Microsoft Talks Digital-Only Future, Kinect, and Why Xbox One is Worth $100 More Than PlayStation 4

GS:Senior director Albert Penello declares a digital-only future for gaming is inevitable; says pack-in Kinect will allow for greater innovation and premium price won't be dealbreaker this holiday despite less expensive PS4 and Wii U.

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Eonjay1660d ago

Its doesn't really matter what he thinks. He has to convince the public to agree with him. So far, the PS4 is outselling the Xbox One in preorders. They are going to have to market their product as being worth $100 more than the competition. So far, they haven't been able to do that.

Foxgod1660d ago

Hes trying to convince people with interviews like this.

OrangePowerz1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

People that read core gaming websites and who probably already pre ordered either console if they plan on getting one this year?

P0werVR1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

The proof of the pudding is in the eating...

We can say however we want about preorders, but the defining factor comes in how successful either company approaches the usage of the console overall.

If Microsoft can once again establish their main UI as good as it was on current gen, and provide a strong digital ecosystem, then Microsoft will get more Xbox One sells overall IF they can do it next year, which is maybe.

If they've just decided on implementing such a feature, then it's too late. But if this was already developed and established then Microsoft is in a better position than Sony, like shoving their disc based games back in their face, lol! Not like that exactly, but you get what I'm saying.

hakeem09961660d ago

Also,most people don't pre-order games or consoles .I and most of my friends have never preordered anything .I find the concept of paying for something I've never seen or played stupid ,no disrespect to anyone . I'll wait til both consoles are on display at my local Bestbuy, try it and than make a choice on what to buy first .

AngelicIceDiamond1660d ago

So not only did MS changed there policies by getting rid of DRM but also improving the system specs all at the same time?

And still meeting November release date? I'm impressed.

Game Sharing:

"I get a lot of mails saying ‘god, please bring back the family sharing.' We’d love to figure out how to bring that back. I still think it was a good idea. Maybe it was a little too soon for some people, but I still think there were a lot of good ideas in there. And we’ll bring it back when the time is right."

Games Sharing in the future confirmed.

Sell digital games:

"We were trying to implement the ability to trade [and] loan digital games with your friends which is something that no one else was doing. I believe, in retrospect that people have calmed down and gone back and actually looked at what we said, people are starting to understand, ‘Wow, they did want actually to allow me to"

Selling digital games in the future confirmed.

NewMonday1659d ago

ever since the first DRM reversal, the proposition of the XB1 did not change beyond promises and PR.

so far the only people convinced about the XB1 are the same who want it months ago, the pre-order track did not change., the majority still don't see value

to the masses the established fact is the PS4 is stronger and cheaper

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thekhurg1660d ago

Exactly. People have spoken with pre-order numbers. They don't want a forced Kinect @ $100 more.

Fireseed1660d ago

How is having more preorders than their previous console (which sold remarkably well), people telling them they don't want Kinect?

Foxgod1660d ago

Not to mention that early reports are indicating the X1 is doing really well too.

Eonjay1660d ago

Maybe they aren't saying that they don't want Kinnect, but they are saying that they want PS4 more than Xbox One. Being less expensive also goes a long way... just look at PS3 vs Xbox 360.

jackanderson19851660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

even at the rumoured 700k preorders for the xbox one those numbers are pretty good seeing as it took MS 3 months to hit 1.5 mil sales for the 360

also more and more stores are now coming out saying they are sold out so it's not looking too bad for MS

HammadTheBeast1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )


Because the competition is kicking them into the ground.

Xbox 360 was a new console from a company that had a previous failed console, of course it wouldn't have too many pre-orders. Also, 10 years ago, BARELY anyone pre-ordered.

The reason it did better than PS3 for the better part of this gen was due to Sony f***ing up massively with the PS3, and running themselves into the ground. They cleaned up in 2008/2009 and made a big comeback.

I like the XbO games. Don't get me wrong. But do I want to pay $100 for slightly enhanced features that would be easier on controller anyways? Nope.

If you ever see me "trolling" Forza or Dead Rising, it's cause I get a kick out of people raging over nothing lol. I don't care about Sony or MS, or either of the consoles (although I am getting PS4 cause more of my friends are). Some people just want to see the world burn.

Bigpappy1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

So no one is buying Xbox One? Again the DMR and other policies that where badly presented with weak PR along with the perception of more power, is what got Sony ahead. Will it end that way? Maybe. But removing the camera would be a huge fail for M$ and that is not going to happen.

I find that they are moving like a big bureaucratic organization that they are (Slow). They need to get the Digital policy for trading and selling games out there ASAP. They need to show more applications for Kinect, not just to justify it, but to make people buy the system just to have it.

YNWA961660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

Maybe that is true, but MS has staying power, and with Kinect with every system, looking forward to seeing what it will be like a year or two down the road. I do not have a smart TV, but looking forward to skyping on this...i know skype is on every device but here you do not need to hold anything, and can relax as the cam will follow you. I hope both do well, it breathes competition and creativity. Anyone wanting Sony domination would bring the industry to its knees. The current gen was the best because all 3 did well....
@trafalger, you do a long story... But when I see $, I do not read it, it becomes obvious that it is the ramblings of a demented fanboy. I guess you can easily come back at me with your fanboy granted bubbles galore, but no skin off my back.... Have a nice day worrying over MS....

n4rc1660d ago

Funny.. So what am I saying with my preorder then?

People have spoken! Considering 90% of consumers know nothing yet and marketing hasn't even begun..

don't make me point to the Wii u as proof that preorders mean jack squat.. People that WILL preorder are such a small minority, we literally mean nothing to end sales...

Last gen likely saw a million preorders.. Out of 80m sold...

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trafalger1660d ago

does that mean everyone here would agree sony fumbled big time with the vita since we know real hard data of sales? we don't know exact figures for xbone pre-orders do we? do we even know how many m$ are making this year?

part of the article discusses future proofing. sony did a much better job in this area. m$ had a band-aid solution and still forced developers to make games to allow those with no hard drive to be able to play. this is where they went backwards with the x360 in order to cut costs. bluray was also future proofing but i think the hard drive was more important. why not allow installs like the pc does? hdmi was another one.

as for going all digital, consumers didn't like the fact it was all going to be controlled which is why many still favor physical discs.

"I get a lot of mails saying ‘god, please bring back the family sharing.' We’d love to figure out how to bring that back. I still think it was a good idea. Maybe it was a little too soon for some people, but I still think there were a lot of good ideas in there. And we’ll bring it back when the time is right."

thats a cop-out and i would have said that directly to him. what is stopping m$ from doing it with there own games that people buy digitally now?

kinect will have to work and work well in order for them to convince consumers to pay for it. many feel it should be an option but this is one area i agree with what they are doing. each system needs to have its own identity and kinect differentiates itself from the others since its a default addition. everyone will have one which makes life easier for game developers and m$ investing on its capabilities. they also bought skype so that too will be part of the xbone. thats why its great having options. if people dont want to pay for kinect they can buy a wii u, a ps4 or play on a pc if they want.

Gozer1660d ago

I want the X1 because it gives me what I want. I want in game video chat, voicecontroll, dedicated servers for online games, and the xbox controller is two steps ahead of the Ps controller. Ive played PS through their wonder years and they dont hold a candle to MS. Everyones on the hate train when it comes to MS. The fact is they have provided me with two generations worth of fun. No hatred or disagree buttons can change that.

Im already impressed with the X1s hardware. Ryse is easily the best looking console game on the face of the earth right now. Haters gonna hate, but the truth is the truth. Im satisfied, if the X1 can pump out those kind of visuals, then the dedicaqted servers and video chat is icing on the cake.

strickers1660d ago

:-) so funny. Get back to work. There are burgers to be served

LordDhampire1660d ago

They need to stop playing damage control, they did a good enough jobs with the reversals, this is just making me think of them as pathetic

This far in the game, people have made there choices.....The Xbox one will end up selling well as will the ps4, alot of my friends are buying the xbox one based on ignorance, and brand loyalty, they mostly are pretty computer illiterate so specs mean nothing to them and Im sure their are tons of more people like them willing to buy just for Brand name alone or for Gears of war or halo 5

DonFreezer1660d ago

To who to ps fantrolls? You have brainwashed everyone and you're asking Microsoft to prove something?

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Belking1660d ago

God interview. I knew that MS Azure could already do what Gaikai does and I do think xbox-one is worth 100 more. You are getting more. Fact.

Eonjay1660d ago

Good interview...yes

HammadTheBeast1660d ago

If you think MS will dedicate all of Azure's servers to the Xbox division, I don't know where to begin with you.

50% will go to Windows and software alone.

MS once Sony announced $400 price:

oscarmike1660d ago

that picture is the same way I picture 98% of the people on this site whenever there's anything remotely positive about the xbox one.

for a console that you all apparently hate and will never buy, you sure love to spend time talking about it.

Fireseed1660d ago

MS won't "dedicate" servers to Xbox or Windows... they're selling them to whoever is buying. Difference being is that MS is offering DEEP discounts to game developers.

Belking1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

I guess you are a insider you don't know jack.First it was a lie they had that many servers and now this. The servers are up and running around the world though. More than you can say for sony half assed attempt. "Gaikai coming at you in 2014.....but we have no date and it's only for USA".....and by the way, we don't know if it will ever launch in Europe"....

You know what they say...Greatness Awaits

stuna11660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )


Or maybe not hate for the console, but the practices that Microsoft are trying to implement through the console! We can go around and around on this merry go round until we turn to dust, but the truth of it all is what they are selling, people are not buying , because Microsoft is telling people they know what's best for them!

People have been brainwashed with Microsoft policies for so long, they don't know any better, which is why Microsoft has become more and more restrictive in nature with each passing generation. I don't hate the Xbox 1, I hate the changes it could bring about! So many diehards on here have no clue as to what they're really asking for, that's why the Xbox Live charge is bearable, because they've never known it not to have a subscription.

Once Microsoft found a way to monitize the Xbox infrastructure they've found a way to lock everything behind that infrastructure, and discreetly done away with the key. I'm inclined to believe that once the Xbox 1 build a nice sized fanbase they'll likely increase the fee associated with it! Then come with some lame excuse as to why they have, just like they did this generation.

Yet continue selling the broken belief that this is all in the best interest of the gamers, while quietly slipping a noose over each and everyone of our necks while slowly tightening it!!!!!

I for one will never play a part in that, and by supporting Microsoft, I unwittenly would be.


So Microsoft Arzure network will service 19 countries that Microsoft conveniently dropped off the release roster!? Lol, their ducks are really lining up in a row! Even now Xbox Live is a stripped down service in many countries outside the US, IMO I think Microsoft would have been better off showing the potential of their Arzure network buy servicing the owners of the Xbox 360 with their already stripped down service, that is why I find it hard to believe it will be any different this coming generation.

-Foxtrot1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

"that picture is the same way I picture 98% of the people on this site whenever there's anything remotely positive about the xbox one."

Really because I think the same but the other way round. People getting upset when people can see through Microsofts bullcrap. I mean it's not like this hate has came out of nowhere, the amount of lying Microsoft has done in the past few months alone is obviously going to make people not trust them, but no to most of you guys you make it seem like people are Sony fanboys when we're not...we're just people with common sense. If people played along with the horrible policies MS tried to force on us, gaming would change for the worse and for what...their own personal greedy needs

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oscarmike1660d ago

not to mention the already solid online services looks to like it will improve. can't wait to get my day one edition. just need a date so I can use pto from work ;)

Gozer1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

Hammad you sony troll you might as well give up. Belking is right, dedicated servers is a win on MS front. You can squirm all you like, but it looks like paying for Live has finally shown some results. Good luck, no need to be hatfeful, maybe sony will catch up in a gen or two.

On a more personal note, why dont you vventure outside your element? Its easy to be a sony fanboy and troll every X1 article on N4G. Try TXB and see how long you last.

You have too much time on your hands. How often do you masterbate? Pretty often is what Im thinking. But thats just because I dont know you. Maybe you are normal, but I just dont see it with your response in this article.

Hicken1660d ago

Dedicated servers aren't automatic. They're offered to third parties, but they're not a guarantee, except on first party stuff.

As for normal, talking about other people's masturbatory habits isn't exactly normal, especially if you don't know them, as you admit.

Seek professional help.

stuna11660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

For real? That's your response..... Just WoW! You know what your comment says to me!? That you are a sad, lonely individual with self esteem issues, with a little perversion to boot! Instead of responding to my comment, you attack me verbally, I take it you're in love!? With that piece of plastic that is! It's pretty obvious I struck a nerve, but no worries the truth always hurts in the beginning! But the pain should subside momentarily!


I bubbled you up for being helpful on his part! Let's just hopes he takes advantage of your suggestion.

GoodnessGreatness1660d ago

Playstation gets better and more games from better game developers. Now that's a fact.

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Foxgod1660d ago

The games coming out on it makes it worth every penny, kinect is a nice bonus.

Eonjay1660d ago

I really think people still want the choice. I mean Microsoft did pitch the first Kinect and it only managed a 33% attach rate. When you give people the option to buy it... more people choose not to. If you don't give people the option, they question why. Even if Kinect has some really good feature, you still have to convince people that they want it.

Now, you are left with a situation where people are looking at the worth of the whole console and reassessing it because of Kinect. Without a doubt, they would sell MORE units without it.

GodGinrai1660d ago

The reason people never bought into it is because it never had any descent games that used it. Im saying that as somebody that (mostly) games on X360. I would NEVER have bought one without a good game..

if it had the kind of functionality that kinect2.0 has then....but I still would not have. but bundled in the box from day one? Illl take it on account of the fact that I know every other X1 owner will have it. If nothing else that gives me a sense of comfort in knowin that devs can utilies it to do something interesting if they so choose. I know that that indie game, Below uses it. There are plenty of triple A and indie devs that could utilise this tech in new and inreresting ways.

Im willing to wait and the meantime , ill be yelling " Xbox..Titanfall!"

MizTv1660d ago

I say ill pass on x1
Unless I can get one kinect-less

XboxFun1660d ago

Xbox One is definitely worth more than PS4.

PS4 is attractive but the Xbox One is just simply providing more and showing more. There's is definitely a greater excitement behind their games at the moment.

OrangePowerz1660d ago

Keep in mind the Sony devs have been busy even this year to bring out great PS3 games while MS stopped with developing 360 games quite a while ago and that`s the reason that they have more first party games at launch.

I think we can all agree that Sony had the better games with more variety this gen and more new IP`s.

BLow1660d ago

I didn't hit either button but when I hear that MS has more first party games I get confused. First party are studios owned by the company right?. If so the Forza, KI, and Project Spark are 1st party for MS. Sony has Killzone, Knack, and Driveclub. The other exclusive games are made by 3rd parties. Yes, those games may be published by MS but MS doesn't own the studios. Maybe I just confused now on what constitutes First Party now...oh well game on.

XboxFun1660d ago

That's well and good but other than TLOU, what other high profile game have Sony put out this year?

I know the fallback to every discussion of MS vs Sony goes to this "more exclusive" bit, but lets be honest. The exclusives that Sony provides is miniscule compared to 3rd party games for it's system.

People say that there's nothing to play because MS didn't make a ton of exclusives? That logic is highly flawed especially when most of the more anticipated games have been 3rd party games.

"I think we can all agree that Sony had the better games with more variety this gen and more new IP`s."

I don't agree, the masses here on N4G may think so but I don't at all. MS had just as much variety and better games. They had their Indie games, Kinect games, Banjo: Nuts and Bolts, Crackdown, Viva Piñata, Alan Wake, Blue Dragon, plus others.

With the exception of God of War 3, there was nothing that got me super excited for any of Sony's games.

Cupid_Viper_31660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

"That's well and good but other than TLOU, what other high profile game have Sony put out this year?"

Beyond Two Souls
Killzone Mercenary
God of War Ascension

Like was that a serious question? @ XboxFun

ZHZ901660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

@Blow, yes MS has more 1st party studios than Sony but few things:

1. Employees for Sony's 1st party studios are more than MS's.

2. Sony's 1st party studios are more expanded while MS's isn't

3. Most of MS's 1st party studios(Not all but most) are unreliable or irrelevant.

4. Sony 1st party are more talented developers than MS's

That's all.

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AzureskyZ1660d ago

I wasnt aware that an inferior system was definitely worth more than a superior one.. i learned something new today.

Imalwaysright1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

Meh having a strong 1st party, to me, is worth more than a few launch titles that you can play... at the moment.

I want to play quality games throughout the whole generation and a strong 1st party ensures me that. Both Nintendo and Sony will give me what I want. I'm still waiting to see if MS will buy or build new studios with those reported 1 billion dollars. If not i'll just get a X1 at the end of current gen to play Forza and Halo and of course its 3rd party exclusives

DigitalRaptor1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

"Xbox One is definitely worth more than PS4."

- In any logical way, how?

"Xbox One is just simply providing more and showing more"

- More what?

"There's is definitely a greater excitement behind their games at the moment."

- Sure, a couple more AAA games I see, for sure, but wouldn't you say that's what a few years of having nothing much else gets you? Pent up excitement is what it appears to be, but key to your statement is the phrase "at the moment". Pre-order numbers don't really seem to be matching this greater excitement that the moment.

-Foxtrot1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

"PS4 is attractive but the Xbox One is just simply providing more and showing more"

Please tell me in your own words a well written list of features that Microsoft are doing that are better then what the PS4 has got, shows us how they are providing more and how they are showing more

Providing more - Nope, you can do most stuff on the PS4, most things which arn't behind a paywall.

Providing more - Nope, Microsoft blew the majority of their cards at E3 to try and win people over the DRM thing. It failed. Most of those games arn't coming out untill late next year. Halo 5, Sunset Overdrive, most likely Quantum Break, Black Tusks new game. Sony is holding their cards close to their chest because they are "winning" this without even showing what their top studios are working on. I mean pleasing people with a few first party, indie and third party games, thats kind of impressive

Come on man, don't spew out fanboy nonsense when you haven't got anything to support it.

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