Podcast Beyond: The Infamous: Second Son Episode

IGN: "Two of the men behind Infamous: Second Son -- Nate Fox and Jaime Griesemer -- answer our concerns about the PS4 touch pad. Then, Brian, Goldie, and Greg tackle reader mail ranging from The Last of Us Vita questions to bad indie game names. Oh, and we call the episode 307 even though it's really 308."

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yellowgerbil1419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

check out this infamous themed webcomic I did
and this infamous fan art drawing I did

GdaTyler1419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

If this is yours, good work bro. :)

yellowgerbil1419d ago

yeah it's mine, not finished yet. Trying to send it in to IGN they were asking for fanart a few weeks ago.
Thanks for checking it out.

JakemanPS319941419d ago

Beyond! Cant wait for Second son :D loved the first 2 and i cant wait to see how they use morals in this game :P

brettyd1419d ago


Best podcast on the internet period

Sevir1418d ago

Pretty good podcast. I loved this episode..