Warface's only 'premium currency' is the skill of its players

Crytek's free-to-play first-person shooter, Warface, will reward its most talented players with the renown they deserve, but it won't neglect those who can never match their high level of skill, executive producer Joshua Howard told Polygon during a recent interview.

BiggCMan969d ago

Every time I see news about this game Warface, I mistake it for Warframe -_-

tarbis969d ago

the west really like wars don't they? XD

onyoursistersback969d ago

@ tarbis,

Funny that you say that now, with all that talk about WW3.

mxrider2199969d ago

is this only pc? cus i really prefer to play shooters on a console with a bigger screen and my controller

hazelamy969d ago

i think it's coming to PS4.

Allsystemgamer969d ago

For the billionth time. You can use a controller and TV with a PC -____-

AllroundGamer969d ago

he probably don't have the "skills" to do so, cause you know it's soooo hard to connect a PC to a TV...

mxrider2199969d ago

no its just i have on older gaming laptop that doesnt have the power and i dont have the money to build a tower or buy a new laptop right now

Bolts969d ago

This is always a soft lie when it comes to free to play games. What he means is that a skilled player will have no problem getting 1000 head shots for a new attachment while a guy who pay premium will only need 10. See kids? You dont have to pay as long as you have skills. Enjoy your grind fest freeloaders.