Pachter: PS3 Outsold 360 in March

PlayStation 3 outsold Xbox 360 for the third month in a row, but the Nintendo Wii overshot the combined sales of its rivals, according to Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter.

Ahead of March's NPD Group sales data, due to release this Thursday, Pachter forecast PS3 sales of 365,000 units, edging out sales of 310,000 for Xbox 360.

In a Monday investor note, Pachter predicted that Nintendo will come out on top for yet another month, with Wii sales of 700,000 during March's five-week retail period.

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HighDefinition3900d ago (Edited 3900d ago )

Last Year people said I was crazy......this year.....yeah, i`m still a little crazy.

....but CORRECT.

kosha3900d ago (Edited 3900d ago )

if id have heard you say the ps3 was gonna out outsell the 360 last year i wouldn't have thought you were crazy. i always thought the ps3 would find its feet and sell millions

Time Lord3900d ago

so far PS3 is winning the GTA4 fight.

TheTwelve3900d ago

PS3=Greater sales in America than the 360 from January 2008 to forever.


sonarus3900d ago

Well i didn't have as much faith in my PS3. I was planning to sell it immediately after MGS4 which offcourse got delayed and now ps3 seems to be back untop. Anyway is anyone really surprised? PS3 blu ray continues to give it the edge over the 360 in the eyes of the avg consumer

PStriple7033900d ago

man...the ps3 is outselling the 360 and it's still more expensive!

marinelife93900d ago

Well at least the 360 is outselling the PS3 in Eur... uh never mind.

Seriously what does MS have coming soon that can turn the tide back in their favor??

sonarus3900d ago (Edited 3900d ago )

Price cut. Nothing short of a price cut can turn the tide in their favor. Maybe now they will stop talking this and that about how all the best games are on 360 and bla bla. Maybe they will actually focus all their attention on getting exclusive games. PS3 already stung them with GT5 in EU, GT5 won't have as big an effect in NA but MGS4 will sting them a lot. One of the biggest games of the yr and they don't have it on their platform tisk tisk.

@brothernick. Pretty much everyone was underestimating the importance of that built in blu ray drive in the ps3. If ps3 drops to 300 this yr with the rest of the stand alones that are expected to drop, it could start selling like the wii

@ken kutaragi. you are crazy lol.

BrotherNick3900d ago

I may get a ps3 this year...I like the fact that Sony says that the system will last till 2014...that's a pretty decent investment for gaming, along with free online and a bluray player.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 43900d ago

...i was Crazy to!;-D Remember!;)

ericnellie3900d ago

Good numbers for all 3 companies =)

I just say, it's good to be a gamer! Software sales are estimated to be on the rise again this year which equals more software selections for all 3 =) It also shows that more people are buying plan to turn every human soul on the planet into a gamer is finally coming together....muahahahahha!! Can you imagine what will be out during the holidays this year -- I can't wait for the E3 announcements. I know all 3 will have something very special to show!!

dan-boy3900d ago

so when do you think that sony will release another console? coz when you look at things, if microsoft release a new console in 2010, sony are gonna have to follow suit pretty soon!

imagine they gave microsoft a two year head start next-time, and it sold in exactly the same way the 360 did, and sony then started with an 18mil defecit? not only that, pretty much all the developers would then be geared to work solely on microsofts console. meaning that the undoutable suprerior hardware would just get even more ports than the ps3 gets now! sony will have no choice but to release a new machine soon after microsoft releases a new console.

anyway, back to the figures! thursdays not here yet. and although sony have started to outsell microsoft, it's still nowhere enough of a margin to begin to make up the numbers! microsoft still have a considerable lead over sony in NA, and 50 thousand more a month means microsoft will continue to keep that lead for quite awhile! sony need to satrt emulating the wii's monthly figures if they want to catch microsoft in NA within the next 18 months!!

barom3900d ago

Yeah i dont think X360 has any more system sellers. Maybe Gears Of War 2 might do some good but apart from that, they don't really have that many. They got good games coming up but none of them are heavy system sellers.

Chokl8 Th1der3900d ago

If sony doesn't release a new console until 2014 or later and microsoft releases a new one in 2010. Then sony will be forcing microsoft to compete with the ps3 which will have a huge install base compared to the 720 and will be considerably cheaper. Then by the time They release the PS4 they will be competing with the Xbox after the 720, if microsoft is even in the console business by then.

If microsoft releases another console later than 2010, lets say they try to hold out closer to the release of the PS4, then they will be pushing hardware that's pretty much already topped out against the PS3 which is (according to many developers) just beginning to see a fraction of it's potential.

Either way, they lose. I wouldn't be surprised if this is the last xbox, if not, the next one certainly will be.

Lifendz3900d ago

was 399.99 really the magic price point? You look at the 360 library and all the "AAA" games it has, the much heralded XBL, and yet here's PS3-a more expensive system that has yet to release its best games-is outselling it. MS must be pulling their hair out.

This coming Holiday season PS3 will have its bigs out, God of War III will be on the horizon, and I predict the 399 sku goes down to 349.

PS3 in 08 and B3YoNd!

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nix3900d ago

i won't be surprised if it became true.

BulletToothtony3900d ago

is that i went on sat to walmart and they had 4 Elites and about 5 pros and like 6 arcades sitting at 3 different windows so i hope they don't give us this shortage bullcrap anymore... losing it's losing accept it..

JadeTyrant3900d ago (Edited 3900d ago )

c'mon xboys, i want to hear the excuses again...why is your precious xbox being outsold by everyone? The big N is doin thangs...

Nintendo: Wii would like to play!
Sony: Play B3yond!
Microsoft: as soon as i get out of the repair center, i'll have a cool catchphrase too!

I'm just playin...have fun with games everyone!

Pain3900d ago

Bubbles~ oOo0ooOOOoooo00o

Phil Harrison Mklll3900d ago (Edited 3900d ago )

'MicroSoft:You PAY To Play' :D

Outsold xFlop360
Row :P

lawman11083900d ago

You need to do ALOT better then THAT to catch the 360 lady's. Like twice as much if you think your EVER going to catch the 360. The 360 would have to not sell AT ALL for you to catch it and BTW your still not buying games, oh I think "Full House " just came out on BD! go out and buy that.

callahan093900d ago

@ 1.3:

According to this prediction, the PS3 outsold the 360 by 55,000 units, and that's just in North America. At that rate, it's 660,000 a year. At which rate, it would catch up to the 360 in 10 years. However, that's just North America. The PS3 is outselling the 360 in Europe and Japan as well, so that gap is being closed faster than you think. So, all in all, +55,000 over the competition in just one region (by the way, the competitions' most successful region), is pretty good and deserves credit.

HarryEtTubMan3900d ago

lol The BOTS already know it's coming... PS3 is going to more than double the 360's lifetime sales. PS3 is going to have an extremely strong 2008.... and just wait until 2 FF13 games, Gran Turismo 5, The Rockstar Exclusive(s) and God of War III release next year. hahahahahahhahahah IT'S OVER BOTS. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA

Where are u trash talking FAILbox owners at???? HAHAHAHHAHAHAH Scared little kiddies. PS3 is killing the 360. Seriosuly PS3 is winning by almost 250,000 a month ALREADY. Sony will go for the kill soon BOTS.... Don't you worry.

KBDuB3900d ago

Where are we? Hmm, well, we're actually PLAYING games. Fancy that, eh?

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Ziggi3900d ago (Edited 3900d ago )

I still know a few casual gamers who purchased the 360 due to it being very cheap, on the other hand i know many more who have brought PS3's due to owning PS2s and knowing about their ps2 sequels coming out this year and next i guess this is teh case around the world. Of course the PS3 would outsell 360 its march the month where Gran Turismo 5:Prolouge came out and shipped many copies in Europe alone..

Relcom3900d ago

If this was worldwide sales, the PS3 would own even more

whateva3900d ago

why do people keep saying that PS3 outsold 360 this month because of GT5P when the game has not come out yet over here?

judd3900d ago

They are talking about US sales, not Europe. GT5:P has no effect on last month's US sales.

Ko_Uraki3900d ago

If ther isn't one, the XBOX360 outsold the PS3 in March in the US.

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heyheyhey3900d ago


the Open Zone- its a wonderful place, i suggest you pay it a visit

Silellak3900d ago

You know what sucks? Not the fact that this post clearly belongs in the Open Zone - I'm used to sad fanboys sneaking in and posting this crap every once in awhile.

What sucks is that this guy has 9 agrees and 0 disagrees for posting a completely nonsensical ramble. Has N4G really sunk so low that this vomit of a post constitutes a legitimate point in the eyes of its members?

At least I'll take a little bit of comfort in the fact he only has 1 bubble.