Bayern Munich to get its own mobile games

Yes, Bayern Munich might not be great at hanging onto a 1-0 lead against Manchester United, but it's still Germany's biggest football club, sitting pretty at the top of the Bundesliga table.

Now it's signed a deal with Artificial Life to make a series of mobile games based on the club. There's no titles or release dates yet, but Bayern CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge is chuffed.

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Retro-Virus3693d ago

Bayern Munich >>>> Man United

Harry1903693d ago

Remember 1999?

HAHAHAHA,dream on UTD hater,please no bubble poaching or disagrees.

Retro-Virus3693d ago

Hater? for what ? Remember the year following that ?

We beat you, both home and away in the Champions League and oh, we've never ever lost to a English club in the champions league @ home.

Bayern has more CL titles than Man-Utd anyway and got beaten @ home by Bayern !!

Harry1903693d ago

Bayern WAS a great club.What really counts is winning the CL friend.
That's the cold harsh truth,let us not turn this into something ugly,i'll just state my point,nothing more.

I personally think that Manchester United is currently the best football team in Europe.

Retro-Virus3692d ago

You are entitled to your opinion.

Bayern did beat Man-utd to win the Champions league in 2001. Bayern did beat 'the then almighty' Real Madrid both home and away to go on and win the CL title.

Man utd are a great club but even in their hay days they never beat Bayern like how Bayern did. Yup, they lost the CL final but their encounters didn't stop there did it ?

Okay, how many Champions League titles do Man Utd have anyway ? is it even close to what Bayern have, kinda like 5 times less ?

Harry1903692d ago

United ging for their 3rd right now,ah well,it depends on what side you are on.We will probaby never agree on this subject.