Optional Hard Disk Install For Valkyria Chronicles

According to Impress Watch, Valkyria offer players the option for a hard disk install. The install takes up 3,336 MB and apparently cuts down load times from the 15 second waits players would otherwise have to sit through when opting to play directly from disc.

As with last month's Ryu ga Gotoku Kenzan install, this install is strictly optional, so those who can't find enough space on their hard disk will still be able to play.

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Forbidden_Darkness3809d ago

im really thinking about getting this game, looks fun and i need more games like this.

Arriemo3809d ago

Thanks Sega. Optional installs. Its how it should be done.

TheHater3809d ago

yeah, Capcom should take a lot of notes on this. Them and there mandatory 5GB install process

Brixxer6003809d ago

Optional is the way it should be, i would install though so that i don't need to wait so long for loading.

Any word on a USA release date ?

As far as i'm aware not a EU release planned so i would definitely import this.

Looking good.

disgaea3809d ago

August for US/EU release

jams_shop3809d ago

you see that's how everybody should do it "optional"