The 20 Best "Tekken" Video Game Characters of All Time

Since 1994, the Tekken series has been the top 3-D fighting franchise.

Sure, Dead or Alive and Soul Calibur are still hanging around, but no fighting game franchise matches Tekken for its perfect blend of fighting, flash, and flawless play control.

mafiahajeri970d ago

Kings always been my favorite ever since the original with his suit, lol.

HammadTheBeast970d ago

He's annoying to deal with though, when he can just combo 7 throws at you, and all you can do is sit back and watch lol.

For me, Lee was one of the best, Hworang another favorite, recently tried out Kunimitsu who's beast.

Had there's this one dinosaur character who I forget.

Bear /Panda was also pretty beast.

mafiahajeri970d ago

That would be Gon if I'm not mistaken the little orange dinosaur i dont know why i remember his name xD good times!

boing1970d ago

You can break all chained throws. You just have to know when and how.

AceBlazer13970d ago

tekken rocks except for revolution they ruined it by encouraging everyone to use those special moves. lily is the best.

tarbis970d ago

I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes Lili here. She's looks much cuter on Revolution though.

HammadTheBeast970d ago

Except when people just start spamming lasers all day. But easy enough to dodge once you learn that sidestepping makes lasers useless.

AceBlazer13970d ago

Ugh kazuya and law are two of the most noob characters I have ever seen more so kazuya.90% of the time you already know the moves their gonna use.

Iceman X970d ago

Eddie Gordo #1 noob button spammer......

LordDhampire970d ago

lol I get it, tekken is garbage so there are no best characters

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