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Heavy Rain was turned down by Microsoft over child kidnapping story

Heavy Rain was turned down by Microsoft due to its child kidnapping story, it has been revealed.

Speaking at this year's BAFTA annual games lecture, Quantic Dream head of development David Cage said the publisher was "scared" of the controversy it could cause.

"We were pitching Heavy Rain to different publishers, including Sony, and we went to Microsoft," he told attendees including Digital Spy.

"We had a very long talk and they loved Fahrenheit, and they really wanted to do something with us.

"They got scared by the fact that Heavy Rain was about kids being kidnapped, and they said, 'This is an issue, we want to change it'." Well, we could have kidnapped cats, it would be a different experience!

"For me, that was a very interesting signal. It was like, you know what, I don't think we can work together, because you don't understand what I'm to achieve here. (Heavy Rain , PS3, Xbox 360)

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mafiahajeri  +   726d ago
Interesting, never thought for a second this would be the reason.
JoGam  +   726d ago | Funny
And 360 is supposed to be Hardcore.
ironfist92  +   726d ago
Heavy Rain obviously isnt intended for the Xbox Market

Hence why games like Gears of War and Halo and Call of Duty are the big sellers
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hakeem0996  +   726d ago
MS as an American company they had a valid reason to be a Lil cautious .Soccer moms are so quick to call boycott when kids are involved . You win some,you lose some
JoGam  +   726d ago
@ Hakeem0996,

No soccer mom should be buying their kid Heavy Rain or any rated M game for that matter.
spicelicka  +   726d ago

Stop with this "meant for xbox" BS seriously. Like wth do you know what the xbox market likes? They are the same humans and gamers as the Sony market, and many own both systems.

MS didn't discuss it with their customers before rejecting Quantic's proposal. And just because the xbox has Gears and Halo doesn't mean those are the only games xbox gamers like.

It's amazing how little some people think before they talk.
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malokevi  +   726d ago
Strange how people try and spin such a... relative issue.

Microsoft made a judgement call. Obviously the subject matter disturbed them enough that they didn't want to take the risk.

Personally, I hate it when movies exploit childhood innocence just for shock value. I'm not sure if that's what happens in heavy rain, but I can understand why MS reacted the way they did.

In the end, it's up to them. It slides right off my back... I only knew the game existed by name. Next gen I'm getting both MS' and Sony's consoles, so I wont miss an exclusive like this. But, even if I had a PS3, chances are I wouldn't have played it anyways.

I'm sure it's a fantastic game, but it's just not for me. Not for MS either, apparently.
LOL_WUT  +   726d ago
Good thing they didn't go to Nintendo Iwata would've flipped out ;)
NukaCola  +   726d ago
Heavy Rain was an amazing emotional story driven experience. Sad MS didn't want to make room for something this amazing to change the pace of all those shooters. Strange too since Indigo Prophecy was on the original Xbox.
ironfist92  +   726d ago

Wth do I know what the Xbox market likes? Well I dunno, why dont you ask the people who buy those games, and also tell me which sells more
NumOnePS3FanBoy  +   726d ago
JoGam you are completely right in that no soccer mom should be buying these types of games. I would bow to the company that give them a quick response of the like " ok... so don't buy it. Put shades. walks the fuck off making them look like idiots"
TheRealHeisenberg  +   726d ago
@ ironfist92

And why are shooters constantly the biggest sellers for the Playstation market?
gaffyh  +   726d ago
@malokevi - Nothing like that happens in Heavy Rain. All that happens is literally the kid gets kidnapped, and then you don't really see him until towards the end of the game.

It's a valid reason from MS, but it shows that they don't let their developers be creative. They always want to "play it safe", and they cause a lot of problem even for first party developers, hence Bungie leaving.
P0werVR  +   725d ago

Bungie leaving had a lot more to do with Microsoft empowering them as a company and being as respectable as they are now.

If anything, Microsoft is known for being the most developer friendly company. Simply because they are a developers driven company.
minimur12  +   725d ago
This hasn't got anythign to do with not being for Xbox market, it's shows how out of touch MS are with their gamers.
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Shadowsteal  +   726d ago
Too bad, Heavy Rain was incredibly profitable.
badboy776  +   726d ago
Games like alan wake aren't intended for the 360 audience.
fardan85  +   726d ago
I thought it might have been rejected because of the gameplay, I didn't think it will be rejected because of a story related reason.

Off topic:
Any one knows about QD tech Kara if it will be a game or not? I really want them to make it a game.
Here's a vid for people who haven't seen it.
black0o  +   726d ago
"snif'' ''snif'' NooOo its jsut a tech demo
Hicken  +   726d ago
I regret to inform you that black0o is correct. Kara is only a tech demo.

But I'd be ever so happy if it were more than that. That's one of the best concepts I've ever seen.
HammadTheBeast  +   726d ago
Sadly no.

Like the Dark Sorcerer, this will remain a techie.
hazelamy  +   726d ago
it's a shame, because i really want to know what happens next for Kara.
mike32UK  +   726d ago
Cage said it's just a tech demo. However, the are certain trademarks and domain names registered to QD in relation to the title 'singularity' such as http://m.uk.gamespot.com/ne...

The technological singularity, or simply the singularity, is a theoretical point in time when human technology (and, particularly, technological intelligence) will have so rapidly progressed that, ultimately, a greater-than-human intelligence will emerge, which will "radically change human civilization, and perhaps even human nature itself." (wikipedia)
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Shake_Zula  +   726d ago
There's Beyond Two Souls... Chances are it was rejected by MS as well for having child soldiers, but it looks amazing, and it looks like the Kara character model was used for Ellen Page's character.

The Casting Call Tech Demo was the same way for Heavy Rain where the character was used, but not the story.

Here's the game site; check out the trailers.
DigitalAnalog  +   726d ago
What people seem to be missing here is that this is ONE of the factors of why there games "exclusive" to one console.

It is not so ho-hum as many fanboys like to believe that developers want to limit their marketshare. No. Sometimes, it's just as simple as getting rejected by a publisher.

So the next time you all go "bu bu bu bu bu bu I don't want deh deh deh exclusives in da platform I hate" just remember YOUR platform holder might have rejected it.

I believe this was the same case with LBP. So yeah, more power to exclusives - better to have a limited fanbase than have none at all.
StoutBEER  +   726d ago
@SPICELIKA Really? That many disagrees for a truthful comment? Is every Playstation fan on here a complete and udder idiot?! You know what I love Playstation as much as Xbox but I stuck with 360 cause it had better online servers and I love Halo. But you really think all Xbox gamers play is Halo?! Heres what I currently play on a day to day basis; Battlefield 3, Halo 4, Minecraft, CS Go, GTA IV, just finished Mass Effect trilogy. Now some of my other favorite games; Red Dead, Trials Evo, Aegis Wing, Bioshock Infinite, Battleblock Theatre, Mortal Kombat 9, I can go on and on. I was also VERY vocal that TLOU looked awesome and i was soo close to buying a PS3 for that game. I do plan on getting a PS4 eventually, but it has made me sadder today to know that you will be on there as we'll. Because you're idiocy is a special kind.

Pissed off ranting was not meant for you, Spicekilla. It's meant for the morons that disliked you're comment.
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Gorilla_Killa_X  +   726d ago
You claim same love for both consoles, yet you don't even own a PlayStation. All the games PlayStation has and you basically say that TLOU almost had you, but not even it would deter you from your beloved XBox.
their heads were in the cloud I guess..
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bigfish  +   726d ago
MS what a bunch of pussies - Heavy rain was a good game
okmrman  +   726d ago
yet they allowed call of duty which included shooting up an airport filled with innocent civilians?

something doesnt add up
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HammadTheBeast  +   726d ago
Or Gears, where you can take a chainsaw, rip it straight into an enemy, nd out through the back of their throat.
okmrman  +   726d ago
ummm no
thats a bad comparison

how old are you?
JKelloggs  +   726d ago
Yeah, because that's the same..
jackanderson1985  +   726d ago
i do believe an option to skip that entire scene was included in the game for the sensitive type... don't think you could skip over the whole child kidnapping in Heavy Rain
Cueil  +   726d ago
they didn't market and publish that game as their own
JKelloggs  +   726d ago
They highly publish their exclusivity rights, don't they?
iMixMasTer872   726d ago | Spam
OrangePowerz  +   726d ago
Kidnapping kids doesn`t really appeal to the bro culture that CoD or Gears of War target. Plus that hinders the sales as it appears to a smaller audience.
mafiahajeri  +   726d ago
You have the option to skip that part before you start the game. It says there's offensive stuf in the game do you want to not see it? Something like that, but it's still there. With heavy rain it's a big part of the story so I guess it's harder for them to avoid.
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HammadTheBeast  +   726d ago
Committing the genocide of millions of Locus isn't bad? OK.
Me-Time  +   726d ago
to be fair, multi-plat...

any game involving the killing of people should be considered if you're viewing it as an issue of morality. GTA let's you "do it" with hookers. Considering we're (me and Microsoft) in 'Merica, taking drugs (not alcohol, because that's not a drug! /s) in Saint's Row and sexual deviancy (sex before marriage, PREPOSTEROUS! /s) should be a huge issue too.

Something doesn't add up? It's a business. Not letting CoD be sold on the Xbox for THAT one reason would be sort of like what China (and other countries obviously) does in their country with blocking particular movies. I'm saying it's like that, not exactly like that. Point is, Microsoft sucks. They won't produce an IP because of the scandals that may come from it. They just suck.

They'll still sell CoD, because why not? It'll be far worse in a gamers eye to not release that CoD, an online centric multi-plat, for THAT one reason than it would be to do what Microsoft did/didn't do with a SINGLE PLAYER game like Heavy Rain. As much as I dislike Microsoft, your example isn't any better than HammadTheBeast's. But at least his example covered an exclusive game that in all only sells a fraction of what CoD sells on Xbox.
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MidnytRain  +   726d ago
Dollars ALWAYS add up.
cyguration  +   726d ago
Wow, so as long as the subject matter is leave-your-brain-at-the-door it's okay, but if it deals with something serious then it's a no-go?

kneon  +   726d ago
Have you not noticed that most supposedly mature xbox games are actually rather juvenile, though that applies to most multiplatform games as well.
cyguration  +   726d ago
Now that I think about it, you're right.

It never really dawned on me before because I oftentimes left my brain at the door, but yeah... recalling exclusive "Mature" games on the Xbox 360, they were pretty daft thinking back on them -- storyline wise, anyway.
kneon  +   726d ago
But it's not just Microsoft, as I said most mature multiplat games have similar issues. There just aren't many publishers willing to commit to games that are actually mature. I guess they are afraid such titles would be too niche to succeed.
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paul-p1988  +   726d ago
Come to think of it i remember when Heavy Rain was first announced for PS3 and David Cage kept mentioning that Sony were 'willing to take a risk' to get their game out there. This must be why they said it...

tbh, it didn't feel like much of a risk to me, you see a lot worse in movies... but it was a brilliant game, a game that actually makes you stop and think, and even pulls out emotions from you (i never cry or get upset by films etc, but where you lose the boy in the mall was brilliant and actually made me feel a little sad... THAT is a sign of a good game!)
Bigpappy  +   726d ago
Indigo prophecy did not sell close to well on Xbox. So to fund the same type of game would be a high risk move. It might have turned out well, but sill did not set the sales charts on fire. So Quantic Dreams owns Sony for letting them make their dream game. But I think they should not be doing business off of emotion. If they think their is a market base on xbox, they should jump at the opportunity to sell more copies. But that's just me.
macethedon  +   726d ago
Well if that's the case, then you know that David Cage isn't driven by money, which is a good thing, surely.
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HammadTheBeast  +   726d ago
It sold 2.5 million which is great for a new IP in this sort of genre, especially an exclusive.

The main thing this game did though, was get Quantic Dream exposure. People know them now, Beyond will probably have similar sales, not as great due to PS4, but great nonetheless. That sets them up for a bright futue in the middle of next-gen.
YNWA96  +   726d ago
Activision publishes COD. Quantic wanted MS to publish the game for them. No big loss, I picked it up, and games like this make me hope they do not become too realistic, they will stop feeling like video games. A video game has to feel like a video game, the reason I love playing them....
younglj01  +   726d ago
Lol sorriest excuse ever...Wow MS woW
Cueil  +   726d ago
no... it's a legit excuse... perhaps that person had at one point had this happen to themselves or someone close to them. You can't just make off the hip judgments. They chose a game design and stayed true to it, but that meant going to someone willing to take that risk.
younglj01  +   726d ago
If this situation happen to someone or some they know,why not remove yourself from that product.This is an business move not an personal decision.Now look QD developers exclusively work with Sony.If someone would have have put their feelings too the side and thought about the gamers on the Xbox brand,I'm sure he/she would get over it at an business level once they saw how popular the title was...

Not trying too seem shallow or anything but I'm just responding too your what if scenario.

also +agree
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Cueil  +   726d ago
@younglj01 that's the kind of situation maybe that would permeate through a whole team... it's just a what if... and while I would have loved for more people to get their hands on the game it's not like David would lie about the reasoning... I was kidnaped as a child so maybe just a bit of sensitivity on this matter
Kuse  +   726d ago
Heavy Rain was an amazing game, I always wanted this game on the 360. But it seems Microsoft is at least opening themselves up more to certain policies.
josephayal  +   726d ago
I would love Heavy Rain 2 on the xbox One
cell989  +   726d ago
dude just stop
Kuse  +   726d ago
Agreed wholeheartedly

*high fives*
Rainstorm81  +   726d ago
MS would love it too.....Now that they know there's a market for it.

It just shows that they arent willing to attempt to push the medium forward or think outside the box. (no pun intended)

Even when looking at the XBO games/game deals thus far they are alot of safe bets. Minecraft/Peggle, Ryse *in light of the popularity of shows like Sparticus and Game of thrones*, Dead Rising 3 (zombies sell), and lets not forget Kinect.

As much as i want the XBO for certain games/features (NFL baby!!!), it wouldnt be until at least a year before i got one because of this philosophy.

While i enjoy Battlefield and GTA, i want my game console to take risks and bring out games like Heavy Rain or LBP

Just my $0.02
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Tales RPG addict  +   726d ago
It wouldnt happen for 1 reason and that is SONY owns the Heavy Rain IP.
Same with Uncharted
The Last of Us
Demon's Souls
Littlebig Planet
Ratchet & Clank
And many more
nooneknows  +   726d ago

Heavy Rain was Awesome. Guess this is sorry to those 360 users :/
DigitalRaptor  +   726d ago
Looks like they backed the right horse. Trusty steed.
Killjoy3000  +   726d ago
Why does it seem like Microsoft just doesn't tackle indie radical/indie ideas? Apart from their work with Remedy, a big name studio at that, it seems as though they side with run-of-the-mill experiences when choosing their partnerships.

This is what lends to the fact that the Xbox has no identity.
prodg52  +   726d ago
Even though it's Xbox, it still has the Microsoft name attached to it. MS has an image to protect and bad PR over a game is something they would not care to deal with. You'd be surprised. A lot of companies aren't willing to take risks like that with the company's reputation at stake.
AceBlazer13  +   726d ago
Then the videogame industry isn't where they should be should it?
prodg52  +   726d ago
@AceBlazer13 no they just have a tighter control over content. If you were in charge you would allow just anything to be put on your console. Doesn't matter if it might be "the next big thing". If it's not in line with your image/policies I'm sure you would pass as well.

I'm not saying MS is wrong, I'm just saying that not everyone is willing to take that risk. You can disagree, but it's still true. They didn't want to take that risk.
Megaton  +   726d ago
This actually sums up the competing ideologies behind each company very well. Sony is more open to mature themes and experimental gameplay when publishing games for their console, where the suits at Microsoft don't really like to leave their gaming-by-the-numbers comfort zone. If they can't advertise it on a bag of Doritos, it's a bit too risky.
AceBlazer13  +   726d ago
And Nintendo wants to stick to their roots.
kayoss  +   726d ago
Well if you think about it, Sony is used to dealing with mature theme. They do own a movie studio. They allowed quantic dream to make heavy rain but I'm pretty sure they're experienced enough to know when a game is crossing the " controversial" line. Microsoft on the other hand is a software company so it is a given that they will tread cautiously when it comes to mature content...unless they know that it will sell millions like cod.
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DialgaMarine  +   726d ago
360 users didn't deserve such a great game. This is just yet another reason as to why Sony is much better partner for developers.
Cueil  +   726d ago
really? How very small of you... you disappoint me
isa_scout  +   726d ago
Its sad you only have half the agrees than disagrees. People suck some times so here have a +bub and an agree for being the first person with a heart.
testsubject  +   726d ago
cover yourself,your fanboy is showing...
isa_scout  +   726d ago
I love Heavy Rain, and my PS3, but it would be better if more people could experience it regardless of their platform of choice. Man, I'm just about fed up with this whole "console war". Play the games YOU like and respect everyone elses taste as well. It's sad that you have 8 agrees; guess there are more selfish gamers than I thought.
kayoss  +   726d ago
More people can, thy just need to buy a ps3. It's $199 now. You can get heavy rain for less than $10.
DialgaMarine  +   726d ago
I have agrees because I simply stated a fact. If a game lacks big guns, dudebro culture, or isn't some cheap random indie title, chances are that Xbox users won't support it. Look what happened to Alan Wake.

And, as numerous developers have already stated on numerous occasions, Sony is the best first party company to work with. They don't force their own ideas on developers, nor do they bottleneck them or force them to gimp their games because their hardware sucks. They publish the game that that developer wants to make. To disagree with that is to say that the many many devs (not just SCE first party) who have stated the same thing, are all somehow liars too.
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   726d ago
I couldn't imagine not of having played Heavy Rain this gen.Or Beyond:Two souls for that matter.

Sucks for those who missed out.
Bathyj  +   726d ago
The lack of firearms and dudebro culture was probably a concern as well
Cueil  +   726d ago
I don't think that matters to Microsoft... what matters is that if they are going to publish a game they really want to get behind that it's something they can put the full force into. They believe in developers like David Cage it's why Quantic Dreams got the green light and why Alan Wake (a deep game in it's own right) will eventually get it's sequel. Microsoft's reasoning was neither wrong nor right it was just uncomfortable for the people who made the decisions. Perhaps they've lived through a kidnaping either with their own child (or themselves) or they know someone who has.
staticdash22  +   726d ago
Nah. It was the lack of guns, explosions, and too much emotion driven narratives that drove them away. lol
christocolus  +   726d ago
well mr david you could always try ms with something new again...im sure this time they would gladly oblige..there is enough cash to fund your next triology....
majiebeast  +   726d ago
Meanwhile they are more then okay with MW2,GTA IV and other extremely violent games.

But hey it worked out for the best for QD they had a niche new IP sell 3 million copies. On Xbox 360 it would probably have flopped worse then Alan Wake.
#16 (Edited 726d ago ) | Agree(16) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
theWB27  +   726d ago
Heavy Rain was a good story and played like a decent film. But it was a TERRIBLE video game. That control scheme was a distraction to what happened on screen and it cause me not to play the multiple endings.

That is not a game where 360 only owners really missed out.

I don't get why people keep comparing COD and other violent games to causing any kind of harm to kids in games. Can you seriously name me 2 games where you are allowed to do ANYTHING violent to children?
#17 (Edited 726d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(29) | Report | Reply
thebudgetgamer  +   726d ago
That last sentence makes me think you never played it at all.
theWB27  +   726d ago
Oh, cause I don't share the same opinion as you. As I like to state, my PSN is on my profile. Check my trophies at your leisure.
majiebeast  +   726d ago
He is a xbox fanboy ofcourse he has never played it before.
thebudgetgamer  +   726d ago
You don't know my opinion.
theWB27  +   726d ago
"That is not a game where 360 only owners really missed out."

"That last sentence makes me think you never played it at all."

Being as there's no other sentence there that would make that comment relevant, it's easy to know that's the sentence you pointed.

It also indicates you don't agree, since if I'd played it I would think otherwise.

Drawing those easy conclusions....ding ding I know your opinion. I still don't agree. If you wanna play like you didn't mean it...have fun.

Again, my PSN is there to look up. I'm an Xbox fan, I prefer Xbox. But, Im a gamer first hence why I'm good with owning both a PS360 and doing the same this upcoming gen. ; )
thebudgetgamer  +   726d ago
I drew that conclusion because not once in the game do you commit any violence towards children. So you're either remembering wrong or just trolling.
#17.3 (Edited 726d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Xsilver  +   726d ago
solidjun5  +   726d ago
Survey says...trolling.
luisvideogames  +   726d ago
lol wussies
cell989  +   726d ago
always playing it safe Microsoft, this is why Ill stick with Sony, they take risks that reward their users
staticdash22  +   726d ago
I think Sony is watching to see what happens with Beyond Two Souls. Heavy Rain sold pretty well for a New IP and if this game does well than I see great things ahead for Quantic dream. They did say that they're happy making games for Sony, and I think the reason is that they realize there is a definite market for their kind of games in the PlayStation nation.

If Beyond Two Souls gets solid scores, and good amount of sales, I think a buyout is in order.
mushroomwig  +   726d ago
Microsoft massively lost out, considering how the developers are now solely developing for Sony.
XboxFun  +   726d ago
Didn't enjoy Heavy Rain at all, too many plot holes and just a bad design experience. It was like a cross between Saw and Law & Order:SVU.

*spoiler**spoiler**spoiler**s poiler**spoiler**spoiler*

And the stupid wife ratting her husband out, Seriously?
And what happened to her? Why did the father black out and loose his son at the park? Why did video game tanks attack the agent? Why do I have to QTE a microwave dinner? A big fat detective can run through a mansion that fast and take out all those goons? Yea right! And what about the private detective's partner, wow, how screwed was she to be helping THAT guy. Not cool at all.
#22 (Edited 726d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(22) | Report | Reply
tarbis  +   726d ago
Pls, go back to COD. That's the only place you belong to.
#22.1 (Edited 726d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Minute Man 721  +   726d ago
Damn it, I lent a coworker of mine this game, he quit the job and became ghost. Gotta re-buy
pyramidshead  +   726d ago
Very successful game.
90Supra  +   726d ago
If Beyond has anywhere near the success of Heavy Rain, I can see Sony ponying up and buying Quantic Dream...

They obviously have some serious talent within that studio...
Lukas_Japonicus  +   726d ago
Im afraid that Beyond Two Souls wont get the attention it deserves because of how close it is to next gen. I hope otherwise though because it looks amazing, the kind of quality you only find with Sony exclusives in my opinion.
assdan  +   726d ago
That's sad. I'm so glad they did that though. I loved heavy rain, and I love how they are basically a 1st party dev now. One of the most unique ones out there.
Shadonic  +   726d ago
Isnt the story of Master Chief built up from his Kidnapping by the UNSC ? WTF MS
ilovefatgirls  +   726d ago
they were right to in a way to say no to it, as it might in some way or form bring attention to the amount of missing people in the states
and lets face it they dont need any more bad pr

i would imagine a train of thought something like this: omg this game has kidnapping therefore they support kidnapping.
WitWolfy  +   726d ago
Turned down for child kidnapping; Your S****** ME... this article is literally shitting me!

Killing people for hours on end is ok, but a child being kidnapped... YOU SO NEED HELP QUANTIC DREAM!!!

#29 (Edited 726d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
bloodybutcher  +   726d ago
and it's not like you are kidnapping a child. you are actually trying to save a boy from becoming another victim of a serial killer.isn't that a positive thing?...
WitWolfy  +   725d ago
Exactly.. I wonder if QD got a grudge against them after that and just decided to develop for Sony?
SynestheticRoar  +   726d ago
Stupidity 101 = Microsoft.
#30 (Edited 726d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
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Review: Onechanbara Z2: Chaos (DarkZero)

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Until Dawn (PS4) Review | VGChartz

30m ago - VGChartz's Karl Koebke: "Until Dawn may sound expensive given that it only takes 6-7 hours to pla... | PS4

Unsolicited (Lucas Pope) Review | Cubed Gamers

30m ago - A fun little Ludum Dare game by Papers, Please developer Lucas Pope. Will it meet the expectation... | PC
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