Killzone: Mercenary Trailer - Get Rich Or Die Trying

Gaming Blend "Sony unleashed a new trailer for the upcoming Killzone: Mercenary for the PlayStation Vita featuring some of the game's thrilling first-person shooter combat, as well as the basic principle behind the mercenaries in the game: they don't have sides, they're just trying to get rich or they'll die trying. If your inner 50 Cent just perked up, well then the trailer did its job."

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edwineverready1483d ago

Love this game. The mp is so addictive. loved the beta we got on plus.

Pixel_Enemy1483d ago


Killzone 3 map with warzone and jetpacks! Sorry for the caps, I am excited. I can't wait for the 10th!

Pillsbury11483d ago

Is the beta over?? I tried to sign on today and it won't let me. :(

demonsoul1483d ago

I think the Beta Closed Because It will released Sept 4 on Asian Territory

danny8181483d ago

This says instores september 6th. But i heard its the 10th?

GdaTyler1483d ago

NA Sep 10th
EUROPE Sep 3rd
JAPAN Sep 5th


NukaCola1483d ago

Whens the review embargo up? It's the 4th now.

tigertron1483d ago

10th September for the UK. So not all of Europe got it on the 3rd...:(

GdaTyler1483d ago

Sorry, I forgot to add that it's releases on the 6th in UK

cpayne931483d ago

The 10th for us Murricans. Sucks.

snitch_puck1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

I should really get myself 2 memory cards dedicated to japan/asia and europe. NA Vita really is getting left out on releases nowadays.