way limited to Japan. It's just that right now people like to get really upset over this stuff coming out of Japan and pretend like they are somehow engaged in activities that are holding women back, meanwhile they completely overlook the abundant use of sex to sell content on there own Western tv shows, commercials, and magazines.

Kleptic1720d ago (Edited 1720d ago )

I see what you're saying, but seriously dude...Japan is other way to say it...

I mean, yes, the rest of the world uses sex for similar intents and purposes...its just 'sex' is a bit of a moving target...whats controversial to some markets is totally different to others...and Japan is apparently the hardest demographic on earth to really shock...Its not 'only' Japan, we get that, but no one can argue that accidentally stumbling on Japan's version of a lot harder to un-see than some other areas of the globe...

tentacle porn...used underwear from vending machines...tentacle porn...end_discussion.exe

Transporter471721d ago

I don't mind. There has always been a bit of erotic in all of the MGS games anyways. It doesn't matter to me.

BallsEye1720d ago

Same here, actually a little bit of skin in this kind of game is not bad, even my wife likes it :P lol.

paul-p19881720d ago

The Beauty and the Beasts from MGS4! I remember reading interviews and apparently the actresses where naked (or at least not wearing any other clothes under the mo-cap suits) to make sure they looked as sexy as possible on screen.

It worked, i spent a lot of time staring at their arses when they lost their beast suits lol

plmkoh1721d ago

Well MGS takes lots of cues from 007/James Bond.

UpghostNpersonal1721d ago

like MGS has ever needed erotic characters for strong sales..MGS4 sold nearly 5 mils on ps3 alone

Viper71720d ago (Edited 1720d ago )

Not to mention that it was released fairly early in PS3's lifetime. Meaning that there where like half the buyers then there are now.

Although there's nothing wrong with having erotic characters. MGS4 literally had all the Bosses walk around in skintight suits while player took pictures.

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