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John McCain Caught Playing iPhone Game During Syria Senate Hearing

Kotaku - Look, yes, sometimes you've just gotta play VIP Poker during a three-hour Senate meeting about whether or not America should attack a foreign country. War talks are just so boring, you know?

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I'm not seeing the relevance of this piece
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Community1483d ago
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Kydawg1483d ago

I saw this and it's hilarious and so sad at the same time. He's such an advocate of bombing Syria, yet when it comes down to Congress discussing the reasons wether we should or shouldn't he's playing poker on his phone. He even said that he was bored. This is so frickin ridiculous I can't stand it. He wants to bomb bomb bomb!, but when people talk about reasons why we shouldn't he drifts off and plays poker. I'm not talking sides on wether we should or shouldn't but when we elect Congressmen to make decisions for us they should at least pay attention wether or not they agree or not. This could be one of the most pivotal decisions for our country and the whole world and he actually complained on CNN how he lost thousands of fake dollars playing poker on his phone while not doing his job. Nice McCain, I'm glad Palin screwed you over. F**king D***hebag!

JoGam1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

But it was three hours long. I would have pulled out my Vita and did the same thing. Would have connected to the Congress Wifi, popped in Killzone Mercenaries, sent Palin a game invite and would have got it in. DIE ISA SCUM!

SaulGoodman1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

I guess trying to win fake money on a phone, is more important then possibly sending troops to their deaths.

Eamon1483d ago

No boots on the ground...

HammadTheBeast1483d ago

Not to mention the thousands of civilian deaths.

Kydawg1483d ago

Yeah right, they say that now...

torchic1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

they clearly said no soldiers on the ground, like a million times cmon man!

SaulGoodman1483d ago

Appearing before the Senate's foreign relations committee, Mr Kerry was pressed for an assurance that the US would not engage in a ground war in Syria.
He replied that while there was no desire "whatsoever" that option had to be reserved in the event that chemical weapons fell into the hands of Islamist extremists.
"I don't want to take off the table an option that might or might not be available to a president of the United States to secure our country," he said.

Lesson is: Don't believe everything you hear.

3-4-51483d ago

They should show this picture to all the troops that get shipped out.

So they know what they are fighting for.

torchic1482d ago


I am admittedly naïve, however Kerry made it abundantly clear (for me anyway) that soldiers would not be deployed on the ground. I don't remember him saying what you quoted but I'll take your word for it. I just remember him pointing out the mistakes of Iraq using that to ensure no troops.

I'm not American, maybe that's why I feel more inclined to believe Kerry as I don't know him too well. I'm pretty sure Americans would revolt if America engaged in another soldier war.

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KingKelloggTheWH1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

He doesn't want to bomb people, calm down there. Seriously, doesn't he just want to bomb plane run ways so they cant take off?

MasterofMagnetism1483d ago

I think he and Sen. Graham were in favor of arming the rebels.

HammadTheBeast1483d ago

Yeah. If they bomb the airplane runways and anti air systems, Israel's air force has complete access to Palestine, Syria, and Iran with their air force. Opens up the map for them.

ravinash1483d ago

Maybe his next life on candy crush came up and all this talk about bombing reminded him about Level 33.

THamm1483d ago

He's getting paid to pay attention. These scumbags love to kill at will without worrying about any one else's family. The rebels are the CIA, straight racketeering has been going on in the mideast.

stuna11483d ago

I'm curious, what was the name of the game he was playing! Command and Conquor?

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LOL_WUT1483d ago

McCain enjoying a nice casual game not bad looks like Apple still has a strong a strong presence ;)

Sarobi1483d ago

LOL the tweet is priceless.

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