Pokemon X And Y Demo Walkthrough - Part 2

Nintendo's Terry Chan offers a video walkthrough of Pokemon X and Y at PAX Prime in Seattle in this exclusive video.

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3-4-51845d ago

I'm just re-getting into Pokemon. Haven't played since Red, just bought White 2 about 6 days ago.

I'm definitely addicted again and it's perfect timing, as the new Pokemon is about to be released.

I get to play the last 2D & first 3D Pokemon experience all within 1-2 months and it's my re-introduction to pokemon.

It's been pretty awesome so far.

jagiii1845d ago

Never can have too much Pokemon...gotta get them all.

GenericNameHere1845d ago

Nice! The framerate in this looks decent!

Can't wait for the Pokémon Direct tomorrow! New Pokémons? New Mega Evolutions? Info on Pokken? I hope! :)

CaptainPunch1845d ago

Played this game at PAX and loved every minute of it!