I Can't Believe It's Not 3D: Hands on with the Nintendo 2DS [Save/Continue]

Many balked at the announcement of the Nintendo 2DS. Another Nintendo handheld out of the blue that is the 3DS, but without the 3D? What is this poppycock?

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Sarobi1721d ago

It isn't the coolest looking thing in the world.. but I guess this is a good christmas gift for those want to play the new Pokemon games and such.

AronDeppert1721d ago

More like LameDS. Amirite?

josephayal1721d ago

I actually think the 2DS is a step in the right direction for Nintendo, but A 2DS XL sounds better to me

ape0071721d ago

"I Can't Believe It's Not 3D"

Duh!! that's why it's called the 2DS

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