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Submitted by s8anicslayer 888d ago | video

Final Fantasy 14 - PC vs PS3 Graphic Comparison

IGN - "We compare the PC and PS3 versions of Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn." (Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, PC, PS3)

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black0o  +   888d ago
PS3v looks sh#$ .. i'm feeling better about me waiting for the PS4v
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fardan85  +   888d ago
I find it little bit stupid to compare pc ver with console ver. PC will always be ahead. PC can be upgraded, unlike consoles.
Ign should compare the game with other consoles ver.
black0o  +   888d ago
FF14 it only on pc and PlayStation no xbox version
NegativeCreepWA  +   888d ago
How is it stupid? Maybe some people are interested in seeing the difference.
fardan85  +   888d ago
I thought it's a multiplatoform. Thanks for the info.

Pc will always have better graphics "at least in the foreseeable future". It's useless to compare things when the winner is already known.
I'm not hating on the ps3 ver, but I don't find the comparison useful.
N4GDgAPc  +   888d ago
The PC is definitly better than the ps3 but the ps3 version looks better than what they showed. Its like there not hooked up to a hd tv.
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gamer7804  +   888d ago
it actually makes sense. You don't get a license for both games, if you want to play on both, you have to buy both. If you only have the money for one this will help you weigh the , i want to play on my tv on my couch vs i want to play on a pc w/ this amount of graphical difference.
N4GDgAPc  +   888d ago
I was going to wait for the ps4 to come out but read square-enix is going to make it easy to transition from ps3 to ps4 so i decided to get it for ps3 and get the ps4 version for cheap since i got it for ps3 already.
Pain  +   888d ago
PS4 version should be on par to look like PC version when it releases on PS4 but by then PC version will get dx11 upgrade.

As it is PC/ps3 versions made with dx9 but still look bloody sweeet on my 52 inch Bravia that i use for my PC lol
cunnilumpkin  +   888d ago
its like psp vs ps5

it looks abominable on ps3, offensively ugly

and this is them gimping the pc version down to the same puke inducing 720p of the ps3 version

playing it in 2560x1600 it craps on every ps4 game, literally
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Deep-throat  +   888d ago
"playing it in 2560x1600 it craps on every ps4 game, literally"

LOL. Only in your dreams.

It hurts.

And that is just the beginning. Can't wait for moar exclusives.
cunnilumpkin  +   888d ago
dude, infamous SS looks last gen to me

crysis 1 from 2007 maxed on pc looks better

if this looks next gen to you;

I feel bad, that screen you posted looks worse than gta iv on pc which was just a crappy port

here's some screenshot from a 2007 pc game


infamous second son looks last gen compared to a 6 year old pc game

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dimitri007  +   888d ago
The typical console player is completely ignorant as to what is under the hood and that is why they are such an easy target to fill bullshit too. The ps4 and xbox one are nothing more than midrange pc's . The good thing about this generation is that they went the x86 route and got rid of risc. You will see a lot of games going the 720p route to be able to do aliasing and a few other perks. At 1080p and keep the fps at 60 is going to be almost if not impossible. There is already talk of dropping BF4 down to 720p. I already have 3 ps4 and 2 xbox ones to preordered to feed to these monkeys come release date from Ebay. I'm guessing I'd be making around 1k per unit :)

BTW this game looks gorgeous running surround gaming on dual titans with bezzel correction at 5925x1080p
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svoulis  +   888d ago
@ Cunnilumpkin

You've got to be kidding me with Crysis Screenshots.

For one Go ahead and google how much it cost to run that game at 60FPS in "2006" Secondly that second screenshot...really?

Don't try and turn this into a PC vs Console thread because its about FFXIV, and honestly it's suppose to look better on PC what would you do if it didn't? Obviously the PC version would get a lot of heat, and what not. That being said, Point is its cross platform an MMO someone with a PS3 (200$) can enjoy with their PC buddies and vise versa.

But really man, those rocks in Crysis...Those rocks.

Here is a better example :D

Obviously PC will be better on High settings. It's a given. But still too close in my book to justify having a 800$+ PC to run the game on medium - high settings

@ Dimitri007

HAHA, you are justifying a rig that cost easily over 4000$ against a console that is coming out @ 400-500$.

Clearly you are full of the smarts.. That just makes PC gaming look worse. I am a PC gamer (primarily) and Have spent a lot of money on my Rig, turns out I am still getting a PS4 and you know why? Because games like The Last of Us, Killzone, God of War, Infamous, Uncharted..I'll stop there.. DO NOT COME OUT FOR PC.

The fact that Dice can make the game run @60fps with 64 players online to me is great. I can't wait to see how they achieve this cause even a GTX680 on high settings has a hard time keeping up to 60FPS (Stable) with a full lobby.
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stragomccloud  +   888d ago
You say this is just the beginning, but since they are using standard x86 PC architecture, this really is the end. Programmers already know all of the x86 processor's tricks. There won't be new tricks picked up on the way. There won't be any hidden caches of power unlocked. Heck, the CPU isn't even powerful enough to effectively cache all of the RAM available.
dimitri007  +   888d ago
@ svoulis

regarding your quote on bf4

" I can't wait to see how they achieve this cause even a GTX680 on high settings has a hard time keeping up to 60FPS (Stable) with a full lobby."

Go here so you can see how they are going to achieve it.
Deep-throat  +   888d ago

lolz. crysis 1 looks decent at best without high res mods.

low res textures everywhere and I have to thank you for posting the second screenshot to prove my point.


of course you know better than the devs themselves. also, consoles are fixed hardware, don't try comparing them to PCs.

Over time we will see a lot of improvements.
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Dagobert  +   888d ago
Yeah bruh, an MMO with low poly characters and low res textures running at a higher resolution will obviously look better.
Studio-YaMi  +   888d ago
Shows how much ignorant he is .. well said !
Lovable  +   888d ago
Exaggeration FTW!
dimitri007  +   888d ago
A 760 gtx is capable of running this maxed out at 1080p. That is a sub 300 card. Regarding your BF4 comment at 60fps 1080p 64 players on the ps4 is not going to happen. The best you will see if 720p. That is all marketing hype to feed people like you. These upcoming consoles basing of nvidia gpu's are in the low end 600 series. I'm basing my comments of the hype surrounding these upcoming consoles as the ultimate gaming systems achieving stuff that has not been done before or for years to come ahead. That is marketing hype. The current high end cards are easily 2 generations ahead. You can only do so much with 400. AC4 and Watchdogs are already showing huge differences compared to the demos they showed in the beginning which where running of pc rigs disguised at ps4 units. Head over to eurogamer for a nice detailed example .
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svoulis  +   888d ago

I wasn't saying you were wrong about BF4 beign superior on PC thats a given, I have it preordered for PC as well. What I was saying basically is I am excited to see how a development team will achieve 64 player 60fps on a 400 dollar piece of tech.

I know as well as anyone else should, that PC gaming (if you have a capable) PC will always look better. I just don't think its fair to put a 1000+ Dollar PC against 400 dollar console.

PC elitist will always be just that. There is no wow factor to console for them, as its generally to them "old tech"

Still I believe as a PC gamer, we should see it from both sides of the spectrum. It will be impressive to see it running stable on a console with 60FPS and 64 players.

First party developers will make proper use of the tech they have to work with. The saying is The software drives the hardware. This can be proven with development studios like Naughty Dog.

You can argue and disagree all you want but that is the truth. Doesn't matter the architecture its the engine that matters.
rataranian  +   888d ago
All I keep seeing man is "$15" that keeps flashing across the screen for some reason. Is it my eyes? =\
ExCest  +   888d ago
dey wunt yer munnies.
Sarobi  +   888d ago
I have yet to try this out. Does save information transfer between the platforms?
flyingmunky  +   888d ago
It did on the beta 4. I suspect it does for the full release as well. I'll pick it up for the ps4 as I've already got the pc version.
Tdmd  +   888d ago
Yup, it does. I plan to transfer all my data when the ps4 version is out.
NexGen  +   888d ago
I own pc and ps3 for this...pc from ver 1.0, and ps3 to join early access (that was a fail). I can log off of one machine and onto the other, no problem. Everything is on their end.
Iceman X  +   888d ago
I'm play Ps3 version and that's BULL. My game doesn't look anything like that. They need to get better HDTV and set their settings up better.
JAMurida  +   888d ago
It looks like IGN has their PS3 settings at default factory settings, (hence the washed out look). I've been playing since beta 3 and will say overall that footage is pretty close to what the PS3 version looks/runs like, (if you take out the washed out look).

More the problem is just the frame rate and things taking a while to load when you're running around. It's near impossible to do fates with more than 35 people in it. It's pretty obvious that a PC with today's tech would out due the 7 almost 8 year old PS3, which makes you 'wonder' why IGN would even bother stating the obvious. Regardless, it's still amazing that SE/Sony were even able to get the game running at all on PS3 with good results.

A better comparison would be PS4 vs PC later down the line, which Yoshi P. stated would be similar to PC on the highest settings. So let's wait and see.
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pennywhyz  +   888d ago
PC for sure like always.Why do they even bother comparing console games to PC's. Makes no sence. BTW great game so far.
Tdmd  +   888d ago
Usually I am a graphic whore. There, I've admited. But I did decide to make a exception for Final Fantasy XIV and boy, am I glad I did it! I am having an obscene amount of fun with it (more than I had this whole generation with any other game). The game is just awesome in every respect! To avoid it just because it doesn't look as good on the ps3 as it does on pc is downright criminal to me. Criminal! lol
Anyway, I'll update it eventually to the ps4 version, but untill than, I'm as hooked as I could ever expect to be! For those brave (or silly...) souls who won't get it now because it's not as pretty as the pc version, I still hope to see you in Eorzia... someday. :)
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Tundra  +   888d ago
As someone who owns both the PS3 and the PC copy in the household, do yourself a favor and wait for the PS4 version. The PS3 ver. is very choppy and the resolution is incredibly low. Animations for everything animate (except for your character) appears as if they're skipping animation frames. It's nice that SE wanted to keep a promise and get the game on PS3 but in all honesty, it's very poor quality. The hardware is really showing its age here.

It's still a great game with all that is said.
GABRIEL1030  +   888d ago
There is not much difference, maybe better textures, animations and particle effects at PC version, PS3 is resisting very good the pass of the time. I try the beta of FF XIV and I don't liked the game is very repetitive, some missions are dumb and the combat is plane. I'm big fan of FF VII to FF XII, expecting FF X for Vita.
badboy776  +   888d ago
They both look like ps2 games.
teo72  +   888d ago
Please ADJUST GAMMA levels on PS3 version and redo the test. It does not look like this when properly set on a calibrated TV. It still does not look like the PC version, but for a PS3 game; and a MMO at that. Not bad at all.

That said, when will PS games be released with gamma levels set properly by default?
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