PlayStation Store Update -- 3/9/13

PS US Blog - Eight new pre-order titles are now available on the PlayStation Store this week. Additionally, if you pre-ordered Diablo III, now’s the time to start downloading. Also, check out Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse, Rayman Legends and Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate. With a host of other games on the PlayStation Store this week, including Cross-Buy title, Kickbeat, there’s sure to be something for you to enjoy.

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PaPa-Slam1482d ago

My social life will take a BIIIIIIIG hit come Sep 17th.

Name Last Name1482d ago

How does digital preordering work?

KwietStorm1482d ago

The same way digital purchasing works.

cr33ping_death1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

This is the first game im getting digital thanks to a free 50 dollar psn code, i pre ordered it last night. You buy it, get a GTAV Theme and on Sept 17 at 12:01 a.m you begin your download.... Ill be waking up at 12.... Start my download... Go to work and hope that after about 10 hours ill have a good chunk downloaded :-D

Iltapalanyymi1482d ago

yea me too m8. holy shit im gonna spend so much time 2 weeks from gta v launch because gta online comes out too. i better start stockpiling beer, smokes and food.

kingmushroom1482d ago

i dont always drink beer but when i do i drink Pisswasser

JakemanPS319941482d ago

I already have this Pre-Ordered at game stop but im contemplating on canceling it and switching to digital... Any suggestions?

maximus19851482d ago

I would just stay with your pre order of physical especially if you got special or collectors or even standard at gamestop gets you a blimp. On the other hand digital will have you ready to go quicker. GTA without the thick manual and map of the world just wouldn't feel right

JakemanPS319941482d ago

Thanks the whole speed thing was my main factor in getting it digitally. Preloaded then ready by midnight but nah.... i wanna be apart of that huge party that will most likely be at my gamestop :P

inmusicutrust1482d ago

Dunno where you are but I know the download will not be available till 3am est (12pst) here in the states so for me a retail copy will give me an extra 2.5 hours or so

JetsFool35001482d ago

If you pre order on ps3 you get a gta theme and avatar & You still get the atomic blimp

Gentlemanlygamer19921482d ago

@maximus @jake
I Pre ordered it on my Ps3 and I'm getting the blimp. I also got a free theme and 75% off Certain Rockstar games for a limited time. I just bought the GTA4 ultimate edition for 7.49. Lol. And I won't have to go to a store to get any of it.

USMC_POLICE1482d ago

So has saints row 3 for free. Like 3 months ago it was free.

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