Penny Arcade, Dickwolves, and Censorship – Why I’m Not Disappointed That I Skipped PAX

GeekParty writes: "PAX is one of the biggest gaming conventions in the US, so things like 'not going to PAX' have become something of a statement. Those of us at GeekParty who didn’t attend this year weren’t making a statement, though; We just didn’t have the money to go. Thankfully, Mike Krahulik has decided to make it incredibly simple for me to not regret that."

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banshee461477d ago

I stopped reading Penny-Arcade a couple of years ago, for this exact reason.

TheNewSquid1477d ago

Ben Kuchera, of the PA Report, is a fantastic games journalist, though. I will concede to that.

EllieLockhart1477d ago

Thanks for this. I absolutely believe in boycotting PA - they're entertainers, their job is to entertain me, and I can't be entertained by someone who clearly has no regard for the human dignity of me and a significant portion of the people I know.

ElephantLord1477d ago

That is a very interesting and thought provoking article.

Suloyapla1477d ago

I don't really follow them all that much, but it seems they need more professionalism in their work environment.

raygun-goth1477d ago

Their stance on rape jokes in general has always weirded me out, and I definitely agree with the article content. But then, rape jokes have always weirded me out, after having worked with and lived with victims.

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The story is too old to be commented.