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NZG - "Stagnant’ is a word that gets thrown at the current MMORPG market quite often these days. While I question the singling out of the MMO genre in this regard (show me a genre that doesn’t generally cling to the tried and true mechanics of games past), I do agree to a certain extent. I played World of Warcraft (WoW) for some five years, and Ragnarok Online for a couple of years before that, but since retiring from WoW around 2010, no other MMO has managed to hold my attention for longer than a month or two."

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flyingmunky1727d ago

I just find it difficult to believe that there are people who are basically lv 50 and endgame already. I wish I could live in my parents basement without a care in the world or have a 'job' where playing and writing about video games was a real thing.

Deathdeliverer1727d ago

Its people like me that were on the original FF XIV. Your characters carry over to ARR. Hope this helps. Fantastic game when you can get in. I had my lvl 20-50 jobs day 1 and just had to do job quest. I still have some jobs i haven't started but some people do have a 2+ Yr head start.

flyingmunky1727d ago

Well that makes considerably more sense then. Yeah the game is loads of fun, although getting on was a pain at launch. But I made it to lv 28 going flat out with a buddy over the long weekend. Been a long time since I've played a game that could hold my attention for hours at a time like that.