Lightning Returns to Sexy

Square-Enix still considers one of Lightning’s most important features to be her sexuality.

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SaulGoodman1662d ago

Don't mean to go off topic (I love sexy Lightning) but who is this MariaHelFutura everyone talks about?

ShugaCane1662d ago

A Sony fanboy. Or fangirl. Let's say troll, it's genderless.

HectorSalemanca1662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

Oh, I was wondering that too. Thought he/she got banned or something but I see he/she is still on the site. Ignored by a lot of people I see, I hate trolls.

devwan1662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )


Reported for personal attack.

ShugaCane1662d ago


Lol what did you smoke, seriously. I didn't attacked anyone.

fsfsxii1661d ago

Though trolls on this site only exist in XB1 vs PS4.
I'm glad she's gone. The less trolls the better

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SaulGoodman1662d ago

Thanks ShugaCane, I'll try and steer clear of Maria.
Are you following me? Lol.

Heisenburger1661d ago

My advice to you would be to tread lightly.

Better call Saul!

Maddens Raiders1661d ago

Haha Saul Goodman Hector, Salemanca and the other Johnnie-come-lately douches posting here with Breaking Bad avatars have about 40 comments between them.

Brand new trolls, asking questions and acting coy - calling out other "trolls". Gotta love it.

Kydawg1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

Don't worry, they were my friends that I turned onto this site and we thought it would be funny to be characters from Breaking Bad. They never posted offensive comments or "trolled" but they're all banned now, and dont see a reason to come back, so no more "trolls". I don't really care though, I like N4G.

360ICE1662d ago

Hey, it was Lightning's own choice. Somehow.

Godmars2901662d ago

Seeing how she's a fictional character who exists at the whim of an author, you're right in that regard...?

360ICE1662d ago

I always am. She ought to assume responsibility for her actions.

yewles11662d ago

"When male characters are put in the same sort of poses, the absurdity is fully revealed."


360ICE1662d ago

Yeah, actually I think it would. But that's because these poses are meant to display feminine qualities.

It'd be weird if female characters were to do the same poses that Edward from Twillight does too. Or if they were to be incredibly muscly.

Twillight IS kind of every girl's dream. And Transformers is every guy's dream. Also, they're non-sensical and incoherent so you can tell that they're based on dreams.

MKDA_Scorpion1662d ago

Transformers is every guys dream? Maybe if you're five years old and don't know what a decent movie is. Michael Bay is a terrible director with the exception of Bad Boys which is good in its own way.

Oh, you said Twilight is every girl's dream. You're right. GIRLS dream. Not every woman's dream. Because only little girls that have no taste like Twilight, but before I go off-topic due to a retarded post.

Lightning Returns will be a good game, and Square Enix looks like they have got their stuff together. Yes Hitman Absolution was terrible. Yes Deus Ex Human Revolution could have been better and yes they could have quit making FF13 sequels.

But it seems that SE has made up for 13-1 with 13-2, as well as finally showing the world that FFV13 is still alive and KH3 is being developed as we speak.

360ICE1662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

No one is saying that the movie's execution is every guy's dream. I'm saying that the concept is. Of course, I'm not saying that boys's dreams are directed by Michael Bay.

Is it strictly speaking every single guy's dream? No. It's more a turn of phrase, to point out that it has many elements that really speak to guys.

Why do you think these movies sell like they do? Because they're cynically marketed very directly at males or females. That was my point.
Transformers has huge machines, explosions and Megan Fox (at least used to) and Twillight has dominant, strong and protective males. Do you disagree with this being what males and females want? Well, take a look their box office performance and the demographics of their movie-goers.

Btw, what you think of Squarenix's direction is actually more off-topic than replying to someone who's discussing elements of the article.

Blacktric1662d ago

"Males can't pull off the same generic sexy poses female models usually give during photoshoots, therefore this whole thing is sexist."


"And Transformers is every guy's dream."

Not really, no.

360ICE1662d ago

Do you honestly not want to fight alongside giant robots with Megan Fox? Or some variation of that?

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