Grand Theft Auto V Might Break Video Game Sales Records

"Let's try to forecast exactly where the hotly anticipated Grand Theft Auto V will land in the pantheon of highly regarded and hugely profitable game launches, but first! A disclaimer: this isn't a scientific study." - GameRevolution

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GentlemenRUs1689d ago

GTAV and TLOU breaking records is WIN!

It just goes to show there is still life left in this generation :D

dbjj120881689d ago

I'm trying not to expect much from next-gen as it won't be as big a leap as it was to the HD generation.

koh1689d ago

If it can consistently get 64 players online (GTA V would benefit greatly from that) and get a steady 60 fps I'll be happy. Sure there will be plenty of further improvements I'll appreciate, but if GTA pulls off what it looks like it's about to pull off then that'll be good enough for me.

1689d ago
CaptainPunch1689d ago

Hell yeah GTA V deserves it!

ftwrthtx1689d ago

GTA V will be GOTY even if it's mediocre.

bub161689d ago