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Sony Continues To Suffer from Twitter Fallout following PS4 Language Announcement

Yesterday, Sony announced that it would not support Arabic text in the PS4. This announcement stirred up trouble on twitter. The ire of people wanting Arabic support has followed Sony into today, and if the past is any indication, the company won't stop receiving the request until Arabic text becomes supported. (Industry, PS4)

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grumpc  +   726d ago | Funny
guess I'll just have to make do with english, damn, was looking forward to arabic...
JoGam  +   726d ago
LOL....Me too. smh!
xHeavYx  +   726d ago
I guess you can't be too worried if the biggest complaint your company has is not supporting the Arabic language
black0o  +   726d ago
as an arabian i'd luv to see the OS support it, but by the end of the day most of us luv to keep the English as the main language ''localizations sucks most of the time"

and this fuzz isnt new there are forms that were demanding this for along time for ps3/vita
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MWong  +   726d ago
If this is the only thing Sony has to worry about at launch I'm cool with that. Sony said it will address the issue anyways.
minimur12  +   726d ago
To be honest, being as Arabic is backwards, wouldn't it be pretty hard to successfully doing it without making it look a bit weird?

It is arabic that's backwards (for us) isn't it?
b163o1  +   725d ago | Well said

Completely uncalled for, comments like that suggest that you have the mind of a six year old (6yo). I hate immature people on this site...
Orange  +   725d ago

Way to make westerners look like a-holes. How would you like death being rained on your suburban sh*thole?

If anything, the misery over there makes escapism even more important.
Mounce  +   725d ago
@HeavY - Well, apparently not including Arabic is making Sony 'Suffer' more than anything else.

I'd love to read such sensationalist, exaggerated news stories on how Not allowing 8 controllers makes Sony 'Suffer', and PSN+ Being mandatory for the most part makes Sony also 'Suffer'...

This is trivial, but inconvenient news to those who ONLY speak Arabic buuuut....to use the word 'Suffer' is just idiotic imho
MazzingerZ  +   725d ago
It does support for instance Swedish but when I need to google about a setting I need to switch to English to google the english word as for the swedish one I barely get some hits

When I game on my PS3 I use English as system language on the other hand when my kids use it I switch to Swedish, so that support is very convenient when you have small kids that want to play some LBP without me needing to be there letting them know where the games menu is

But who knows, maybe the new UI is easier to navigate for kids regardless of system language, they just want to find their game, don't care about the rest of the options.

I am just happy PS4 is releasing in my country dayone
DAS692  +   725d ago
...The fuck is Arabic?
fardan85  +   726d ago | Well said
Well, It doesn't personally bother me for not having Arabic lang on ps4 but I kinda feel bad for gamers who can't speak Eng.
Ps4 should support Arabic language.
harbie  +   726d ago
None of the games will, who the hell cares if the menus are in Arabic?! Stupid.
Ittoryu  +   726d ago
not to mention the system isn't even available in Arabic countries there pissed because they won't be able to buy boot leg copies, that's all the SOB buy anyway.
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Shake_Zula  +   726d ago | Intelligent
Just to explain, it's a programming issue with PS4's FreeBSD core or even the database backend that runs everything. Basically, most languages that contain non-UTF8 characters have a UTF-8 equivalent. Japanese Kanji correlating Romanji is a good example. Arabic is one of the languages that only uses one character set, and it isn't UTF-8.

To be fair, MS's Windows can't even do it all the way, and at most times it is sloppy. The fact of the matter is that while spoken languages should be treated equally, most programming languages were developed in the US meaning that the UTF-8 standard is needed 90% of the time.
indysurfn  +   726d ago
@shake_zula that was one of the most accurate and well thought out messages on this thread. I think the reason you only have one like so far(me) is people are not knowledgeable enough about programming and languages. I'm here to second your comment!
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   725d ago
Most Arabic speaking places happen to be English spoken/written places as well. In other words, for most of them, it's a matter of preference, not necessity. And given that Arabic localization isn't exactly in heavy support, it becomes even more of a moot point since most of them play their games in English anyway.
Eonjay  +   726d ago
This is good though. I like that people are taking to twitter to take their concerns directly to the company. Hopefully, they will get Arabic support. My only question is, will the PS4 even be available in Arabic countries at launch? If so, they should definitely have this feature.
black0o  +   726d ago
yes it's .. 399€ since ME is R2, and virgin megastore and others start taking preorders right after E3
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Eddie20101  +   726d ago
PS3 didn't have Arobic language support and nothing was ever heard or said bout it, but now that it's PS4 and its doing better than the xbox one there a lot being said about it.

I understand that there are people concerned about this but i would bet tht the majority of complaints are coming from Xbots trolling. Desperate.
maddskull  +   725d ago
i wouldnt say that. I am an arabic person but i dont need that feature but others need it their are many arabs that need arabic support and i would like that because it would be an improvement in the arabic gaming community and sometimes when i send messages to my friend i prefer if i could write in arabic and many big games are making full arabic support PES, Tomb raider, Rayma, FIFA, AC4, and other games because they know that the arabic gaming community is big
Eddie20101  +   725d ago
Xbox 360 doesn't have Arabic language support PS3 doesn't have it and there was not a big uproar about it until it was confirmed that the PS4 will not have it at launch, probably because it is not releasing in Arabic countries at launch.

But Sony did confirm that they are working on adding Arabic support.

But we are still getting this nonsense
about it.

I hope it is added soon for the Arab speaking people but I still find it hard to believe that all the commotion over this issue is coming from Arabic speaking people and not from people with a cirtian interest adding there two cents worth.
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ALLWRONG  +   726d ago
So the millions of people who speak Arabic get screwed?
kane_1371  +   725d ago
Arabic is not the onlyl language so chill and don't play the role of victim
ALLWRONG  +   725d ago
It's called "roll reversal" or I like to call it "karma"
Orange  +   725d ago
@iMixMasTer872 doesn't mean you can't make yourself heard.
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malol  +   725d ago
Arabs have always asked for this but never got it.

PS3,2,1 didn't have Arabic and most likly never well

xbox1,360,one never have and never well, no console ever had Arabic and most likely also never well

as a native Arabic speaker as much as this is saddening to know but this is a fact we'll have to live with
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showtimefolks  +   725d ago
english is fine as it was with ps3, some people will complain no matter what
Consoldtobots  +   725d ago
sounds like something for Arabs to worry about, personally I couldn't give two ......
kevnb  +   725d ago
ignorant much?
DialgaMarine  +   726d ago
Yoshida already hinted at it coming eventually. Probably just not a Day 1 thing because the system isn't launching in Arabic countries Day 1. PS3 had Arabic text. No reason why PS4 won't get it.

But since I'm in before the Xbots... ZOMG! Teh Sony PoS4 is doooooooooomed!!!
theWB27  +   726d ago
Seriously, I don't understand why the Sony camp thinks about the X1 more than the PS4. On second thought, I do.

Really, that's the Sony camp who pretends the X1 is going to fall on its face and sell abysmal numbers causing Microsoft to pull the X1 off shelves in 3 months because the awesometasticfantabulous ultraearthshatteringpower of the GGDD44R6 ram is too much and everyone will gravitate towards the PS4 and it'll concur humankindzzz.

The Xcamp usually just brings you guys back down to earth, tell you it's not that much better, then go back and appreciate what Microsoft is trying to do.
staticdash22  +   726d ago
Tony-A  +   726d ago
That's cute. You just described exactly what PS3 fanboys were doing back in the early days of this generation.

Don't be too surprised about it, kid. They're just returning the favor for those that did the same to them. It's better they do it now than when the XBO is actually out and doing its own thing, don't you think? Up until then, it's just pre-game trash talk.
GenericNameHere  +   726d ago
Lolz what? I don't remember specifically who it was, but I seem to remember reading several Xbots here commenting, saying how there's so much Xbone hate because the PS fanboys are horrible and control the gaming media! Every small bad article about Xbone, and the fanboys come in, cry, and pretend they're the victims against the tyranny of Mark "Hitler" Cerny and Kaz "Lucifer" Hirai!

NOW you're saying "Xcamp usually just brings you guys back down to earth"? That's very hyprocritical, especially coming from you Xbots.

Anyways, rant aside, I hope Arabic gets added as language ASAP. Wouldnt want to miss out on potential sales, no matter how big or small the impact is.
CGI-Quality  +   726d ago
Your problem is you take this console war stuff just as serious as the people you're calling out. Thus, you're no better.

OT: I'm sure this will be sorted. If it's the worst thing to happen to the PS4, I think it will be fine.
MysticStrummer  +   726d ago
"I don't understand why the Sony camp thinks about the X1 more than the PS4."

...said the MS fan commenting on a PS4 article.

You might understand it once you realize it's wishful thinking on your part. What's going on right now is just the mirror image of the pre-PS3/360 days, except then it was MS fans doing most of the hating.

How can the Xcamp bring anyone down to earth when they're falling for all the pie in the sky marketing BS MS can churn out?
KwietStorm  +   726d ago
And what exactly are you doing right now, in this particular PS4 article? Just camping out?
theWB27  +   726d ago
Yes, I take the war so seriously it prevented me from owning a PS3 and liking anything Sony related.

N4G has me in such a rage Im boycotting the PS4. Uh..no. It's still fun to see you guys in such a tizzy.

I don't have any problem commenting on Sony articles, even being a Xbox fan. I supported Sony this whole gen owning a PS3 and buying their games and still plan on the same next gen.

You guys give yourself too much credit.

Is there a rule somewhere stating I can't enter Sony articles? I read both news...I go after Sony fans online, enjoy their games in real life. Easy stuff...

See that's the beautiful part about this all, I don't have to explain why I want to spend an extra 100 bucks on an X1.

Whiny Boy...it's whatever makes you feel better ; )
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xHeavYx  +   726d ago
Wow, theWB ( whiny boy?) just got a nomination for l amest comment.
Come back when you can explain why you have to pay an extra $100 for a weaker gaming machine from a company that is known for abandoning their hardcore community.
I think you are too high on the clouds (lil pun)
MysticStrummer  +   726d ago
"I don't have any problem commenting on Sony articles, even being a Xbox fan. I supported Sony this whole gen owning a PS3 and buying their games and still plan on the same next gen."

I don't have a problem with you commenting in PS4 articles either, even if you never bought a Sony console in your life, but your assertion that the "Sony camp" thinks about the XB1 more than the PS4 is just comical.

N4G has articles about every platform, and anyone can comment on them whether or not they use a particular system. It doesn't mean they're obsessing over that system. It means they're a gamer with an opinion about a gaming platform.
Hicken  +   726d ago
Why are you so full of yourself?

You seem to believe you have some special insight into a group whose members you've created yourself, but you really just come off like a hypocrite. You're extremely quick to call someone with a different opinion a Sony fanboy in an Xbox article, but- like all your predecessors like MikeMyers- you never call out your compatriots for doing the same thing.

Whether you think someone's a fanboy or not, they can express their opinion on whatever article they please, just as you do.

If you can't stand em, there are other gaming-related sites out there. Nobody's forcing you to stay here.
trafalger  +   726d ago
"you never call out your compatriots for doing the same thing"

TomShoe  +   726d ago
Generic fanboyism at its finest.
JackBNimble  +   725d ago
@ theWB27

So you want to play console war eh? That's fine , but why would you pick this particular article to voice your childish rant? I am sure there are plenty of " 5 reasons PS4 is better" articles to troll ... isn't there?

Odd ... very odd.
maddskull  +   725d ago
actually it is coming to Arabic countries in day 1 i live in 1 and it will come to arabic countries just ike Europe
PirateKing  +   726d ago
They will add it at a later time if the demand for it is high enough, not even that big of a deal.
Shake_Zula  +   726d ago
Nah, don't think so unless they switch up the core programming language. Neither PS3 nor 360 doesn't have it either.


It's just an extremely hard language to program for because of the character set.
OrangePowerz  +   726d ago
What Fallout exactly?
Tony-A  +   726d ago
Just what I was thinking. Apparently this is the kind of "bad news" Sony has to deal with. They're pretty lucky considering this will be taken care of with a simple update down the line.

Nintendo has to deal with the masses saying Wii U is doomed to low sales figures and you got everyone trashing just about every aspect of the XBO. I'd say this is about the best "bad news" a company can get.
MizTv  +   726d ago
As long as its in English I'm happy
OrangePowerz  +   726d ago
Especially since probably 99% of the games will be in English as it is now. :)

I fully support that people want to have something in their own language. Probably the bigger issue would be most games not being in Arabic as they have more text and can be far more difficult to get through if you don`t understand the language, compared to an OS that has little text.
PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt  +   726d ago
who cares.. just delete that arabic language
Dagobert  +   726d ago
^ Can this account be deleted?
maximus1985  +   726d ago
for his opinion, no
BlaqMagiq24  +   726d ago
Lol good one!
Thehyph  +   726d ago
Yeah..... and let's go back to Roman numerals as well... not.
Jihaad_cpt  +   726d ago
maybe they can delete America? Or just his family or gene pool either or would be great
Consoldtobots  +   725d ago
and someone calling himself "jihaad captain" saying delete America isn't equally offensive?

you ppl get no pity from me, live by the sword die by it.
Jihaad_cpt  +   724d ago
@consoldtobots I never said it's less offensive or more. I was merely showing that stating opinions can be offensive. Firstly I happen to be very moderate, America is a great country despite it's morally bankrupt attitude to the world. The next thing my name is clearly not understood, Jihaad meaning struggle and cpt being the abbreviation of my home town Cape Town. I don't care about receiving your pity I dont require it. Just educate yourself. My opinion shouldnt bother you any more than his bothered me
luisvideogames  +   726d ago
Some people are posting pics of their canceled pre-order of PS4 with @yosp.
Aleithian  +   726d ago
Some people are losers.
Bathyj  +   726d ago
Some people eat blood sausage.
T2  +   726d ago
Good more for us , send em over
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PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt  +   726d ago
lol i concur
---stone---  +   726d ago
Which means absolutely nothing because those pre-orders canceled will be swooped up in a hurry for those still offering pre-orders or the happenstance walkinandbuys.
PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt  +   726d ago
less then .2 percent is canceling there preoder oh no
KwietStorm  +   726d ago
Are you serious?? I don't even want to laugh.
JLT-Sandwitch  +   726d ago
I know some people that'll take them of their hands lol
DragonKnight  +   726d ago
The irony of those tweets, made by Arabian people, being in English. Too hilarious.

And see what happens when Sony does ONE thing people don't like? Everyone's ready to pounce on them like they instituted used games DRM. ...
XboxFun  +   726d ago
I know, one lonely article of everyone pouncing on them!
Compared to the massive amounts of people requesting that MS provide a...FCC Report??

#7.1 (Edited 726d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(22) | Report | Reply
DragonKnight  +   726d ago
It's about levels my dear fanboy, levels.

This is pretty much a non-issue and yet people are cancelling pre-orders. A far cry from things like Kinect dependency, and internet requirement, yet look at the "outrage" and guilt trips?
Dagobert  +   726d ago
Just because they speak English, doesn't mean they don't prefer it to be in their native language.
cr33ping_death  +   726d ago
so they cant wait a few months or however long it takes Sony to patch the language in? they clearly understand enough English to be able to enjoy it.
JustPlay4  +   726d ago
How do we know X1 will support it, if people are ready to cancel there pre orders because of this can't they just get a X1 instead
trafalger  +   726d ago
"The irony of those tweets, made by Arabian people, being in English. Too hilarious."

reminds me of all those people who come online to complain about having to connect the first time they play forza 5.

"And see what happens when Sony does ONE thing people don't like?"

the real irony about that statement is here you are defending sony while always being part of the crowd that pounces on m$ any chance he gets.
rewardedone   726d ago | Spam
mxrider2199  +   726d ago
@rewarded they can still play.... and the 360 nor the ps3 had support for arabic language it is just too hard to program for since it cant be done under the UTF-8 code
GameCents  +   726d ago
Are trying to say there was no outrage and guilt trips for Kinect dependency and DRM-gate?

You are joking right?
XboxFun  +   726d ago
"This is pretty much a non-issue..."

Boy, this coming from you is hilarity only Mel Brooks at his prime along with both of the Zucker brothers could achieve with an all star, international comedy cast.

Non issue would be fussing about a FCC report like so many on here were doing. You were there.

What outrage Dragon? Are PS4 orders being canceled by the millions world wide because Arabic is not being supported? Where is this "everyone" pouncing on Sony? So far this article is pretty devoid unlike the FCC articles that you all were requesting from MS.

Irony indeed....

Uh-oh, get ready for a Dragon deflective bonanza with a side order of "stop attacking me" and or other insults to hide the fact that he's a huge hypocrite. I expect something along the lines of ...
"your name is XboxFun, that's the irony..."

Let's wait and see kiddies.
#7.5 (Edited 726d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(18) | Report | Reply
tiffac008  +   726d ago
Cancelled by the millions? That means the PS4 ain't selling anything at launch. ROFL!

Over exaggerated much xD

And you call other people kiddies. lol!
Welcome2Die  +   726d ago
Arabian people are pissed off that Sony isnt using their language on their console when they can easily implement it?

WW3 confirmed.
DragonKnight  +   726d ago
@Dagobert: Very true, but they aren't incapable of playing the Ps4 without Arabic. That's my point. It's not a problem at all, it's just a preference.

@GameCents: No, no I'm not trying to say that. Re-read what I posted and if you have to re-read it a 3rd time.

@XboxFanboy: "Boy, this coming from you is hilarity only Mel Brooks at his prime along with both of the Zucker brothers could achieve with an all star, international comedy cast."

Your hyperbole is pretty lame I gotta say. You've learned nothing from your fellow Xbox fanboys like trafalger who, despite knowing he's on my ignore and block list, still decides to post replies to my comments because he "doesn't care what I think" and is so "normal" that he "doesn't talk about what he doesn't like" oh wait...

"Non issue would be fussing about a FCC report like so many on here were doing. You were there."

The difference being you can't sell consumer electronics in the U.S. without a pass from the FCC. It was still a non-issue, but again fanboy, levels. PS4 can still be played without Arabic language support.

"What outrage Dragon? Are PS4 orders being canceled by the millions world wide because Arabic is not being supported? Where is this "everyone" pouncing on Sony? So far this article is pretty devoid unlike the FCC articles that you all were requesting from MS."

Did you miss the part where people sent Shuhei Yoshida pictures of their cancelled PS4 pre-orders over this? Yes, of course you did, because that goes against your lame points. People didn't cancel pre-orders over MS' DRM and Kinect dependency, they simply didn't pre-order the Xbox One to begin with.

"Uh-oh, get ready for a Dragon deflective bonanza with a side order of "stop attacking me" and or other insults to hide the fact that he's a huge hypocrite. I expect something along the lines of ...
"your name is XboxFun, that's the irony..."

Off topic personal attack. Not surprising considering everything you and your ilk have to say are nothing but ad hominem attacks repeated ad nauseum.
trafalger  +   726d ago
interesting. anyone who doesnt share your passion to attack m$ every chance they get and doesnt share your determination to make the xbone an inferior product in any way possible is a xbox fanboy.

sorry but i leave that ground work for you guys who appear more like troops serving sony than actual gamers.

"The difference being you can't sell consumer electronics in the U.S. without a pass from the FCC. It was still a non-issue, but again fanboy, levels. PS4 can still be played without Arabic language support."

the point the person is making, which you seem reluctant to admit, is your desire to play along when it comes to m$. now here you are, in a different skin putting on your positive face because this time the shoe is on sonys foot. let's all just be grateful your not serving a higher purpose of one who actually can have an impact on what people purchase. no amount of fearmongering by you is going to change anybodys opinion of what to buy.

"Off topic personal attack. Not surprising considering everything you and your ilk have to say are nothing but ad hominem attacks repeated ad nauseum."

says the person who is very quick to call people xbox fanboys who call you out for your constant flip-flopping. i know its very hard for you to fathom but there are indeed folks out there who are interested in both the xbone and the ps4 (in a positive manner) who are neither console warriors or fanboys. there is indeed life outside of this place, try it sometime.

this site really needs to push people into appropriate forums. nobody wants to bring a friend to a party that all the other guests don't like. if dragonknight stuck with all things related to sony there would be no issue. he would be on his merry way, happy and content with what they offer him as a consumer. and he wouldn't have to make silly remarks about how everyone is just waiting to say something bad about sony. it just shows hes just waiting for a reaction because of all the years hes been a critic towards the xbox. a normal sony fan wouldn't have said anything because a normal person doesn't spend years talking about products they have no interest in and write blogs about in hopes to ruffle feathers of those who do enjoy the xbox game systems.

this person is a prime example of one who takes videogames way too seriously. one who has decided its best to take a side and stay there while fighting tooth and nail why the others guys are bad in every way possible. a person who has to declare a winner and a loser because to them it is not reasonable to enjoy both competing platforms. your either with him or an xbox fanboy, there is no middle ground.
#7.7.1 (Edited 726d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(7) | Report
black0o  +   726d ago
those KSA and USE players moves in packs, and love to troll ... I bet my life on those whom canceled their preorders just reorder it a second after, and last time I check ME is more JP here 90 of the stores support PlayStation and sell legement copies and hve a modded Xbox "2$ for the games"" total rip off
---stone---  +   726d ago
peaselay upportsay igpay atinlay
bunnyformulax  +   726d ago
Dude, funny stuff.
DragonKnight  +   726d ago
i think it's easeplay.
ziggurcat  +   726d ago
This is hardly a big deal, and the only fallout seems to be coming from box fanboys who latch onto the tiniest little thing.
GameCents  +   726d ago
Cancelled pre-order pictures also from Xbox fanboys?

I get it, nobody in the history of the world has ever been upset at Sony for anything except of course xbox fans amarite?
Elwenil  +   726d ago
So you are saying it is impossible for an Xbox fan to go place a preorder online that costs him nothing only to cancel it and post a screenshot just to stir stuff up?

Besides, I really find it hard to take any comments from you Xbox fans that just joined in the last few months anyway since you are probably literally on the MS payroll trying to do some sort of guerrilla PR. What are there, 20 or 30 of you guys on N4G alone? Lol.
GameCents  +   726d ago
Check out my comments from when the Xbox One was revealed.
Note my vehemence against the drm/used game policies.
Tell me again I'm on MS' payroll...

Don't love and worship Sony? You must work for Microsoft!
#9.1.2 (Edited 726d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(7) | Report
biRdy  +   726d ago
I hope they add in arabic as soon as possible, I know most of you here could give a rats ass. Though stop and think, Playstation is a Japanese console what if for whatever reason they decided not to support English language at launch? Wouldn't you be angry as-well? I would.
SonyStyled  +   726d ago
i would be but in sonys defense i dont think the ps4 is launching in arab regions the same as the rest of the world. when it does, expect arabic to be put in via firmware update. thus currently, theres no need to have arabic in the console at launch
Dagobert  +   726d ago
I hope you know that Sony products sell a lot more in Arab countries versus other brands. I mean sure a lot of people don't know this because they think everyone rides camels and has no electricity there but it's actually the opposite. Sony is like a favored brand in Arab countries. It is stupid not to launch a system there with the native language support. Hell I'm surprised that Sony hasn't localized games in Arabic all this while.
biRdy  +   726d ago
You make a valid point that the PS4 isn't launching in Arab regions so I can see now how Arabic isn't on top of their priority lists for supported languages.
black0o  +   726d ago
it's launching here buddy .. 399€ 15/12/13
Whitefire  +   726d ago
Then I would wait till they supported English like everyone else would. Also Sony wouldn't like to support one of the largest languages in the world, and most of their fanbase, with studios in the U.S and UK two English speaking countries.
KonsoruMasuta  +   726d ago
Japanese was my first language. So I really wouldn't care.
biRdy  +   726d ago
Thats not my point, just wondering why everyone is saying how pointless the complaints are when they are justified because their language isn't going to be supported at launch. And yes I know Sony would never not have English supported.

Well I tried...
_abinh  +   726d ago
Actually I don't care if they add arabic or not cause I mostly use English language but I don't think adding arabic is that hard
0pie  +   726d ago
why should we be bothered about this?
Sadist3  +   726d ago
Let me get this straight....
Always online is bad because a lot of people don't have decent Internet, but not supporting Arabic is no problem because we speak English? What happened to the "we care for all gamers" attitude when guys were complaining about military personnel not having Internet and couldn't play the Xbox? Now it's "I don't speak Arabic, not my problem." And if Sony adds this feature after people voice about it, I bet all those fools talking about "Microsoft keeps reversing decisions" start saying how Sony listens to their customers.
cr33ping_death  +   726d ago
how do you compare this one thing to all the BS M$ tried to pull? reaching for straws there buddy.
DigitalRaptor  +   726d ago
Trust a fool (yes i'm going there, based on your comment history) to try and compare those two actions/intentions of both companies.

Here's a little piece of insight for you. You can play the PS4 in Arabic countries regardless of whether or not you can speak English. It is not banned, and you are not blocked. You absolutely could not play your games without connecting to the Internet every day originally on XB1. The original Xbox One was an intense breach of consumer rights, ownership, and much, much more and was many years in the making with intentional policies in place from Microsoft. They approved that sh*t to screw over consumers - and think, just for a second how that would have adversely affected gaming and our rights as gamers and consumers.

How on earth do you fools keep coming up with such skewed and illogical comparisons to try and even the plane of what both companies stand for?
#13.2 (Edited 726d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
MidnytRain  +   726d ago
Yay English
nick309  +   726d ago
Well israel never got hebrew for any console, you dont see us trolling their twitter.
LordDhampire  +   726d ago
good on you, that just received a bubble plus
Majin-vegeta  +   726d ago
Yosp already said it will come in the future.
CocoWolfie  +   726d ago
hopefully soon :)
CocoWolfie  +   726d ago
I think they should really get on this, its something a lot of people are looking forward to from every part of the world, and to me even though i dont speak it, it would be just nice to know they did it as a company :p
thebudgetgamer  +   726d ago
Seems like people are grasping at straws to find some negative Sony press.
Gamer666  +   725d ago
If your Arabic this would probably be important.

But, then again how many Arabic (only) gamers are out there?

I find the gaming press is grasping at straws on both sides. MS announced that they were only in 13 markets for launch and the gaming press went into a frenzy. Those 13 markets provide 80% of worldwide sales probably.
sassmannico   726d ago | Spam
yellowgerbil  +   726d ago
Sony isn't "suffering" any canceled pre orders will be happily picked up by people in other parts of the world, and in a year or 2 when it is supported they will have such a great library of games that any slight the middle east felt will be forgotten
spoonard  +   726d ago
I figure there would have been more fallout when Microsoft not only didn't support the language, but they don't even support the Xbone in any arabic countries! lol
Commodore   726d ago | Bad language | show | Replies(1)
Sgt_Slaughter  +   726d ago
I can imagine the Xbots who saw this and yelled "SEE? SONY IZ TEH EVILIST COMPANE EVAR! XBOX ONE 4 LIFE!"
BoNeSaW23  +   726d ago
That's it SONY! No Arabic language!!! I am buying 27 PS4's now! I hope your happy about that!
RE_L_MAYER  +   726d ago
English should be universal language in all countries,i love it(I can speak Russian but English is better)
voodoogts  +   726d ago
Asia rules. We invented the PS4. We own you americans and Xbox.
ilovefatgirls  +   726d ago
one would imagine that arabic localizations would be a pain in the arse, they also have to take into account a legal/political/religious mine field that could come up if they dont get things right.
Mister_G  +   726d ago
Another slow news day :-\
medman  +   726d ago
I am outraged!!!! And by outraged, I mean I just yawned.
Vip3r  +   725d ago
Bit of a first world problem.
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